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Deutsch was a common surname among Hungarian Jews, usually adopted by Yiddish or German-speaking people whose ancestors migrated from Germany. Miskolc researcher Gary Deutsch began his investigation into his family's history when he found a sheet of paper that listed the Deutsch/Weiss family tree as it was known to Joseph Deutsch, brother of Gary's grandfather David. Gary was able to verify much of the information in this document by doing research in the Miskolc microfilms of Jewish birth and marriage records held by the Mormon Church. To see Joseph Deutsch’s notes, click here.

Gary Deutsch's great-great-grandfather Solomon Deutsch married Rebeka Silberstein, who was born in 1811 and died on February 22, 1889 in Miskolc. Solomon and Rebeka lived in Beret (known today as Abauj-Torna), a shtetl 38 kilometers northeast of Miskolc. Their children were: Emanuel (born 1847); Fanny (born 1854; married Samuel Grossman in Miskolc on May 26, 1872); Rosa (born 1855; married Elias Klein, November 9, 1875 in Miskolc); Saly (born 1858; married Marton Weisz on March 7, 1882 in Miskolc); Katalin (born 1861; married Jakab Neuwalder, a tavernkeeper, on September 21, 1881 in Miskolc). All of Solomon and Rebeka’s children were born in Beret.


Marriage record of Emanuel Deutsch and Rosalia (Sarah) Weiss
(Miskolc, August 17, 1871)

Solomon and Rebeka’s son Emanuel was Gary's great-grandfather. On August 17, 1871, Emanuel married Rosalia (known as Sarah) Weiss in Miskolc. Sarah was born in Miskolc on July 15, 1852 and died on March 29, 1915 in the Bronx. It was from Emanuel and Sarah’s wedding record in the Mormon microfilms that Gary first learned the names of Emanuel's parents Solomon and Rebeka and of Sarah’s father David Weiss.

Emanuel was a merchant and also owned a restaurant in Miskolc where, Deutsch family lore has it, scholarly Jews congregated to eat and converse. He and Sarah had twelve children, all of whom were born in Miskolc: Joseph (born 1873; married Henrietta Tiefenbrunn); Pepi (born 1875; died 1876); Hermina (born 1877); Samuel (Shlomo, Schamu) (born 1879); Ethel (born 1881, died 1955 in New York; married Harry Growman); Malvina (born 1883; died 1955 in Miami; married Samuel Haas); Flaura (born 1885; died 1888); Louise (Lulu) (born 1887; died 1957 in New York; married David Weiss); David (Gary's grandfather, born 1888; died February, 1959 in New York; married Madeline Roth); Regina (Jean) (born 1890; died 1948 in Miami; married Harry Seitlin); Jolan (born 1892; died 1894); Hillel (Henry) (born 1896; died 1967; married Margaret Gidaly).


Hermina, Ethel, Malvina, and Lulu


David, Jean, and Henry

By 1910, Ethel, Malvina, Lulu, David, and Jean had emigrated to the US. That same year, Emanuel died in Hungary. On March 4, 1911, Sarah came to New York with Henry.

For a more detailed family tree of the descendants of Solomon Deutsch and Rebeka Silberstein, click here.

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