of Miskolc (1937-1938)

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Jewish Teacher's Institute

Jewish Teachers Institute (Miskolc, 1937-1938)

The adminstrators at the Jewish Teachers Institute in Miskolc for the academic year 1937-38 were Dr. Adolf Serbu and Dr. Alice Silbermann, pictured above. The students included: (on the left) Illona Steinmetz, Vera Rappaport, Lea Altman, Eva Varnai, Anna Sebes, Anna Abonyi, Olga Somogyi, Erzsebet Herczeg, Pitoska Lanyi, Katalin Ragendorfer; (in the middle) Edit Friedmann, Magda Zuszman; (on the right) Veronika Kellner, Erzsebet Czabon, Magdolna Rosenberg, Etelka Fulop, Piroska Bacskay, Mirjam Eisenberger, Sarolla Pressler, Zsuzsanna Barta, Gabriella Weisz, Hedvig Lengyel. This composite was made by a photographer surnamed Markovits.

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