Finding Tool for the Mormon Church Courland Microfilm Holdings

The links below are a finding tool for the 133 rolls of Courland microfilm available for viewing at the Family Research Centers of the Morman Church. The microfilm contains tax census documents from Courland and Riga for the 1700's and 1800's. The original documents are held at the Latvian State Archives in Riga, Latvia. The film was published by the Herder Institute in Germany. This document was prepared by the Mormon church. The records are displayed alphabetically by region or district.

The records in this finding tool include:

--The Mormon Church film roll number that contains the census

--The number for the original tax census book in the Latvian State Archives

--A description of the town or region and type of census

--The page numbers on each roll that correspond to the original books.

--The side of the book that was photographed in a particular page range (v is the left side, r is the right side)


--Please note that each census is on multiple rolls with odd pages on one roll and even pages on another. This was the result of the two camera setup used to photograph the original books.

--Each page range is either odd or even pages only. In most cases, an even page range will start and end with even numbers, while an odd page range will start and end with odd numbers.

--Reverse page ranges indicate that the pages appear in reverse order on the film roll.


1344260......................14) Illuxt Revisionslisten 1816, 24-190v

--The first field is the Mormon Church roll No.

--The second field includes the book number, description, page range, and book side.

--This record indicates that on film roll 1344260, Book 14, you will find even pages 24-190 for the Illuxt Revised census of 1816. The pages were photographed from the left side (v) of the original book.


--Records are listed alphabetically by city or district name. Click on a link below.

--Aahof through Autzhof

--Bachhof through Buschof

--Charlottenberg through Dweeten

--E.V. Hahn Privatarchivalien through Friedrichstadt

--Goldingen through Gross-Abgulden

--Hasenpoth through Jakobstadt

--Kandau through Lubb-Essern

--Mitau through Nieder-Bartau

--Palitzen through Ruhental

--Sackenhausen through Zabeln