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L'vove, Kherson, Ukraine
1877 - The Map

Hand-Made 1877 Map
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This map was made and brought from Russia by Guillermo S. Edelberg's grandfather, when he emigrated to Argentina. Guillermo found it in a box and he sent a copy to his cousin in the USA, Sarah Christiansen.

The map is hand-drawn and hand-written in old Russian. Although it was enlarged twice it is often difficult or impossible to read. Several translators contributed three different versions which are listed below. The numbers (# column) refer to the locations in the map.

If you need additional information regarding this map, please contact Sarah Lee Meyer Christiansen or Dmitry Abramson. Please search JewishGen Family Finder database to connect with others researching L'vove.

#Translation 1Translation 2Translation 3
1 Eugene Gerts Yvgeny Gerts (Eugene Hertz) Yevgeniy Gerts
2 Public (community) bulk produce A store that delivers goods Communal ... store
3 This map of the colony L'vova,
Kherson District 1877
Visual picture of Lvova
of Kherson Region 1877
Visual picture of Koloniya L'vovo,
Kherson uyezd, year 1877
4 Made without a scale by
Samuel Il'itch Edelberg
This map is made by
Samiel Ilyitch Edelberg
Compiled without scale by
Samuil Ilyich Eydel'berg
5 Yoseli Baum4 Yosel Baum4 Yosel Bom4
6 Brothers Leivenshtein Brothers Levin or Levitzstein Brothers Leyvenshteyn
7 Common (public) land (garden?) inhabitants Common land (?)
8 Alter Gorn Alter Gorn Alter Gorn
9 Brothers Orolovich Brothers Orleovitch Brothers Orelovich
10 Brothers A. and F. Mikhailovich Brothers A and N Mikhailovitz Brothers A. and ? Mikhaylovich
11 Zelik Kart (bed or cot)4 Selig Kartopchak4 Zelik Kart4
12     Topchak (?)
13 Brother Kart4 Brothers Kartopchak4 Brothers Kart4
14 Moishe Brauer Moses Brauer Moisey Brauer
15 Meier Shotenberg Maier Stember Mayer Sh???ber
16 Mendel Shapiro Mendl Shapiro Mendel Shapiro
17 Isaac Abramovich Isaac Abramovitch Ayzik Abramovich
18 Keem Paradiz7 ? Paradis7 ?elm Paradiz7
19 Leib Paimer Lepe Paymer Leyb Peymer
20 Yosef Polyak Yosef Polyak Yosif Polyak
21 Zelich Edelberg4 Zolik Edelberg4 Zelich Eydel'berg4
22 Leizer Vulf Lazar Wolfe Leyzer Vulf
23 Kelm Fogel Kilm Fogel Kelm Fogel
24 Brothers M. Sh. and I. Konrad Brothers Konrad Brothers Sh., M., and I. Konrad
25 Brother Paradiz7 Brothers Paradis7 Brothers Paradiz7
26 4 Brothers Blum Brothers 4 Blum Brothers (4) Blyum
27 Tanya Belau Tauch (or Tanya) Blau Tankh Belau
28 Volf Barendon (Barsadon) ? Wolfe Volf Barekhzon
29 Brothers Mozeson O, M, and I Brothers ? Mozeso Brothers O., M. and I. Moze?on
30 Yudelovich yoselovitch Yudelovich
31 Brother Nedoselsky Brothers Nidoselsky Brothers Nedosel'skiy
32 Colony School Colonial Institute (School) School of Koloniya L'vovo
33 Sinagogue Sinagogue Sinagogue
34 Leib Leiman Lape Leman Leyb Leyman
35 Leib-Itzka Yosifovich Lape Yosefovitch Leyb-Itsa Yosfovich
36 Brothers' Blums store Store of Brothers Blum Store of Brothers Blyum
37 Brother Bernar(d)8 Brothers Barnd8 Brothers Bernar8
38 Brother Buif M.Z. Brothers Brigord M and B Brothers M. and Z. Brif
39 Shlema Tankhelovich Shlomo T or (SH)alovitch Shloma Tankhelevich
40 Elia Kurzon5 Elya Kurzon5 Elya Kurzon5
41 Eliya Kurzon5 Elya Kurzon5 Elya Kurzon5
42 Isaac Konigfest6 Isaac Kentsfert6 Izak Kenigfest6
43 Mayer Eihman from Ita Flex Maier Elman from ? Utiflex Meyer Eykhman from ...flek?
44 Itsko Keimer Isaac Khaim Itskh Keymer
45 Yosel Leibenshtein Yossl Leyvinstein Yosel Leyvinshteyn
46 Brothers Shur Brothers Shur Brothers Shur
47 ? and Eihman Meier ? Gelart or ? Gelt or ? Maier Elman Gelgor Eykhman Meyer
48 Shulem(?) Konrad and Leibel second line Konrad ... Konrad ...
49 Isay Beim Baim Isay Beym
50 Abram Kurzon5 Avram Kurzon5 Abram Kurzon5
51 ? Lyuba Lyuba ... Lyuba
52 Arie-Duvid Fabian top line Aron ? Tatari Aron Duvid ...
53 Moishe Ruven Moishe Rueven Moyshe Ruven
54 Brothers Dolev (Cot) Brothers Dalevs Tatari Brothers Dolevz Topchak
55 Simon Berenshtal Simeon Berenstoil Simen Berenshtam
56 David Kirshtein David Kurstein David Kirshtein
57 Brothers Yamaikin Brothers ? Brothers Yamaykin
58 Shtamer Alt. Stamler A and T Shtamer Alt.
59 Brothers E amd Sh Eidelberg4 Brothers E and SH Edelberg4 Brothers E. and Sh. Eydelberg4
60 Mendel Abramson6 Mendl Abramson6 Mendel Abramson6
61 Brother Brener8 Brothers Bremer8 Brothers Brener8
62 Former Rabbi Lapidus Former Rabbi Lapidus Former rabbi Lapidus
63 Peisya Yacubson Pesa Jacobson Peys Yakupson
64 Yankel Leibenberg Annl Lebensorg Yankel Leybenberg
65 Yosef Fiting Josef ? Yosif Fiting
66 Brothers Varshavsky Brothers Varshafsky Brothers Varshavskiy
67 Nafre Yankovsky Shafra Yankovsky Kafre Yankovskiy
68 Naum (Nahum) Sheinich Nahum Shanik Naum Sheynich
69 Brothers Kapuler M.A. Brothers Kapular M and A Brothers Kapuler M. and A.
70 Haim Korenberg Korenberg, Khaaim Norenberg Khaaym
71 Brother ? Boim Brothers Orphans Boim Brothers ... Boym
72 Feyve Tankelevich7 Faiva Tanklevitch7 Feyva Tankhelevich7
73 Brothers Arenson4 Brothers Aronson4 Brothers Arenson4
74 Abramovich and Norenberg, Zusia ? Abramovitch Abramovich-Norenberg ...
75 Leib Yacubsohn Lape Jacobzohn Leyb Yakubzon
76 Aiziik Kan Isik Kang Ayzik Kan
77 Leip Aronshtan Lape Aronson Leyb Aranshtam
78 Brothers Eihman (Eichman?) M.G. Brothers Vikhman M and B Brothers Eykhman
79 Brothers Boim Brothers Boim Brothers Boym
80 Abram Shulman Abram Shulman Abram Shulman
81 Nachum Yoselevich Nakhim Yoslovitch Nakham Yoselovich
82 Brothers Moiger Brothers Maier Brothers Mayer
83 Brother Levin Brothers Levin Brothers Levin
84 Shchafran(?) Tanekelovich7 Gezadeborl Tanklevitch7 ... Tankhelovich7
85 Brother Booki Brothers Buki Brothers Buk
86 Brothers Daniman Brothers Daniman Brothers Daniman
87 Benya Fabian Brothers Fabian Ben Fabian
88 Brothers Sh and B Edelberg4 Brothers Edelberg T and B (no caps)4 Brothers M. and B. Eydelberg4
89 Isay Glassman Isiah Glassman Isay Glasman
90 Brothers S.I.M. Leivenstein Brothers Levinstein S, I and M Brothers S., I., M. Leyvensht(eyn)am
(eyn is crossed out)
91 Velvele ? Veyvele
92 Yu. Eidelman ? ?
93 Old Mill and cot. F. Bruner F? Brenner Gristmill Old Mill of F. Br..r
94 F. Bruner's Mill ? ?
95 ? ? ?
96 Blacksmith's shop ? ?
97 Eidelberg Sh and B4 Edelberg SH and B4 Sh. and B. Eyd...berg4
98 Eidelberg4 Edelberg4 Brothers Eydelb.4
99 ? ? Threshing Floor
100 Stone quarry Stone quarry Stone mine
101 Sand pit Sandbank Sand reservoir
102 Road descending to the river Road descending to the river Descend from hill for water
103   Deep part of river Deep gully
104   Clay cliffs Clay reservoir
105 River Dnieper River Dnieper Dniper River
106 Kozak River Kozak River Kozak River
107 Rechische River Rechische River Rechische River

Old Photo

Records from Kolonie L'vove were located at the Central Archives for the History of Jewish People in Jerusalem. There is a Jewishgen Project to acquire and translate these records.

1 Translation 1 by Zinovy Lipkin and Yuri Persion.
2 Translation 2 by Igor Zelljadt.
3 Translation 3 by Pavel and Dmitry Abramson.
4 Related to Sarah L. M. Christiansen.
5 Related to Marcos Curzon of blessed memory.
6 Related to Dmitry Abramson.
7 Related to Rick Mogil.
8 The correct name is "Berner". Related to Boris Berner.

Compiled by Marco Curzon (z"l), Sarah Lee Meyer Christiansen and Dmitry Abramson

Updated December 8, 2013. Copyright © 2008 Dmitry Abrahamson and Sarah L. M. Christiansen

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and is a part of the KehilaLinks Project.


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