In the beginning, McKeesport had three benevolent societies under the control of the women:
  • Hebrew Ladies Aid Society
  • Hebrew Ladies Beneficial Society
  • Hebrew Ladies Benevolent Society
The Hebrew Ladies Aid Society, established in 1895, has done excellent work in alleviating the wanton suffering of the more unfortunate. There's been much need for such an organization and it must be said that the women have responded notably to every appeal. The officers in 1907 were: Present societies Mrs. Joseph MAHER (president), Mrs. Lewis BROWN (vice president), Mrs. Joseph HARRIS (secretary) and Miss Millie HABER (treasurer). The most recent event given under the auspices of the society was held at the Turner all cheeseboard on 27 December 1906 the results were most gratifying from every standpoint and showed the confidence proposed in this organization by the community generally.

The Hebrew Ladies Beneficial Society, whose domain of endeavor is closely of allied to the Ladies Aid Society, was begun around 1890 and by 1896 a Charter was obtained. There is and nothing of an unfriendly rivalry among these various philanthropic organizations. They understand that there is much work to be done and that they are all working toward a common end. The officers in 1907 were: Mrs. Samuel KROLL (president), Mrs. SCHULHOF (vice president), Mrs. J. MILLER (secretary), Mrs. Adolph CROWE (treasurer) and Mrs. Lewis BROWN (guide and also past president).

The Hebrew Ladies Benevolent Society was begun around by 1898 and was a society like the other two, for the advancement of all worthy charitable undertakings. As a matter of worthy comment that when a particularly deserving case arises, which would severely tax the funds of any of these organizations, all three contributed to the fund. The aims and objects are similar, but through the medium of the three organizations, the field is more completely covered and funds are thus obtained which would not otherwise be received. One of the officers in 1907 was: Mrs. B. SAFIER (president).

The Progress Club was the social club of McKeesport. It was established in April 1905, and it proved itself a desirable adjunct of the social life of the community. The officers in 1907 were: Mr. Joseph UNGER (president), Mr. Lewis BROWN (vice president), Mr. LEBOWITZ (secretary) and L. J. HAVER (treasurer).

The McKeesport B'nai B'rith Lodge was organized on 18 April 1904 by Brother Louis SULZHACHER whose efforts helped to unite the men of the community. There was never shown a more striking example of the real purpose of B'nai B'rith and in the case of McKeesport.

From a business standpoint, the Jews of McKeesport enjoyed a high reputation and were respected for their business integrity and honesty to occupy a commanding position. The B'nai B'rith organization did much to introduce stronger Jewish ties. Two men who did much to promote the welfare of this lodge were Lewis BROWN and A. KAPLAN. Mr. BROWN was successful in placing the lodge on a good basis and extending the broadening the sphere of activity. At the organization's inception, in 1904, there were 52 members initiated, then by 1907, their number increased to 119 members and only 13 suspensions. This is due the watchful eyes of the officers of the lodge. With Brother Ray KAPLAN (first monitor) and Brother I. J. HABER (first present), the lodge was founded on a solid basis and with the best of management.

With the advent of Brother Lewis BROWN to the presidency, there came a new vigor and a host of new members. Through his untiring efforts, the B'nai B'rith Lodge successfully held Bible classes on Sundays, in both of the synagogues, with an average attendance of 450 children. These Bible classes were under the supervision of Reverend Michael FREED, of Pittsburgh. This Lodge enjoyed the reputation of being the only B'nai B'rith Lodge to maintain and support a Bible class. In 1907, the officers were: J. HABER (monitor), Lewis BROWN (president), Al ENGELMAN (vice president), A. BERNSTEIN (secretary), E. GOLDBERG (financial secretary) and H. Firestone (treasurer).