Mystery Pictures

These pictures have come down in Jean Perkin's family.  If anyone can identify them, please contact Irene Newhouse.

This photo is labelled "Kala bas Chaim" on the back, and may have been taken in London.  Kala, bas Chaim, Pelovksy, probably nee Poretsky,  is Jean Perkin's grandmother.  She married at about age 16, and emigrated with her husband Michael Pelovsky to London in 1901.  A large family was left in Zaludok.  A brother emigrated to the US, where he never married and died quite well off.  The remaining Zaludokers went to the US to claim the inheritance and stayed.

Jean surmises the woman on the left is Kala's sister, while the man is probably her son, Kala's nephew.  These pictures were probably taken in the US, as the family left Zaludok in the early 1900s and was in the US probably by 1905, as then Kala's son Harry Pelovsky and his cousin Harry Abrahams went to live with them.  The two London cousins returned home in 1910 .  Family addresses were  462 Brook Avenue, The Bronx, and  57 S Kongor Street, Boston.  The record of the latter address was difficult to read and may not be quite right.  They may also have lived in Baltimore.   They were close relatives of Harry Pelovsky, and there was contact in the 60s.  Someone tried to resume contact in the 70s, but Harry Pelovsky was about to go into a home for the aged, and was not interested any more.  He did not give the caller the family phone numbers.

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