Volhynia, Ukraine

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Луцьк, Yкраïна

Great Synagogue of Lutsk

The Great Synagogue, built in 1629, was the religious,
educational, and community center of Lutsk Jews until

Lutsk, an ancient Slavic town, was founded in 1085.
Located 152 km.  (253 miles) northeast of Lvov, on
a bend of the Styr River in northwestern Ukraine,
Lutsk is strategically sited for regional defense.

Name Variants:

Luts'k [Ukrainian]; Lutsk [Russian];
Lutzk [Yiddish];
Łuck [Polish]; Luzk [German]

Map Coordinates:

50° 45' north latitude
25° 20' 09'' east longitude

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Synagogue, ca. 1872

Jewish population
    1897:   9,468
    1931: 17,366

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