ShtetLinks: This Romanian Communa consists of 

                        -Bociciou Mare (Administrative Center)

                        -Craciunesti (Jewish Religious Center)



                   Ukrainian Town – Velykiv Bychkiv, Zakarpatska, Ukraine


Other Names

o        Nagy Bocsko, Maramaros, Hungary (Original Hungarian town until end of WWI)

o        Velykiv Bychkiv, Zakarpatska, Ukraine (former Nagy Bocsko north of the Tizsa River since end of WWII)

o        Ukrainian Bychkov (Yiddish for Velykiv Bychkiv)

o        Bociciou Mare, Maramures, Romania (former Nagy Bocsko south of the Tizsa River, and Administrative Center of Current Romanian Communa since end of WWI)

o        Romanian Bychkov (Yiddish for Bocicoiu Mare)

o        Craciunesti, Maramures, Romania (Old Hungarian Tizsakarasonyfalva, Maramaros, Hungary)

o        Tizsakarasonyfalva, Maramures, Hungary (Original Hungarian Name for Craciunesti until end of WWI)

o        Tizsakarasonyfalva, Maramures, Hungary was really composed of two towns, Tizsa (now Tisa) and Karasonyfalva (now Craciunesti)

o        Kresnif (Yiddish transliteration close to the Ukrainian pronounciation of Craciunesti or Karasonyfalva)


View Bocicoiu Mare via Map Quest (Latitude 47°58´, Longitude 24°00´)



Bocicoiu Mare

Communa of Bocicoiu Mare, Craciunesti, Tisa and Lug

Map from Mayor’s Office of the Communa of Bocicoiu Mare, Craciunesti, Tisa and Lug.



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