Zaludok in the 19th Century

A sketch by  H Collier RA [Royal Academician], donated by Robert Craig, who writes:
This a pencil sketch drawing of Zoludek .  The sketch is on damaged cardboard and was given to me about 20 years ago by two sisters called Rose and Milly Prince whose family also came from Zoludek. My family always called the Princes cousins though we never knew exactly what was the relationship. They were also in England from the start of the 20th century.

Rose told me that their grandfather had eventually decided to go back to Zoludek because he found England too irreligious.

She told me that Collier was a very talented artist who had come to England from Zoludek and made a career here. To be a Royal Academician was to reach the heights of success in the world of fine art.

The names of the streets will not be clear from the scan, so I will give them below, starting with the top of the drawing:-

At 12 o'clock Vilner Gass. [first house on the left has the name Sister or Sistra]

At 3 o'clock Belitzer

At 4 o'clock Arlover

At 5 o'clock Tyber. The house on our left of the street is labelled "Birth place of Mrs Symons"

At 7 o'clock Helfesher

At 3 o'clock Milner. The house on the right of the street as you walk away from the centre is labelled "Birth place of Mrs Prince"

At 10 o'clock The street has no name but on the right of the street the Synagogue is labelled and a house opposite it is marked Rabi [Rabbi?]

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