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Moritz Klein (on the left)
(Miskolc, 1920s)

Aron Klein and Teresa Goldberger had six children: Lajos, Marton, Moritz, Fani, Rosa, and Margit. Moritz (Moshe Meir) Klein was born on December 16, 1906. He emigrated to Mexico around 1930 and adopted the Spanish name of Marcos. Like most immigrants to the country, he settled in Mexico City, still the center of Mexico's Jewish community to this day.


Marriage of Moritz Klein and Irene Roth
(Mexico City, ca. 1933)

Around 1933, someone told Marcos about “a nice Jewish girl” who lived in Hungary, who would be perfect for him. He wrote to her and they decided to get married. Irene Roth, who was born in Szatmar, Hungary (currently Satu Mare, Romania), took a ship to Mexico to spend her life with a man whom she never had met. Marcos Klein died in Mexico City on November 6, 1959. H-SIG researcher Marcus (Moshe Meir) Frid is the grandson of Marcos Klein and is named in his memory.

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(1) Marcos Klein (Mexico City, 1940s).
(2) Marcos Klein (Mexico City, 1950s).

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