A Gallery of Miskolc Martyrs

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Beloved members of our families
who died for the Kiddush ha-Shem.


(1) Malvin Mulhoffer and Sandor Kohn: grandparents of Miskolc researcher John J. (Janos) Kovacs
(2) István Reiner, half-brother of Miskolc researcher John J. (Janos) Kovacs
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(3) Jeno Grosz, son of Adolph Grosz and husband of
Ilka Ilkovics. They owned a grocery store in Miskolc.
Jeno and Ilka were murdered in Auschwitz.
They are the grandparents of Miskolc researcher Viviana Grosz-Gluckman.
(4) Bandi Grosz, son of Jeno Grosz and Ilka Ilkovics, in
his 1938 graduation photo from the gymnasium in Miskolc.
Bandi was conscripted into a forced labor battalion in 1941
and died of disease and starvation in a concentration camp.
He is the uncle of Miskolc researcher Viviana Grosz-Gluckman.
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Left to right, back row: Sebo (Steiner), Sandor; Strausz, Erzsi/Bozsi;
Strausz, Miklos; Steiner, Arthur. Front row: Sebo, Zsuanna; Raab, Irma.
Miklos Strausz (born April 8, 1881 in Miskolc) was a wealthy textile merchant or kek festo.
He was married to Irma Raab (born 1886) and their daughter Erzsi/Bozsi was born in 1913 in Miskolc.
Miklos was said to have been beaten terribly by the Hungarian gendarmes before being deported to
Auschwitz in 1944, where he and Irma perished. Miklos and Irma’s daughter Erzsi Strausz was
married to Dr. Sandor (Steiner) Sebo (born January 20, 1901 in Debrecen). They had a daughter Zsuanna,
who was born in Miskolc in May, 1936. In 1939, Sandor went to New York in order to attend the World’s Fair.
It is believed that the photo above was taken just prior to his departure. Due to the outbreak of World War II,
he could not get back to Miskolc. His wife and daughter died in Auschwitz. Arthur Steiner, from Debrecen, was
Sandor’s father; his wife died in 1937. This is the family of Miskolc researcher
Julie Strauss Kirsh, great-niece of Miklos Strausz.


(6) Imre Strausz was drafted into a slave labor battalion. He died on the Russian or Ukrainian
front in 1943. Imre is the uncle of Miskolc researcher Julie Strauss Kirsh.
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(7) Gyula Sugar and (8) his wife Ilona Falvai Sugar were murdered in Auschwitz in June, 1944.
They are the great-grandparents of Miskolc researcher Andras Hirschler.
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