Voter List 1912 - for city assemblies

Part Zh

Published as a supplement to Vilna Guberniya Vedemosti # 61
Transcribed by Edward Rosenbaum
Copies obtained by BLITZ with funds contributed by Lida District Researchers

The men on this list were residents of Lida city

Surname              Name                Patronymic      Qualification  Ethnicity   Voter No.
(no Entry)                                                                                  588
(no Entry)                                                                                  589
(no Entry)                                                                                  590
(no Entry)                                                                                  591
(no Entry)                                                                                  592
(no Entry)                                                                                  593
(no Entry)                                                                                  594
(no Entry)                                                                                  595
Aborovich            Nikodim                             Civil Service  Lithuanian            9
Abramovich           Movsha              Mendelev        Property       Jew                  14
Abramovich           Skhariya            Ioselev         Property       Jew                  19
Abramyshskiy         Itsko               Zel'manov       Property       Jew                  15
Abramyshskiy         Iosel               Zel'manov       Property       Jew                  18
Abrulyanskiy ?       Shmerko             Ovseyev         Property       Jew                  23
Adamovich            Petr                Yur'ev          Property       Pole                  8
Ainshtein            Girsh                               Apartment Tax  Jew                  10
Ainshtein            Erukhim                             Property       Jew                  16
Ainshtein            Itsko               Girshev         Property       Jew                  26
Aizikovich           Mordukh             Notkov          Trade          Jew                   4
Al'perovich          Iosel               Girshov         Trade          Jew                   5
Al'perovich          Shmuel              Girshovich      Apartment Tax  Jew                  11
Al'pert              Efroim              Davidov         Property       Jew                  25
Altshuler            Ezro                                Apartment Tax  Jew                  12
Amashovich           Berko               Girshev         Apartment Tax  Jew                  13
Amstibovskiy         Abram               Khayimiv        Trade          Jew                   2
Amstibovskiy         Iosel               Zuselev         Property       Jew                  20
Amstibovskiy         Abram               Khayimov        Property       Jew                  24
Ansher               Yudel               Movshov         Property       Jew                  21
Ansher               Abel                Zalkov          Property       Jew                  22
Arkin                Itsko               Leibov          Trade          Jew                   1
Arkin                Movsha              Beyrakhov       Property       Jew                  17
Arlyuk               Abram               Ioselev         Trade          Jew                   6
Arlyuk               Eliya               Ioselevich      Trade          Jew                   7
Artishevskiy         Ben'yamin           Movshov         Trade          Jew                   3
Bagenskiy            Pavel                               Civil Service  Pole                 66
Baikal'skiy          Iosel               Girshev         Property       Jew                 148
Bakal'skiy          Movsha              Kushelev        Property       Jew                 159
Bakanovitskiy        Movsha              Mikhelev        Trade          Jew                  48
Balyukevich          Ivan                Mechislavov     Civil Service  Lithuanian           61
Baradas              Dovid               Abramov         Trade          Jew                  37
Baran                Yakov               Movshov         Trade          Jew                  49
Baran                Mendel                              Apartment Tax  Jew                  71
Baranchik            Movsha                              Apartment Tax  Jew                  70
Baranchik            Khayim              Girshov         Property       Jew                 103
Baranchik            Rubin               Shamshelev      Property       Jew                 104
Baranchik            Shimel              Yankelev        Property       Jew                 105
Baranchik            Girsh               Itskov          Property       Jew                 106
Baranchik            Notka               Izrailev        Property       Jew                 110
Baranchik            Efroim              Dovidov         Property       Jew                 137
Barishanskiy         Iokhel              Girshev         Trade          Jew                  38
Bartoshevich         Adol'f              Vikent'ev       Apartment Tax  Pole                 72
Bartsevich           Stanislav           Yul'yanov       Apartment Tax  Pole                 73
Basist               Gilel               Abramov         Trade          Jew                  50
Basist               Rubin                               Property       Jew                  56
Bastunskiy           Girsh               Shmuilov        Trade          Jew                  46
Beinimovich          Yudel-Movsha-T+B841eGirshov         Apartment Tax  Jew                  74
Belitskiy            Iser                Ioselev         Trade          Jew                  31
Belitskiy            Iosel               Niselev         Trade          Jew                  53
Belitskiy            Khayim Yankel       Itskov          Trade          Jew                  54
Belitskiy            Girsh               Osherov         Apartment Tax  Jew                  75
Belitskiy            Shmuel              Khayimov        Property       Jew                 152
Belogrudskiy         Tsal'ko                             Property       Jew                  55
Belostotskiy         Khayim              Abramov         Property       Jew                 155
Bel'skiy             Shmuel              Mordukhov       Property       Jew                 109
Benyamovskiy         Mordukh             Bentselev       Property       Jew                  88
Berdovskiy           Iosel               Movshov         Property       Jew                  90
Berdovskiy           Anton               Ivanov          Civil Service  Pole                111
Berenshtein          Aron                                Apartment Tax  Jew                  77
Berenshtein          Aron                Motkov          Property       Jew                 100
Berezovskiy          Ovsey               Girshov         Property       Jew                 115
Berezovskiy          Leiba               Girshov         Property       Jew                 118
Berezovskiy          David               Ovseyev         Property       Jew                 122
Berezovskiy          Khayim              Mordukhov       Property       Jew                 126
Bergman              Shlioma             Vul'fov         Property       Jew                 139
Berinshtein          Zel'man             Ioselev         Property       Jew                  95
Berkin               Iosel               Zabeliov        Property       Jew                 102
Berkovich            David               Meyerov         Trade          Jew                  41
Berkovich            Meyer               Movshev         Trade          Jew                  42
Berkovich            Rurin               Abramov         Trade          Jew                  47
Berkovich            Abram-Itsko         Ioselev         Property       Jew                  85
Berkovich            Yankel              Ioselev         Property       Jew                 101
Berkovich            Orel                Vul'fov         Property       Jew                 140
Berkovich            Aron                Girshovich      Property       Jew                 153
Berkovich            Shlioma             Dovidov         Property       Jew                 156
Berkovskiy           Girsh               Izrailev        Trade          Jew                  28
Berlovich            Aizik                               Apartment Tax  Jew                  76
Bernshtein           Shlioma             Nokhimov        Property       Jew                 121
Bershanskiy          Shmuel              Zel'manov       Property       Jew                 128
Bershanskiy          Yudel               Berkov          Property       Jew                 131
Bertsyanskiy         Shmuel              Zel'            amov           Property    Jew        129
Beshanskiy           Ariya               Movshev         Trade          Jew                  40
Beshanskiy           Aizik               Khayimov        Property       Jew                  99
Bezovik              Rubin               Abramov         Property       Jew                 144
Bezovik              Berko               Abelev          Property       Jew                 145
Blazhevich           Karl                                Property       Pole                107
Blazhievskiy         Kazimir             Mikhailov       Trade                               27
Blekharovich         Mordukh             Khayimov        Property       Jew                  86
Blekharovich         Mordukh             Movshev         Property       Jew                  87
Blokh                Shebshel            Leizerov        Trade          Jew                  29
Blokh                Girsh               Khayimov        Property       Jew                 117
Blokh                Abram               Khayimovich     Property       Jew                 136
Blokh                Itsko               Leizerovich     Property       Jew                 141
Blokh                Shneer              Abramov         Property       Jew                 151
Blokh                Shlioma             Khayimovich     Property       Jew                 154
Bloshtein            Meyer               Dovidov         Trade          Jew                  32
Bloshtein            Khonon              Movshev         Property       Jew                 160
Blyakher             Girsh               Berkov          Property       Jew                 112
Blyakher             Gotlib              Berkov          Property       Jew                 113
Blyakher             Iosel               Nokhimov        Property       Jew                 114
Blyakher             Khayim              Mendelev        Property       Jew                 123
Blyakher             Izrael              Khayimov        Property       Jew                 124
Blyakher             Efroim              Gotlibov        Property       Jew                 127
Blyakher             Yankel              Nokhimov        Property       Jew                 130
Bobin                Vikeitiy                            Civil Service  Pole                 67
Bogdanovskiy         Abram               Khayimov        Property       Jew                  58
Bogdanovskiy         Sholom              Khayimov        Property       Jew                 143
Bogdanovskiy         Mikhel                              Property       Jew                 158
Bogdzyun             Martin              Ivanov          Civil Service  Pole                 64
Boltoriyskiy         Meyer               Kal'manov       Property       Jew                 138
Bordovskiy           Shmuel              Khayimov        Property       Jew                 147
Borisevich           Foma                Fomich          Civil Service  Pole                 65
Borodovskiy         Shimel              Abramov         Property       Jew                 134
Borovskiy            Movsha              Urkov           Trade          Jew                  36
Borovskiy            Movsha              Urkov           Property       Jew                 146
Bortsyanskiy         Shmuel              Ioseliov        Property       Jew                 132
Bortsyanskiy         Berko               Zel'manov       Property       Jew                 133
Borukhovich          Gdal                Kivelev         Trade          Jew                  39
Borytnyanskiy        Movsha              Shimelev        Trade          Jew                 533
Bosis                Berko               Khayimov        Civil Service  Jew                  63
Boyarskiy            Izrael              Yankelev        Trade          Jew                  33
Boyarskiy            Iosel               Eliov           Trade          Jew                  34
Boyarskiy            Abram               Mendelev        Trade          Jew                  43
Boyarskiy            Ben'yamin           Leibov          Trade          Jew                  44
Boyarskiy            Movsha              Kivelev         Trade          Jew                  45
Boyarskiy            Kivel'              Shmuilov        Property       Jew                  57
Boyarskiy            Berko               Abramov         Property       Jew                  59
Boyarskiy            Shlioma             Tsal'kov        Property       Jew                  60
Boyarskiy            Abram               Eliov           Apartment Tax  Jew                  78
Boyarskiy            Genakh                              Apartment Tax  Jew                  79
Boyarskiy            Abram               Girshev         Property       Jew                  84
Boyarskiy            Aizik               Abramov         Property       Jew                  89
Boyarskiy            Shevel              Pinkhusov       Property       Jew                  91
Boyarskiy            Ben'yamin           Nakhmanov       Property       Jew                  92
Boyarskiy            Iosel               Nakhmanov       Property       Jew                  93
Boyarskiy            Leib                Nakhmanov       Property       Jew                  94
Boyarskiy            Shlioma             Ioselev         Property       Jew                  96
Boyarskiy            Faivel              Ioseliov        Property       Jew                  97
Boyarskiy            Meyer               Ioseliov        Property       Jew                  98
Boyarskiy            Shmerka             Berkov          Property       Jew                 108
Boyarskiy            Leiba               Shimeliov       Property       Jew                 116
Boyarskiy            Abram               Leibov          Property       Jew                 125
Boyarskiy            Yankel              Girshev         Property       Jew                 149
Boyarskiy            Geshel              Movshov         Property       Jew                 157
Boyarskiy            Meikhel             Eliov           Property       Jew                 162
Brantsovskiy         Kushel              Khayimiv        Trade          Jew                  30
Brazhitskiy          Vladislav           Ignat'ev        Civil Service  Pole                 62
Brenburg             Isor                Aronovich       Civil Service  Jew                 163
Brestovitskiy        Yankel              Urkov           Trade          Jew                  35
Brestovitskiy        Urko                Izrailev        Property       Jew                 150
Bril                 Yankel              Leibov          Property       Jew                 120
Brostovistkiy        Aron                Pinkhusov       Property       Jew                 135
Brozberg             Khayim              Evnov           Apartment Tax  Jew                  80
Brzhezinskiy         Movsha              Leibov          Property       Jew                 161
Budin                Aron                Itskov          Trade          Jew                  51
Bukovskiy            Eduard              Stanislavov     Apartment Tax  Pole                 81
Bulavko              Zel'man             Itskov          Apartment Tax  Jew                  82
Burak                Kazimir                             Civil Service  Bbl                  69
Burba                Ioann                               Civil Service  Lithuanian           68
Burnik               Aizik               Davidov         Property       Jew                  83
Butrimovich          Yankel              Leibov          Property       Jew                 119
Buzgan               Abram               Movshev         Trade          Jew                  52
Bykhvid              Abram               Sheveliovich    Property       Jew                 142
Chemerevskiy         Kazimir             Lyudvigov       Civil Service  Pole               1337
Cheschevich          Mikhail             Ivanov          Civil Service  Belorussian        1336
Daikhovskiy          Shlioma             Khayimov        Property       Jew                 385
Dalinskiy            Itsko               Shmuelev        Property       Jew                 386
Dalinskiy            Shlioma             Mikhelev        Property       Jew                 387
Darshon              Bentsion            Movshov         Trade          Jew                 351
Darshon              Abram               Movshov         Apartment Tax  Jew                 372
Dashkevich           Anton               Frantsev        Civil Service  Belorussian         371
Dasishskiy           Meyer               Abramov         Trade          Jew                 350
Deguchinskiy         Movsha              Shliomov        Trade          Jew                 361
Deletatskiy          Kal'man             Berkov          Property       Jew                 383
Derechinskiy         Shaya               Shimelev        Trade          Jew                 358
Derevyanskiy         Shneer              Shebshelev      Property       Jew                 404
Derevyanskiy         Abram               Movshev         Property       Jew                 405
Derevyanskiy         Shebshel            Khatskelev      Property       Jew                 406
Derevyanskiy         Yankel              Nokhimov        Property       Jew                 407
Derevyanskiy         Movsha              Zavelev         Property       Jew                 408
Devenishskiy         Shmuilo             Yankelev        Trade          Jew                 347
Dlugiy               Shimshel            Eliov           Trade          Jew                 348
Dlugiy               Iosel               Shebshelev      Property       Jew                 401
Dlugiy               David               Shebshelev      Property       Jew                 402
Dobkin               Shevel                              Apartment Tax  Jew                 374
Dobkovskiy           Abram                               Apartment Tax  Jew                 373
Dobrov               Kal'man             Teveliovich     Property       Jew                 400
Dobrovol'skiy        Z??oviy             Lyudvigov       Apartment Tax  Pole                376
Dodel'zon            Bentsel             Dovidov         Trade          Jew                 366
Dogin                Nokhim              Shaev           Trade          Jew                 364
Dogutskiy            Mendel              Abramov         Trade          Jew                 365
Dolinskiy            Elya                Itskov          Trade          Jew                 356
Dolinskiy            Iosel               Gilelev         Trade          Jew                 357
Dolinskiy            Leiba               Gdalev          Apartment Tax  Jew                 375
Dovidovich           Yankel              Shliomov        Property       Jew                 381
Dovilovskiy          Simkho              Shmuilov        Apartment Tax  Jew                 377
Dovlyanskiy          Samuil              Viktorov        Trade          Jew                 352
Draznin              Abram               Shakhnov        Trade          Jew                 354
Draznin              Khaikel             Shimelev        Trade          Jew                 355
Draznin              Leiba               Movshov         Property       Jew                 391
Draznin              Abram               Kadyshev        Property       Jew                 392
Draznin              Osher               Itskov          Property       Jew                 393
Draznin              Shakhna             Mordukhov       Property       Jew                 394
Draznin              Kadysh              Movshov         Property       Jew                 395
Draznin              Abram               Berkov          Property       Jew                 396
Draznin              Itsko               Yankeliov       Property       Jew                 397
Draznin              Movsha              Leizerov        Property       Jew                 398
Dreizyuk             Yankel              Pinkhusov       Property       Jew                 411
Druskinitskiy        Pinkhus             Shimelev        Property       Jew                 384
Dubchanskiy          Elya                .               Apartment Tax  Jew                 379
Dubchanskiy          Movsha              Shliomov        Property       Jew                 403
Dubinskiy            Aizik               Berkov          Property       Jew                 389
Dubovskiy            Don                 Borisov         Apartment Tax  Jew                 378
Dubravskiy           Lavreptiy           Martinov        Civil Service  Pole                388
Dukshta              Floriyan            Yur'ev          Civil Service  Lithuanian          370
Dumblyanskiy         Alya                Leibov          Property       Jew                 380
Dumblyanskiy         Iosel               Peisakhov       Property       Jew                 399
Dushman              Abram-Girsh         Sholomov        Trade          Jew                 367
Dvilyanskiy          Viktor              Meyerov         Trade          Jew                 359
Dvilyanskiy          Khayim              Viktorov        Trade          Jew                 360
Dvorchanskiy         Movsha              Meyerov         Property       Jew                 382
Dvoretskiy           Paltiel             Ovseyev         Trade          Jew                 363
Dvoretskiy           Nevakh              Tsal'kov        Property       Jew                 409
Dvoretskiy           Faivel              Khayimov        Property       Jew                 410
Dzenil'skiy          Girsh               Movshev         Trade          Jew                 349
Dzentsel'skiy        Movsha              Abramov         Property       Jew                 390
Dzichkanets          Mikhail             Osipov          Property       Pole                369
Dzimidovich          Ignatiy                             Property       Belorussian         368
Dzimitrovskiy        Rakhiel             Shliomov        Trade          Jew                 353
Dzimitrovskiy        Girsh               Shliomov        Trade          Jew                 362
Efunya               Vul'f               Berkov          Trade          Jew                 414
Eishishskiy          Shlioma             Mordukhov       Trade          Jew                1441
Eishishskiy          Khayim                              Property       Jew                1451
Eishishskiy          Faivel              Itskov          Property       Jew                1452
Eishishskiy          Girsh-Yudel         Shebshelev      Property       Jew                1453
Eishishskiy          Shmuel              Faivelev        Property       Jew                1454
Eishishskiy          Shlioma             Meyerov         Property       Jew                1455
Elin                 Borukh              Gertsov         Trade          Jew                 413
Elin                 Zakhariy            Movshov         Trade          Jew                 415
El'yashev            Vul'f               Mikhelev        Trade          Jew                1442
El'yashevich         Itsko               Mikhelev        Property       Jew                 419
Emes                 Yudel                               Apartment Tax  Jew                1447
Epshtein             Girsh               Itskov          Trade          Jew                1443
Epshtein             Gutel               Mikhelev        Trade          Jew                1444
Epshtein             Movsha              Eremiev         Trade          Jew                1445
Epshtein             Yudel               Oserov          Trade          Jew                1446
Epshtein             Iosel                               Apartment Tax  Jew                1448
Epshtein             Aizik               Vul'fov         Apartment Tax  Jew                1449
Epshtein             Aizik                               Apartment Tax  Jew                1450
Ershanskiy           Shimel              Berkov          Trade          Jew                 412
Erukhmanov           Khayim              Itskov          Apartment Tax  Jew                 418
Eruzolimskiy         Abram               Fal'kov         Property       Jew                 420
Eveliovich           Shimel              Sholomov        Property       Jew                 422
Eveliovich           Leiba               Shimelev        Property       Jew                 423
Ezerskiy             Abram                               Property       Jew                 416
Ezerskiy             Meyer                               Property       Jew                 421
Ezhevskiy            Iosel                               Apartment Tax  Jew                 417
Faimushevich         Ekhel               Matysov         Trade          Jew                1282
Federman             Mordukh             Vul'fov         Trade          Jew                1277
Federman             Yankel              Vul'fov         Property       Jew                1294
Ferder               Itsko               Abramov         Trade          Jew                1276
Ferder               Girsh               Zel'manov       Property       Jew                1295
Ferder               Itsko               Abramov         Property       Jew                1296
Filipovich           Osip                Semenov         Trade          Pole               1279
Finkel'shtein        Khayim-Zelik        Tsal'kov        Trade          Jew                1278
Finkel'shtein        Itsko-Girsh         Vul'fov         Trade          Jew                1281
Finkel'shtein        Itsko               Abramov         Property       Jew                1291
Fleisher             David               Movshev         Trade          Jew                1275
Fleisher             Meyer               Dovidov         Trade          Jew                1280
Fleisher             Dovid               Abramov         Property       Jew                1288
Fleisher             Zel'man             Itskov          Property       Jew                1289
Fleisher             Itsko               Dovidov         Property       Jew                1290
Furman               Shlioma             Dovidov         Property       Jew                1283
Furman               Shmuel              Mikhelev        Property       Jew                1284
Furman               Efroim              Mikhelev        Property       Jew                1285
Furman               Berko               Mikhelev        Property       Jew                1286
Furman               Abram               Khononov        Property       Jew                1287
Furmanskiy           Zusel               Berkov          Property       Jew                1292
Furmanskiy           Itsko               Zelikov         Property       Jew                1293
Gabovich             Meyer               Itskov          Property       Jew                 317
Gaikovskiy           Shimel              Khayimov        Property       Jew                 303
Gallay               Shimel              Leizerov        Property       Jew                 332
Gal'man              Abram               Girshov         Property       Jew                 307
Gal'pern             Girsh               Zorukhov        Trade          Jew                 245
Gal'pern             Ovsey               Movshov         Apartment Tax  Jew                 276
Gal'pern             Abram                               Apartment Tax  Jew                 277
Gal'pern             Leiba               Pertsov         Property       Jew                 308
Gal'pern             Ovsey               Pertsov         Property       Jew                 309
Gal'pern             Izrael              Abramov         Property       Jew                 310
Gal'pern             David               Shimelev        Property       Jew                 336
Gal'pern             Girsh               Mordukhov       Property       Jew                 337
Gapanovich           Mendel              Mordukhov       Property       Jew                 311
Garnevich            Stepan              Kazimirov       Property       Belorussian         267
Garpevich            Petr                Kazimirov       Civil Service  Belorussian         274
Gavenskiy            Zakhariy            Meyerov         Trade          Jew                 259
Gavurin              Kal'man                             Property       Jew                 304
Gebich               Itsko               Ioseliov        Property       Jew                 326
Geller               Shmuilo             Shmuilov        Property       Jew                 291
Gel'man              Shlioma             Girshev         Property       Jew                 331
Gembitskiy           Yakov               Aleksandrov     Property       T                   312
Genikov              David               Aizikov         Trade          Jew                 258
Gerasimovich         Floriyan            Klement'ev      Property       Belorussian         269
Geraspmovich         Ivan                                Property       Belorussian         270
Gerbedziovskiy       Izrael              Berkovich       Trade          Jew                 260
Gerberskiy           Iosel               Pertsov         Property       Jew                 343
Gerbovskiy           Itsko               Yudelov         Property       Jew                 341
Gerbovskiy           Zusel               Yudelev         Property       Jew                 344
Gerbovskiy           Dovid               Berkov          Property       Jew                 345
Germanishskiy        Ben'yamin           Mordukhov       Property       Jew                 293
Germuni              Movsha              Germonov        Property       Jew                 314
Gernitskiy           Khayim              Movshov         Property       Jew                 313
Gernitskiy           Abram               Kopeliov        Property       Jew                 342
Gershanovich         Iosel               Girshov         Property       Jew                 329
Gershtein            David               Ionovich        Civil Service  Jew                 346
Gertsovskiy          Yankel              Gertsov                        Jew                 250
Gil'movskiy          Idel-Khayim         Leibov          Apartment Tax  Jew                 280
Gintovt-DzevyaltovskiNikaziy-Iosif                       Civil Service  Pole                275
Girshovich           Abram               Meyerov         Apartment Tax  Jew                 279
Girshovskiy          Movsha              Khayimov        Trade          Jew                 254
Glazerov             Berko               Iosel           Property       Jew                 339
Glazshtein           Bentsel             Efroimov        Property       Jew                 268
Glembotskiy          Ovsey                               Trade          Jew                 246
Glembotskiy          Itsko-Peisakh       Yudelev         Property       Jew                 315
Glembotskiy          Yudel               Meyerov         Property       Jew                 318
Glembotskiy          Yankel              Khayimov        Property       Jew                 319
Gober                Khayim              Meyerov         Apartment Tax  Jew                 287
Gol                  Abram               Abeliov         Property       Jew                 328
Gol'dberg            Dovid               Itskov          Trade          Jew                 252
Gol'dberg            Yudel               Abramov         Property       Jew                 296
Gol'dman             Simkho                              Apartment Tax  Jew                 285
Golembotskiy         Shmuilo             Bon'yaminov     Trade          Jew                 255
Golembotskiy         Yankel              Mikhelev        Trade          Jew                 256
Golembotskiy         Mikhel              Yankelev        Property       Jew                 292
Golovnya             Petr                Martinov        Apartment Tax  Belorussian         278
Golub                Isaak               Ben'yaminov     Apartment Tax  Jew                 283
Golub                Mordukh                             Apartment Tax  Jew                 284
Golub                Iosel               Nokhimov        Property       Jew                 298
Golubovich           Izrael              Meyerov         Trade          Jew                 261
Golubovskiy          Yakov               Ovseyev         Trade          Jew                 251
Golubovskiy          Ovsey               Khatskelev      Property       Jew                 316
Golynskiy            Zelik               Meyerov         Property       Jew                 321
Goncharovskiy        Ovsey               Berkov          Property       Jew                 322
Goncharovskiy        Nokhim              Dovidov         Property       Jew                 323
Goncharovskiy        Khatskel            Yankelev        Property       Jew                 324
Goncharovskiy        Shlioma             Aronov          Property       Jew                 325
Gordon               Movsha              Aizikov         Trade          Jew                 247
Gordon               Ben'yamin                           Apartment Tax  Jew                 282
Gordon               Nakhman             Abramov         Property       Jew                 294
Gordon               Mikhel              Nakhmanov       Property       Jew                 295
Gordon               Movsha              Tankheliov      Property       Jew                 300
Gordon               Abram               Berkov          Property       Jew                 301
Gordon               Shlioma             Berkov          Property       Jew                 302
Gordon               Aron                Ben'yaminov     Property       Jew                 305
Gordon               Aizik               Abramov         Property       Jew                 306
Gordon               Shimel              Itskov          Property       Jew                 320
Gorfung              Berko               Abramov         Apartment Tax  Jew                 281
Gorfung              Shmuel              Itsko           Apartment Tax  Jew                 286
Goydo                Khayim              Rubinov         Property       Jew                 265
Grabovskiy           Lyudvig             Vladislavov     Civil Service  Pole                272
Grayzhevskiy         Leizer              Girshev         Property       Jew                 334
Grazhevich           Viktor              Vikent'ev       Civil Service  Pole                273
Gribitskiy           Iosel               Girshev         Property       Jew                 330
Gribitskiy           Pinkhus             Girshov         Property       Jew                 333
Grinshpan            Movsha              Vul'fov         Apartment Tax  Jew                 290
Grintsevich          Domenik                             Property       Pole                266
Grodzenchik          Girsh               Gisilev         Trade          Jew                 249
Grodzenchik          Dovid               Shevelev        Property       Jew                 271
Grodzenchik          Genakh              Khayimov        Property       Jew                 327
Grodzen'chik         Abram               Khatskelev      Property       Jew                 338
Grodzenskiy          Khayim             Berkov          Trade          Jew                 243
Grodzenskiy          Meyer               Nokhimov        Property       Jew                 297
Grodzenskiy          Yankel              Meyerov         Property       Jew                 299
Gubar                Dovid               Nokhimov                       Jew                 244
Gurnafel'skiy        Movsha              Girshov         Trade          Jew                 253
Gurskiy              Ivan                Lyudvigov       Apartment Tax  Pole                289
Gurvich              Elya                Berkov          Apartment Tax  Jew                 288
Gurvich              Mordukh             Ben'yaminov     Property       Jew                 335
Gutkin               Shmuel              Khimov          Trade          Jew                 248
Gutman               Movsha              Dovidov         Trade          Jew                 262
Gutman               Khatskel            Khayimov        Trade          Jew                 263
Gutman               Aron                Dovidov         Property       Jew                 264
Gutman               Vul'f               Nisimov         Property       Jew                 340
Gutner               Zundel              Khayimov        Trade          Jew                 257
Ilyutovich           Leiba               Izrailiov       Trade          Jew                 488
Ilyutovich           Yudel               Izrailiov       Trade          Jew                 489
Ilyutovich           Yankel              Ariev           Trade          Jew                 490
Ilyutovich           Ersmiya             Khatskelev      Trade          Jew                 491
Ilyutovich           Abram               Izraelev        Trade          Jew                 492
Ilyutovich           Otsko               Shmuilov        Property       Jew                 494
Ilyutovich           Shmuilo             Eliov           Property       Jew                 495
Ilyutovich           Eliya               Nevakhovich     Property       Jew                 496
Ilyutovich           Pinkhus             Leibov          Property       Jew                 497
Ilyutovich           Yankel              Pinkhusov       Property       Jew                 499
Ilyutovich           Elya                Yudeliov        Apartment Tax  Jew                 502
Ilyutovich           Sholom              Gershonov       Apartment Tax  Jew                 503
Ilyutovich           Tsal'ko             Itskov          Property       Jew                 504
Ilyutovich           Rubin               Ioselev         Property       Jew                 510
Iodko                Sigizmund                           Property       Pole                513
Iodko                Iosif               Antonov         Property       Pole                514
Iodkovskiy           Ippolit                             Civil Service  Pole                515
Ioselevich           Leiba               Ovseyevich      Property       Jew                 517
Ioseliovich          Abram               Zel'manov       Trade          Jew                 511
Ioseliovich          Zel'man             Abramov         Trade          Jew                 512
Ioseliovich          Ben'yamin                           Apartment Tax  Jew                 516
Itskovich            Dovid               Zel'manov       Trade          Jew                 487
Itskovich            Berko               Zel'manov       Property       Jew                 509
Ivenskiy             Yankel              Meyerov         Property       Jew                 493
Ivenskiy             Aron                Gershonov       Property       Jew                 498
Ivenskiy             Ben'yamin                           Apartment Tax  Jew                 500
Ivinetskiy           Shlioma             Iokhelev        Property       Jew                 506
Ivinetskiy           Mordukh             Leibov          Property       Jew                 507
Ivinetskiy           Nokhim              Iokhelev        Property       Jew                 508
Izraeliovich         Movsha              Zel'manov       Apartment Tax  Jew                 501
Izraeliovich         Abram               Aronov          Property       Jew                 505
Kabachnik            Eliya               Borukhov        Trade          Jew                 534
Kabachnik            Dovid               Abramov         Trade          Jew                 545
Kabachnik            Yankel              Abramov         Trade          Jew                 546
Kabachnik            Mendel              Dovidov         Trade          Jew                 557
Kachanskiy           Movsha              Yudelev         Property       Jew                 727
Kagan                Yankel              Vul'fov         Trade          Jew                 538
Kagan                Vul'f               Aizikov         Trade          Jew                 539
Kagan                Itsko-Izrael        Leibov          Trade          Jew                 558
Kaganovich           Rubin               Ioseliov        Trade          Jew                 547
Kaganovich           Ben'yamin           Leibov          Trade          Jew                 548
Kaganovich           Leiba               Yankelev        Trade          Jew                 549
Kaganovich           Leiba               Mordukhov       Apartment Tax  Jew                 607
Kaganovich           Mendel              Rubinov         Property       Jew                 632
Kaganovich           Khayim              Rubinov         Property       Jew                 633
Kaganovich           Vul'f               Ben'yaminov     Property       Jew                 637
Kaleko               Mordukh             Movshov         Trade          Jew                 559
Kaleko               Movsha                              Property       Jew                 578
Kalikes              Berko               Movshev         Trade          Jew                 542
Kaliks               Yankel              Berkov          Property       Jew                 738
Kaliks               Movsha              Berkov          Property       Jew                 739
Kal'manovich         Vul'f               Ioselev         Trade          Jew                 560
Kal'manovich         Elya                Oreliovich      Property       Jew                 581
Kal'manovich         Zel'man             Abramov         Property       Jew                 705
Kamaiskiy            Meyer               Shliomov        Property       Jew                 735
Kamaiskiy            Berko               Khayimov        Property       Jew                 745
Kamenetskiy          Samuil              Khayimov        Apartment Tax  Jew                 608
Kamenetskiy          Pinkhus             Dovidov         Apartment Tax  Jew                 609
Kamenetskiy          Ariya               Yudeliov        Apartment Tax  Jew                 610
Kamenetskiy          Itsko               Eliov           Property       Jew                 711
Kamenitskiy          Yankel              Aizikov         Trade         Jew                 521
Kamenitskiy          Ben'yamin           Eliov           Trade          Jew                 522
Kamenskiy            Mordukh             Shmuelev        Property       Jew                 674
Kaminskiy            Klementiy                           Apartment Tax  Pole                612
Kaminskiy            Leiba               Khayimov        Property       Jew                 719
Kamionskiy           Izrael              Orelev          Trade          Jew                 561
Kamionskiy           Movsha              Mikhelev        Trade          Jew                 562
Kamionskiy           Shaya               Mikhelev        Property       Jew                 576
Kamionskiy           Izrael              Davidov         Apartment Tax  Jew                 611
Kamionskiy           Gilel               Itskov          Property       Jew                 653
Kamionskiy           Itsko               Yankeliov       Property       Jew                 678
Kamionskiy           Itsko               Shmuilov        Property       Jew                 679
Kamniskiy            Osher               Litmanov        Property       Jew                 744
Kantorovich          Abram               Vigdorov        Property       Jew                 585
Kantorovich          Vigder              Khayimov        Property       Jew                 586
Kap                  Mordukh             Meyerov         Property       Jew                 694
Kapitkin ?           Aron                Simkhov         Property       Jew                 676
Kaplan               Ben'yamin           Movshev         Trade          Jew                 540
Kaplan               Shmuilo             Itskov          Trade          Jew                 541
Kaplan               Movsha              Notkov          Trade          Jew                 550
Kaplan               Abram               Gershonov       Property       Jew                 577
Kaplan               Berko                               Apartment Tax  Jew                 614
Kaplan               Izrael              Ioseliov        Apartment Tax  Jew                 615
Kaplan               Shlioma             Yankeliov       Property       Jew                 628
Kaplan               Nokhemiy            Fishelev        Property       Jew                 629
Kaplan               Movsha              Itskov          Property       Jew                 636
Kaplan               Yankel              Zelikov         Property       Jew                 641
Kaplan               Abram               Yudelev         Property       Jew                 647
Kaplan               Khayim              Itskov          Property       Jew                 648
Kaplan               Iosel               Leibov          Property       Jew                 663
Kaplan               Rubin               Yankelev        Property       Jew                 667
Kaplan               Leiba               Mordukhov       Property       Jew                 672
Kaplan               Izrael              Yankeliov       Property       Jew                 682
Kaplan               Dovid               Mordukhov       Property       Jew                 684
Kaplan               Geivush             Shliomov        Property       Jew                 687
Kaplan               Movsha-Aron         Davidov         Property       Jew                 689
Kaplan               Pdel                Mordukhov       Property       Jew                 691
Kaplan               Yankel              Abramov         Property       Jew                 704
Kaplan               Notel               Abramov         Property       Jew                 706
Kaplan               Vul'f               El'kov          Property       Jew                 713
Kaplan               Abram               El'kov          Property       Jew                 714
Kaplan               Abram               Khayimov        Property       Jew                 715
Kaplan               Sheva               Khayimov        Property       Jew                 716
Kaplan               Greinem             Fishilev        Property       Jew                 717
Kaplan               Punkhus             Leizerov        Property       Jew                 726
Kaplan               Abram               Movshev         Property       Jew                 740
Kaplan               Aron                Yankeliov       Property       Jew                 741
Kaplanskiy           Isaak               Nokhimov        Apartment Tax  Jew                 613
Kaplinskiy           Zel'man             Itskov          Trade          Jew                 531
Karabel'nik          Gerts               Itskov          Apartment Tax  Jew                 616
Karabel'nik          Shlioma             Zorukhov        Property       Jew                 627
Kaschenevskiy        Abram               Meyerov         Property       Jew                 645
Kaschenevskiy        Aron                Leizerov        Property       Jew                 658
Kaschenevskiy        Yankel              Vul'fovich      Property       Jew                 673
Kasperovich          Osip                Stanislavov     Property       Belorussian         598
Kats                 Girsh               Izraelev        Trade          Jew                 551
Kats                 Itsko               Abramov         Trade          Jew                 552
Kats                 Uriy                Dovidov         Trade          Jew                 553
Kats                 Itsko               Ovseyevich      Trade          Jew                 563
Kats                 Mordukh             Shliomov        Apartment Tax  Jew                 617
Kats                 Khayim-Dovid        Nisonov         Property       Jew                 742
Katselenbogen        Bentsel             Rakhiliev       Trade          Jew                 554
Katsel'nik           Moisey              Iosifov         Trade          Jew                 528
Katsenelenbogen      Zel'man             Meyerov         Trade          Jew                 523
Katsenelenbogen      Vul'f                               Property       Jew                 579
Kaufman              Yankel              Faivelev        Trade          Jew                 527
Kaufman              Yankel              Abramov         Property       Jew                 660
Kaufman              Mordukh             Kopeliov        Property       Jew                 665
Kaufman              Gershon             Yankeliov       Property       Jew                 743
Kazakovskiy          Alter               Leibov          Property       Jew                 722
Kazharnovich         Ioann               Keendz          Civil Service  Belorussian         606
Kenigsberg           Nokhemiya           Berkov          Trade          Jew                 564
Khait                Iosel               Shmuilov        Property       Jew                1306
Khaletskiy           Stefan              Vikent'ev       Property       Pole               1299
Kharevich            Nikolay             Ivanov          Property       Belorussian        1310
Khashmaer            Klementiy                           Apartment Tax  Pole               1304
Khasman              Shlioma                             Property       Jew                1300
Khasman              Leib                Rafailov        Property       Jew                1308
Khazanovich          Shlioma             Itskov          Trade          Jew                1298
Khazanovskiy         Abram               Meyerov         Trade          Jew                1297
Khazanovskiy         Meyer               Abramov         Property       Jew                1307
Khazanovskiy         Izrael              Shmuelev        Property       Jew                1309
Khodorovskiy         Osher               Skhar'ev        Property       Jew                1305
Khrul                Feliks                              Property       Belorussian        1301
Khrul                Nikodim                             Property       Belorussian        1302
Khul'monchik         Anton               Blazheevich     Civil Service  Belorussian        1303
Kinzburg             Ovzer               Yudelev         Property       Jew                 651
Kirzner              Itsko               Aronov          Property       Jew                 666
Kiveliovich          Ben'yamin           Eliov           Trade          Jew                 575
Klein                Iosel                               Apartment Tax  Jew                 618
Kolesinskiy          Al'fons             Emerikov        Civil Service  Lithuanian          601
Kolessinskiy         Ivan                Petrov          Property       Belorussian         728
Kolomitskiy          Zel'man             Girshev         Property                           654
Koltun               Ovsey               Eliev           Property       Jew                 723
Koltun               Yankel              Eliev           Property       Jew                 724
Kononko              Leiba               Movshov         Property       Jew                 677
Kononko              Gilel               Efraimov        Property       Jew                 695
Kononko              Berko               Efoimov         Property       Jew                 697
Kontorovich          Mendel                              Property       Jew                 646
Kopeliovich          Movsha              Dovidov         Trade          Jew                 518
Kopeliovich          Zel'man             Movshovich      Trade          Jew                 520
Kopeliovich          Dovid                               Apartment Tax  Jew                 620
Kopel'man            Abel                Vul'fov         Trade          Jew                 529
Kopel'man            Aron                Gertsov         Trade          Jew                 530
Kopel'man            Abram Meyer         Movshev         Trade          Jew                 543
Kopel'man            El'yash             Kal'manov       Trade          Jew                 555
Kopel'man            Movsha              Tsal'kov        Property       Jew                 639
Kopel'man            Movsha              Ovseyev         Property       Jew                 642
Kopel'man            Iosel               Berkov          Property       Jew                 644
Kopel'man            Shmuel              Gdal'ev         Property       Jew                 650
Kopel'man            Aron                Itskov          Property       Jew                 656
Kopel'man            Shmuel              Shmuelev        Property       Jew                 657
Kopel'man            Abram               Shmuelev        Property       Jew                 659
Kopel'man            Mordukh             Pinkhusov       Property       Jew                 661
Kopel'man            Yudel               Tsal'kov        Property       Jew                 725
Kopel'man            Khayim              Tankheliov      Property       Jew                 737
Kopshtein            Meilakh             Mordukhov       Trade          Jew                 544
Kopshtein            Mordukh Sender      Yankelev        Property       Jew                 638
Korchmar             Zelij               Movshev         Trade          Jew                 532
Koren                Ovsey               Berkov          Trade          Jew                 566
Koren                Berko               Khayimov        Property       Jew                 583
Koren                Shmuilo             Zelikov         Property       Jew                 721
Korklinskiy          Fushel              Zel'manov       Property       Jew                 630
Korolish             Girsh               Leibov          Property       Jew                 690
Korotnyanskiy        Meyer               Shimelev        Property       Jew                 693
Korzhenevskiy        Osip                Vikent'ev       Property       Belorussian         596
Korzhenevskiy        Adam                Vikent'ev       Property       Belorussian         597
Korzhenevskiy        Petr                Stepanov        Property       Belorussian         600
Koschanskiy          Mordukh             Shmueliov       Trade          Jew                 573
Koshnarovich         Nokhim              Girshev         Property       Jew                 718
Kosovoy              Shmuilo             Borukhov        Apartment Tax  Jew                 621
Kosovskiy            Girsh               Berkov          Property       Jew                 707
Kosovskiy            Itsko               Vul'fov         Property       Jew                 729
Kosovskiy                                pvsha           Vul'fov        Property    Jew        730
Kossovskiy           Leiba               Shliomov        Property       Jew                 736
Kostenevskiy         Girsh               Meyerov         Property       Jew                 702
Kostsyanskiy         Elya                Shmuilov        Trade          Jew                 567
Kot                  Kivel               Yankeliov       Property       Jew                 631
Kotlovich            Movsha              Vul'fov         Property       Jew                 699
Kotlyarskiy          Ben'yamin-Zel'man   Shliomov        Trade          Jew                 568
Kotlyarskiy          Aron                Kumelev         Trade          Jew                 574
Kotlyarskiy          Leiba               Borukhov        Apartment Tax  Jew                 622
Kotlyarskiy          Meyer               Borukhov        Apartment Tax  Jew                 623
Kotlyarskiy          Yankel                              Property       Jew                 664
Kotlyarskiy          Movsha              Kushelev        Property       Jew                 710
Kovalevskiy          Iosif               Teofilovich     Property       Pole                584
Kovalevskiy          Mikhail             Ivanov          Civil Service  Belorussian         602
Koval'skiy           Shmuilo             Menashev        Property       Jew                 634
Koval'skiy           Borujh              Yankelev        Property       Jew                 668
Kovchinskiy          Stanislav           Stanislavov     Civil Service  Pole                603
Kovenskiy            Ben'yamin                           Apartment Tax  Jew                 619
Kovenskiy            Khayim              Leibov          Property       Jew                 708
Kovenskiy            Movsha              Leibov          Property       Jew                 709
Kovner               Samson              El'yashev       Trade          Jew                 565
Kozlovskiy           Vatslav             Antonov         Civil Service  Belorussian         605
Krainovich           Shimel                              Apartment Tax  Jew                 624
Krainovich           Movsha              Leizerov        Property       Jew                 669
Krainovich           Khayim-Dovid                        Property       Jew                 734
Krashunskiy          Yudel               Girshov         Property       Jew                 712
Krasovskiy           Shevakh             Yudelev         Property       Jew                 700
Kravets              Nokhemiya           Aronov          Trade          Jew                 535
Kravets              Shmuel              Ioselev         Property       Jew                 649
Kravets              Simkha              Leibov          Property       Jew                 662
Kravets              Movsha              Borukhov        Property       Jew                 675
Kravets              Berko               Khayimov        Property       Jew                 680
Kravets              Khayim              Vol'fov         Property       Jew                 681
Kravets              Movsha              Leibov          Property       Jew                 683
Kravets              Vol'f               Abramov-Abov    Property       Jew                 686
Kravets              Meyer               Abramov         Property       Jew                 688
Kravets              Yankel              Movshev         Property       Jew                 692
Kravets              Shevakh             Fishelev        Property       Jew                 732
Kravetskiy           Izrael              Gdalev          Trade          Jew                 526
Kravetskiy           Zel'man             Shliomov        Property       Jew                 701
Kreinovich           Yankel              Movshov         Property       Jew                 635
Kremen               Dovid               Mikelev         Property       Jew                 640
Kremen               Zorukh              Yankelev        Property       Jew                 670
Kren                 Yankel              Shliomov Zel'manProperty       Jew                 703
Kriger               Yakov               Simkhov         Trade          Jew                 569
Kriger               Yudel               Simkhov         Trade          Jew                 572
Kriger               Leiba               Lina            Property       Jew                 582
Kriger               Simkho              Mordukhov       Apartment Tax  Jew                 625
Krinskiy             Kivel               Ioseliov        Property       Jew                 698
Krinskiy             Alter               Abramov         Property       Jew                 720
Krinskiy             Pinkhus             Itskov          Property       Jew                 733
Krishtonik           Mikhail             Kazimirov       Civil Service  Belorussian         604
Kroingol'd           Noy                 Leibov          Property       Jew                 731
Kruchek              Iosel               Pserov          Property       Jew                 685
Krupskiy             Mordukh             Sholomov        Trade          Jew                 570
Krupskiy             Iosel               Pinkhusov       Property       Jew                 599
Krupskiy             Sholom              Davidov         Apartment Tax  Jew                 626
Krynskiy             Khayim              Yankelev        Trade          Jew                 537
Krynskiy             Shmuel              Ioseliovich     Property       Jew                 696
Krzhivets            Petr                                Property       Belorussian         587
Kuchay               Ovsey               Gertsov         Trade          Jew                 556
Kul                  Iosel               Meyerov         Trade          Jew                 571
Kupinskiy            Girsh               Khayimov        Trade          Jew                 536
Kushelevich          Nokhim              Zavelev         Property       Jew                 580
Kushelevich          Zel'man             Movshev         Property       Jew                 671
Kushelevskiy         Itsko               Izraeliovich    Trade          Jew                 519
Kushner              Shimel              Shmuilov        Property       Jew                 643
Kushner              Pinkhus             Pinkhusov       Property       Jew                 652
Kuziets              Shmuel              Ariev           Property       Jew                 655
Kuznets              Abel                Nokhimov        Trade          Jew                 524
Labzozskiy           Girsh               Itskov          Trade          Jew                 751
Lando                Aizik               Eliov           Trade          Jew                 753
Lando                Ben'yamin           Noteliov        Trade          Jew                 754
Lanskiy              Meyer-Yudel         Sholomovich     Property       Jew                 765
Lazovik              Meyer               Vol'fov         Property       Jew                 802
Lazovik              Nokhim              Vol'fov         Property       Jew                 803
Leibovich            Itsyk Ley           Zerov           Trade          Jew                 757
Leibovich            Girsh               Movshov         Property       Jew                 785
Leibovich            Khayim              Zel'manov       Property       Jew                 796
Leikhtman            Nison               Moiseyev        Trade          Jew                 759
Leizerovich          Shmuel              Yankeliov       Property       Jew                 792
Lev                  Efroim              Khayimov        Trade          Jew                 755
Lev                  Gutel               Abramovich      Apartment Tax  Jew                 777
Lev                  Movsha              Shmuilov        Property       Jew                 778
Levenshtein          Naftoliy            Berkov          Property       Jew                 795
Levin                Zel'man             Ioselev         Trade          Jew                 746
Levin                Shmuel              Abramov         Trade          Jew                 748
Levin                Shmuilo             Itskovich       Trade          Jew                 752
Levin                Abram Dovid         Ovseyev         Trade          Jew                 756
Levin                Aron                                Property       Jew                 762
Levin                Gershon             Nevakhov        Property       Jew                 763
Levin                Meyer               Mendelev        Property       Jew                 764
Levin                Leiba                               Property       Jew                 766
Levin                Iosel               Meyerovich      Property       Jew                 770
Levin                Shmuel-Khayim                       Apartment Tax  Jew                 771
Levin                Aron                Senderev        Property       Jew                 780
Levin                Meyer               Itskov          Property       Jew                 797
Levin                Girsh               Meyerov         Property       Jew                 798
Levin                El'ya               Shimeliov       Property       Jew                 799
Levin                Mordukh             Davidov         Property       Jew                 800
Levin                Itsko               Leibov          Property       Jew                 804
Levinson             Girsh               Nokhemiev       Apartment Tax  Jew                 772
Levit                Evel                Shakhnov        Property       Jew                 809
Levit                Nokhim-Nevakh       Shaev           Property       Jew                 810
Levitskiy            Girsh               Abramov         Property       Jew                 806
Lidskiy              Isamor              Ben'yaminiv     Property       Jew                 814
Lidskiy              Mones               Mordukhov       Property       Jew                 815
Lidskiy              Izrail              Dovidovich      Apartment Tax  Jew                 773
Linovy-Kvyat         Meyer               Abelev          Property       Jew                 807
Linovy-Kvyat         Abel                Itskov          Property       Jew                 808
Lipkind              Izrail              Lazarev         Trade          Jew                 760
Lipkunskiy           Iosel               Khayimovich     Property       Jew                 781
Lipman               Itsko               Shliomov        Trade          Jew                 749
Lipnik               Samson              Girshev         Trade          Jew                 758
Lipnitskiy           Izrail              Abramov         Property       Jew                 779
Lipshits             Mendel              Leibov          Property       Jew                 782
Lis                  Alter               Leibov          Trade          Jew                 747
Lisovskiy            Shmuel              Izrailiov       Property       Jew                 789
Listovskiy           David               Ioseliov        Trade          Jew                 750
Listovskiy           Shimel              Girshov         Property       Jew                 811
Listovskiy           Kal'man             Isamorev        Property       Jew                 812
Litsevitskiy         Khayim              Ioseliov        Property       Jew                 788
Litsevitskiy         David               Faiveliov       Property       Jew                 793
Losh                 Abram               Zakhariev       Property       Jew                 813
Lozovskiy            Faivel              Ioseliov        Property       Jew                 787
Luchko               Leon                Mateushev       Property       Belorussian         767
Luchko               Osip                Opisov          Property       Belorussian         768
Lunyanskiy           Shlioma             Nevakhov        Property       Jew                 817
Lunyanskiy           Alter               Mendelev        Property       Jew                 818
Lunyanskiy           Shebshel            Ioselev         Property       Jew                 819
Lupskiy              Shlema              Mendelev        Property       Jew                 783
Lupyanskiy           Khayim              Mendeliov       Property       Jew                 790
Lupyanskiy           Yankel              Movshov         Property       Jew                 791
Lyas                 David               Abramov         Property       Jew                 784
Lyaskovskiy          Iosif               Karlovich       Apartment Tax  Pole                774
Lyatskiy             Khayim              Eliev           Property       Jew                 816
Lyatskiy             Yankel                              Apartment Tax  Jew                 775
Lynyanskiy           Iosel               Notelev         Property       Jew                 805
Lysogurskiy          Faivel                              Property       Jew                 761
Lyubetkin            Shmerko             Leibov          Property       Jew                 794
Lyubetskiy           Movsha              Shebshelev      Apartment Tax  Jew                 776
Lyubetskiy           Shmuel              Shebsheliev     Property       Jew                 801
Lyubkevich           Adol'f                              Property       Belorussian         769
Lyunapskiy           Shmuel              Shliomov        Property       Jew                 786
Maevskiy             Kal'man             Yudelev         Property       Jew                 848
Maevskiy             Berko               Movshov         Property       Jew                 880
Maevskiy             Itsko               Vul'fov         Property       Jew                 885
Malashkevich         Ivan                Fraschev        Property       Belorussian         838
Malashkevich         Osip                Fraschev        Property       Belorussian         839
Malinovskiy          Ippolit                             Property       Pole                852
Mal'skiy             Evel                Manev           Property       Jew                 841
Manskiy              Perets              Evnov           Trade          Jew                 824
Manskiy              Movsha              Berkov          Trade          Jew                 829
Manskiy              Nakhman             Osherovich      Trade          Jew                 834
Manskiy              Girsh               Evelevich       Apartment Tax  Jew                 855
Marashinskiy         Leiba               Meyerov         Trade          Jew                 830
Marashinskiy         Khayim              Leibov          Trade          Jew                 831
Marashinskiy         Movsha              Abramov         Property       Jew                 904
Marashinskiy         Abram               Davidov         Property       Jew                 905
Margolis             Khayim              Berkov          Property       Jew                 891
Markus               Osher               Yankeliov       Property       Jew                 869
Matlovskiy           Movsha              Leizerov        Trade          Jew                 825
Matlovskiy           Iosel                               Property       Jew                 879
Matlovskiy           Itsko               Movshev         Property       Jew                 894
Matlovskiy           Shmuel              Itskov          Property       Jew                 895
Matlovskiy           Movsha              Itskov          Property       Jew                 896
Matsevich            Stanislav                           Property       Pole                854
Matsiyashko-KovalevskIvan                Matveevich      Civil Service  Belorussian         851
Matskevich           Meyer               Gershonov       Property       Jew                 867
Matsul'skiy          Yankel              Meyerov         Property       Jew                 870
Matulin              Matviy              Oedorov         Property       Tartar              889
Matusevich           Berko                               Property       Jew                 844
Matusevich           Movsha              Berkovich       Property       Jew                 849
Matykanskiy          Itsko               Movshev         Property       Jew                 865
Matykanskiy          Movsha              Itskov          Property       Jew                 866
Mazavetskiy          Movsha              Ioseliov        Property       Jew                 907
Mazovetskiy          Berko               Girshev         Property       Jew                 908
Medlinskiy           Girsh               Meyerov         Trade          Jew                 823
Medlinskiy           Movsha              Ioselev         Property       Jew                 909
Mednitskiy           Shmuilo             Khayimov        Property       Jew                 900
Mednitskiy           Elya                Osherov         Property       Jew                 901
Mednitskiy           Khayim              Osherov         Property       Jew                 902
Meelevich            Abram-Leib          Movshovich      Property       Jew                 826
Meilun               Ippolit             Ippolitovich    Apartment Tax  Belorussian         856
Mekel                Yankel              Pinkhusov       Property       Jew                 883
Mekel                Meyer               Mordukhov       Property       Jew                 884
Mekel                David Girsh         Yankelev        Property       Jew                 886
Mekhanik             Alter               Yankelev        Trade          Jew                 828
Mekhanik             Itsko               Arievich        Property       Jew                 887
Mel'tser             Yudel               Khayimov        Property       Jew                 899
Meretskiy            Aron                Borukhov        Trade          Jew                 822
Meretskiy            Shlioma             Aronov          Property       Jew                 878
Metibovskiy          Shamshel            Movshov         Property       Jew                 893
Meyerovich           Elya                Abramov         Property       Jew                 897
Meyerovich           Rubin               Eliov           Property       Jew                 898
Migdal               Beinus                              Apartment Tax  Jew                 857
Mikhalovskiy         Shimel              Yankelev        Trade          Jew                 832
Mikhalovskiy         Mikhel              Mendelev        Trade          Jew                 833
Mikhalovskiy         Meyer               Mendelev        Property       Jew                 864
Mikhalovskiy         Faivel              Movshov         Property       Jew                 868
Mikhalovskiy         Shimel              Faivelev        Property       Jew                 872
Mikhelevich          Vol'f               Movshov         Property       Jew                 888
Mikulitskiy          Aron                Leibov          Trade          Jew                 835
Mil'khiker           Khayim              Abramov         Property       Jew                 892
Mirkin               Nokhim              Shevelev        Apartment Tax  Jew                 859
Mishkinis            Vikentiy                            Property       Pole                853
Miyalikovskiy        Khayim              Itskov          Trade          Jew                 821
Mizgal'skiy          Stefan                              Property       Pole                847
Mizger               Ivan                                Property       Belorussian         846
Molchadskiy          Aizik               Zel'manov       Trade          Jew                 820
Molchadskiy          Girsh               Mordukhov       Property       Jew                 840
Monchinskiy          Mikhail             Fomich          Civil Service  Belorussian         850
Mordukhovich         Berko               Movshovich      Trade          Jew                 827
Mordukhovich         Dovid               Shliomov        Trade          Jew                 836
Mordukhovich         Perets              Movshev         Property       Jew                 903
Mostchennik          Khonon              Ioselev         Property       Jew                 871
Mostkov              Mordukh             Abramov         Apartment Tax  Jew                 861
Mostovskiy           Abram               Mordukhovich    Apartment Tax  Jew                 860
Mostovskiy           Khayim              Ioselev         Property       Jew                 911
Motyl'skiy           Girsh               Faivelev        Property       Jew                 906
Movshovich           Vul'f               Leibovich       Property       Jew                 842
Movshovich           Leiba               Vul'fovich      Property       Jew                 843
Movshovich           Samuil              Ovseyevich      Apartment Tax  Jew                 858
Movshovich           Movsha              Eliev           Property       Jew                 873
Movshovich           Aron                Movshev         Property       Jew                 874
Movshovich           Gdalya              Eliev           Property       Jew                 875
Movshovich           Yudel               Itskov          Property       Jew                 876
Movshovich           Tsal'ko             Borukhov        Property       Jew                 877
Mudrik               Leiba               Shmuilov        Property       Jew                 881
Mudrik               Abram               Nokhimov        Property       Jew                 882
Mudrik               Khayim              Abramov         Property       Jew                 910
Mukharskiy           Bekar               Aleksandrov     Property       Tartar              890
Muzykanskiy          Berko               Leibovich       Apartment Tax  Jew                 862
Myasnik              Genakh              Ioseliovich     Trade          Jew                 837
Myasnik              Aron                Izraeliovich    Apartment Tax  Jew                 863
Mytlyanskiy          Mordukh                             Property       Jew                 845
Nakhmanovich         Girsh               Yudelev         Trade          Jew                 917
Narkunskiy           Nison               Yankelev        Trade          Jew                 913
Narkunskiy           Abram               Leibov          Trade          Jew                 918
Narkunskiy           Leiba               Nokhimov        Property       Jew                 925
Narkunskiy           Ariya               Leibov          Property       Jew                 926
Narkunskiy           Yankel              Itskov          Property       Jew                 927
Natskiy              Shlioma             Leibov          Property       Jew                 934
Nebul'skiy           Khayim              Sholomov        Apartment Tax  Jew                 929
Nebul'skiy           Abram               Ioseliov        Property       Jew                 942
Nebul'skiy           Rubin               Abramov         Property       Jew                 943
Nemchinovich         Stanislav           Pavlov          Trade          Pole                945
Nemenskiy            Alter               Khatskelev      Property       Jew                 935
Nemenskiy            Girsh               Khatskelev      Property       Jew                 936
Nemenskiy            El'ya               Khayimov        Property       Jew                 944
Nemezhskiy           Vul'f               Khayimov        Trade          Jew                 914
Nemiro               Rudol'f             Vladislavov     Civil Service  Lithuanian          928
Nibranskiy           Aron                Isaakov         Trade          Jew                 919
Niselevich           David               Shimelev        Trade          Jew                 915
Nokhimovich          Rafael              Itskov          Trade          Jew                 916
Nokhumovskiy         Gershon             Mordukhov       Apartment Tax  Jew                 932
Novik                Movsha              Girshev         Property       Jew                 937
Novik                Girsh               Abramov         Property       Jew                 938
Novogrudskiy         Abram               Isaakov         Trade          Jew                 912
Novogrudskiy         Gerts               Leibov          Property       Jew                 933
Novokunskiy          Adam                                Property       Belorussian         924
Novoprutskiy         Vul'f               Notkov          Trade          Jew                 920
Novoprutskiy         Leizer              Vul'fov         Trade          Jew                 921
Novoprutskiy         Nevakh              Girshev         Trade          Jew                 922
Novoprutskiy         Iosel               Peisakhov       Apartment Tax  Jew                 930
Novoprutskiy         Khatskel            Ioseliov        Apartment Tax  Jew                 931
Novoprutskiy         Vul'f               Yankelev        Property       Jew                 923
Nuchkovskiy          Kushel              Mordukhov       Property       Jew                 939
Nuchkovskiy          Khatskel            Mordukhov       Property       Jew                 940
Nuchkovskiy          Mordukh             Khatskelev      Property       Jew                 941
Obelev               Berko               Movshovich      Property       Jew                 962
Ol'kenitskiy         Iosel               Abramov         Property       Jew                 957
Ol'kenitskiy         Shlioma             Ioseliov        Property       Jew                 958
Ol'kenitskiy         Abram               Movshovich      Property       Jew                 963
Ol'kenitskiy         Vul'f               Sholomovich     Property       Jew                 964
Ol'kenitskiy         Shmuel              Lipov           Property       Jew                 965
Ol'kenitskiy         Aizik               Movshovich      Property       Jew                 966
Ol'kenitskiy         Itsko               Danielevich     Property       Jew                 967
Ol'kenitskiy         Leiba               Shmuilovich     Property       Jew                 968
Ol'shtein            Samuil              Adelev          Trade          Jew                 947
Oranskiy             Gotlib              Ioseliovich     Property       Jew                 955
Ordel                Kivel               Itskov          Apartment Tax  Jew                 953
Orlin                Yankel              Davidov         Property       Jew                 969
Orlovskiy            Rakhmiel            Eliev           Trade          Jew                 949
Orlyanskiy           Aizik               Tsal'kov        Property       Jew                 956
Orzhekhovskiy        Meyer               Kal'manov       Trade          Jew                 948
Orzhekhovskiy        David               Niselev         Trade          Jew                 950
Orzhekhovskiy        Khayim              Zelikov         Property       Jew                 952
Orzhekhovskiy        Zelik                               Apartment Tax  Jew                 954
Orzhekhovskiy        Shaya               Niselev         Property       Jew                 959
Orzhekhovskiy        Movsha              Niselev         Property       Jew                 960
Orzhekhovskiy        Faivel              Niselev         Property       Jew                 961
Ostashinskiy         Izrael              Movshev         Trade          Jew                 951
Ostrinskiy           Itsko               Noselev         Trade          Jew                 946
Paikovskiy           Yudel               Girshov         Property       Jew                1030
Paikovskiy           Itsko               Abramovich      Property       Jew                1061
Palkovskiy           Mordukh             Abramov         Property       Jew                1027
Palkovskiy           Abram               Yudelev         Property       Jew                1033
Pashkevich           Leonard             Ivanovich       Civil Service  Pole               1039
Pasinskiy            Zel'man             Abramov         Property       Jew                1066
Pava                 Khona               Khayimov        Property       Jew                1036
Peisakhovich         Shlioma             Shmuilovich     Property       Jew                1011
Pelevskiy            Kushel              Leibovich       Trade          Jew                 977
Peliovskiy           Leizer              Leibov          Trade          Jew                 981
Peliovskiy           Movsha              Khayimov        Trade          Jew                 982
Peliovskiy           Iosel               Shmuelovich     Property       Jew                1043
Peliovskiy           Yudel               Efroimov        Property       Jew                1044
Peliovskiy           Leiba               Meyerovich      Property       Jew                1046
Peliovskiy           Mordukh             Shliomovich     Property       Jew                1047
Peliovskiy           Zel'man             Movshovich      Property       Jew                1050
Peliovskiy           Berko               Meyerovich      Property       Jew                1056
Peliovskiy           Khonon              Shmuilov        Property       Jew                1075
Peliovskiy           Shmuel              Notkov          Property       Jew                1076
Peliovskiy           Faivel              Shmuelev        Property       Jew                1080
Perepletchik         Khayim              Girshov         Property       Jew                1067
Peskovskiy           Meyer               Shebshelev      Trade          Jew                 985
Peskovskiy           Iosel               Mordukhov       Trade          Jew                 989
Peskovskiy           Movsha Leiba        Movshev         Property       Jew                1071
Peskovskiy           Notel               Meyerov         Property       Jew                1077
Peskovskiy           Khayim              Shliomov        Property       Jew                1085
Peskovskiy           Shmerko             Shliomov        Property       Jew                1086
Peskovskiy           Zusel               Shliomov        Property       Jew                1088
Peskovskiy           Shmuel              Shliomov        Property       Jew                1089
Pimok                Khayim-Yankel       Ioselev         Property       Jew                1032
Pinkhusovich         Movsha              Mikhelev        Property       Jew                1035
Pinskiy              Yankel              Dovidov         Property       Jew                1087
Pisetsner            Leizer              Dovidovich      Property       Jew                1040
Plotnik              Shmerko             Itskovich       Property       Jew                1059
Plotnik              Ovsey               Itskovich       Property       Jew                1060
Plotskiy             Movsha              Abramov         Trade          Jew                 991
Pochter              Yankel              Abramov         Trade          Jew                 975
Pochter              Abram               Itskovich       Trade          Jew                 993
Podalinskiy          Itsko               Gershonov       Property       Jew                1084
Podol'skiy           Vigdor              Girshev         Trade          Jew                 995
Podol'skiy           Leizer                              Property       Jew                1006
Podol'skiy           Vigdor              Girshovich      Property       Jew                1008
Podol'skiy           Azriel              Iokheliovich    Property       Jew                1010
Podol'skiy           Iosif               Mordukhovich    Apartment Tax  Jew                1015
Podvorishskiy        Ben'yamin           Itskov          Trade          Jew                 990
Podylinskiy          Rubin               Abramov         Property       Jew                1065
Podzemskiy           Girsh               Golomovich      Trade          Jew                 994
Podzitvyanskiy       Itsko               Abramovich      Trade          Jew                 974
Podzitvyanskiy       Girsh               Abramovich      Property       Jew                1058
Poletatskiy          Leiba               Mendelev        Trade          Jew                 992
Poletatskiy          Shlioma             Gertsikov       Property       Jew                1026
Polonskiy            Khesko                              Apartment Tax  Jew                1016
Polyachek            Vul'f               Yankelevich     Trade          Jew                 970
Polyachek            Izrail-Abram        Vul'fov         Trade          Jew                 983
Polyachek            Mikhel              Eliev           Trade          Jew                 996
Polyachek            Khaikel             Eliov           Trade          Jew                 997
Polyachek            Shmuilo             Girshev         Trade          Jew                 998
Polyachek            Meyer                               Apartment Tax  Jew                1017
Polyachek            Shlioma             Ioselev         Apartment Tax  Jew                1018
Polyachek            Mikhel                              Apartment Tax  Jew                1019
Polyachek            Shimel              Evelevich       Apartment Tax  Jew                1020
Polyachek            Izrael              Vul'fov         Property       Jew                1073
Polyachek            Elya                Girshev         Property       Jew                1074
Pomerants            Aron                Kivov           Property       Jew                1064
Popemunskiy          Mordukh             Girshev         Property       Jew                1041
Popemunskiy          Ovzer               Leibov          Property       Jew                1042
Porechkiy            Elya                Ovseyev         Property       Jew                1078
Poretskiy            Nevakh              Davidov         Trade          Jew                 986
Poretskiy            Kopel               Khayimov        Trade          Jew                 987
Poretskiy            Khayim              Mordukhov       Trade          Jew                 988
Poretskiy            Girsh               Movshev         Property       Jew                1079
Poretskiy            Izrael              Dovidov         Property       Jew                1081
Porits               Movsha              Abramov         Property       Jew                1031
Portnoy              Yudel                               Apartment Tax  Jew                1021
Potashinskiy         Ben'yamin           Faivelev        Property       Jew                1082
Potashinskiy         Faivel              Yudelev         Property       Jew                1083
Potashinskiy         Izrael              Yudelev         Property       Jew                1090
Pototskiy            Leiba               Ioseliov        Property       Jew                1068
Potsyanko            Itsko               Berkov          Property       Jew                1029
Prints               Abel                Dovidov         Property       Jew                1063
Pruchanskiy          Leizer              Leibov          Property       Jew                1072
Prueskiy             Mendel              Mikhelev        Trade          Jew                 971
Prusak               Mordukh             Berkov          Property       Jew                1069
Prusak               Vul'f               Leibov          Property       Jew                1070
Prusskiy             Yankel              Ioseliovich     Trade          Jew                 976
Prusskiy             Khayim              Aizikovich      Property       Jew                1045
Prusskiy             Leiba               Aizikovich      Property       Jew                1052
Prusskiy             Yankel              Aizikovich      Property       Jew                1053
Prusskiy             Aron                Aizikovich      Property       Jew                1054
Prutkin              Borukh              Movshovich      Property       Jew                1055
Psaretskiy           Yankel                              Property       Jew                1037
Pudzinskiy           Aizik               Ioselev         Trade          Jew                 979
Pugachevskiy         Shmuel              Davidovich      Property       Jew                1048
Pugachevskiy         Yudel               Davidovich      Property       Jew                1049
Pugachevskiy         Sholom              Shmuilovich     Property       Jew                1051
Pupko                Borukh              Movshev         Trade          Jew                 972
Pupko                Shimel              Borukhov        Trade          Jew                 973
Pupko                Berko               Khayimov        Trade          Jew                 978
Pupko                Abel                Itskov          Trade          Jew                 980
Pupko                Khayim              Borukhov        Trade          Jew                 984
Pupko                Shmuel              Itskov          Trade          Jew                 999
Pupko                Berko               Aronov          Trade          Jew                1000
Pupko                Berko               Shliomov        Trade          Jew                1001
Pupko                Kal'man             Itskov          Trade          Jew                1002
Pupko                Leiba               Girshev         Trade          Jew                1003
Pupko                Khayim              Itskov          Trade          Jew                1004
Pupko                Khatskel            Itskov          Trade          Jew                1005
Pupko                Nokhim              Nevakhovich     Property       Jew                1007
Pupko                Karabel'nik         Iosel           Property       Jew                1009
Pupko                Mordukh             Geselev         Property       Jew                1012
Pupko                Skhariya                            Property       Jew                1013
Pupko                Sholom              Rakhmeliovich   Property       Jew                1014
Pupko                Meyer               Leibovich       Apartment Tax  Jew                1022
Pupko                Meyer               Girshovich      Apartment Tax  Jew                1023
Pupko                Mordukh             Dovidovich      Apartment Tax  Jew                1024
Pupko                Elya                Aizikovich      Apartment Tax  Jew                1025
Pupko                Iosel               Berkov          Property       Jew                1028
Pupko                Itsko               Leibovich       Property       Jew                1034
Pupko                Itsko                               Property       Jew                1038
Pupko                Rakhmiel            Berkovich       Property       Jew                1057
Pupko                Zusel               Aronovich       Property       Jew                1062
Rabinovich           Movsha              Shmuilov        Trade          Jew                1097
Rabinovich           Nokhemiya           Gertsov         Property       Jew                1120
Rabinovich           Aron                                Apartment Tax  Jew                1127
Radunskiy            Yankel                              Apartment Tax  Jew                1126
Radunskiy            Khayim-Leiba        Movshev         Property       Jew                1135
Radunskiy            Mendel              Zel'manov       Property       Jew                1141
Radunskiy            Itsko               Yankeliov       Property       Jew                1145
Radunskiy            Elya                Izraeliov       Property       Jew                1147
Radzivonishskiy      Abram               Ioseliov        Apartment Tax  Jew                1123
Rafalovich           Shakhna             Gershonov       Trade          Jew                1091
Raines               Yankel                              Apartment Tax  Jew                1125
Rakhelevich          Berko               Izraelev        Property       Jew                1136
Rakhmelevich         Zelik               Mordukhov       Trade          Jew                1092
Rapopport            Alya                                Apartment Tax  Jew                1124
Ratman               Zel'man             Izraelev        Property       Jew                1158
Rekets               Voleslav            Leopardov       Civil Service  Lithuanian         1165
Rekhes               Zelik               Nokhimov        Trade          Jew                1102
Remz                 Zel'man             Shenshelev      Trade          Jew                1094
Remz                 Genakh              Shmerkov        Property       Jew                1164
Remza                Zel'man             Girshev         Property       Jew                1152
Remza                Vol'f               Girshev         Property       Jew                1153
Remza                Ovsey               Girshev         Property       Jew                1154
Retskiy              Vigdor              Ovseyev         Trade          Jew                1104
Reznik               Berko               Zuselev         Trade          Jew                1103
Reznik               Berko               Yankeliov       Property       Jew                1144
Reznitskiy           Izrael              Zelikov         Trade          Jew                1093
Rodzevich            Osip                Matveev         Property       Belorussian        1115
Rogachevskiy         Iosel               Itskov          Property       Jew                1161
Rogovskiy            Movsha              Kiveliov        Trade          Jew                1098
Rokhovskiy           Yankel              Girshev         Property       Jew                1133
Rokhovskiy           Iosel               Yankelev        Property       Jew                1134
Rom                  Yankel              Khayimov        Property       Jew                1163
Romanovskiy          Shaya               Shmuelev        Trade          Jew                1095
Romerovskiy          Girsh                               Apartment Tax  Jew                1129
Rossiyanskiy         Vul'f               Girshev         Property       Jew                1162
Rossokhatskiy        Kalikst             Iosofov         Civil Service  Pole               1140
Roubo                Vikentiy            Ivanov          Property       Pole               1113
Roubo                Geogriy             Ivanov          Property       Pole               1114
Rozenberg            Nokhum              Mendelev        Trade          Jew                1106
Rozenblat            Itsko               Zelikov         Trade          Jew                1111
Rozenshtein          Girsh                               Apartment Tax  Jew                1128
Rozhanskiy           Iosel               Yudelev         Trade          Jew                1100
Rozhanskiy           Ariya-Mordukh       Itskov          Trade          Jew                1105
Rozhanskiy           Karnel              Tsal'kov        Property       Jew                1148
Rozhanskiy           Nokhim              Berkov          Property       Jew                1149
Rozhanskiy           Abram-Ber           Girshev         Property       Jew                1159
Rozhanskiy           Borukh              Yudelev         Property       Jew                1160
Rozmyslovich         Viktor                              Property       Belorussian        1112
Rozovskiy            Iosel               Pinkhusov       Trade          Jew                1107
Rubinovich           Nota                Todrisov        Trade          Jew                1099
Rubinovich           Movsha              Mordukhov       Trade          Jew                1109
Rubinshtein          Shmuilo             Yudelev         Trade          Jew                1101
Rubinshtein          Itsko               Leibov          Trade          Jew                1108
Rubinshtein          Nevakh              Berkov          Property       Jew                1151
Rubinshtein          Yudel               Mordukhov       Property       Jew                1155
Rubinshtein          Mordukh             Yudelev         Property       Jew                1156
Rubinshtein          Meyer-Shlioma       Movshev         Property       Jew                1157
Rudamino             Konstantin          Frantsev        Civil Service  Pole               1139
Rudnik               Iosel               Faivelev        Property       Jew                1143
Rudominskiy          Abram                               Apartment Tax  Jew                1130
Rudomonin            Berko               Khayimov        Property       Jew                1142
Rudskiy              Yankel              Mordukhov       Trade          Jew                1096
Rudskiy              Iosel               Yankelev        Trade          Jew                1110
Rudzinskiy           Anton               Adol'fov        Civil Service  Lithuanian         1121
Rudzis               Mikhail                             Civil Service  Lithuanian         1122
Rutkovskiy           Valerian            Frantsev        Property       Belorussian        1118
Rutkovskiy           Kazimir             Frantsev        Property       Belorussian        1119
Rutskiy              Abram               Yudelev         Property       Jew                1146
Rybak                Abram               Vul'fov         Property       Jew                1117
Rybak                Vul'f               Itskov          Property       Jew                1138
Rybatskiy            Mendel              Sholomov        Property       Jew                1116
Rybatskiy            Khayim                              Apartment Tax  Jew                1131
Rybatskiy            Movsha              Fishelev        Apartment Tax  Jew                1132
Rybatskiy            Aizik               Kushelevich     Property       Jew                1137
Rybatskiy            Aron                El'kov          Property       Jew                1150
Sadovik              Alter               Beirakhov       Trade          Jew                1168
Sadovik              Alter               Beirakhov       Property       Jew                1241
Sanozhnik            Yankel Leiba        Meyerov         Property       Jew                1215
Sapotnitskiy         Izral               Gilelev         Trade          Jew                1180
Sapozhnik            Elya                Yankelev        Trade          Jew                1179
Sapozhnik            Itsko               Movshov         Property       Jew                1233
Sapozhnik            Khatskel            Itskovich       Property       Jew                1235
Schuchinskiy         Abram               Keizerov        Trade          Jew                1440
Segalov              Notel               Kivelev         Property       Jew                1231
Segalov              Shimel              Shmuilov        Property       Jew                1232
Segel                Berko               Movshov         Property       Jew                1243
Segen                Konstintin          Adamov          Property       Belorussian        1193
Segen                Ivan                Pikodimov       Civil Service  Pole               1244
Semenovich           Osip                Vikent'ev       Property       Belorussian        1191
Semenovich           Mikhail             Pavlov          Property       Belorussian        1196
Semenovich           Stefan              Ivanov          Property       Belorussian        1198
Serel                Mordukh             Movshov         Apartment Tax  Jew                1206
Shabshinskiy         Nakhman             Berkov          Property       Jew                1388
Shafer               Aron                Yankeliov       Trade          Jew                1348
Shafer               Aron                Yankelev        Property       Jew                1385
Shaginov             Raimund             Iosifov         Civil Service  Belorussian        1373
Shaker               Genakh                              Property       Jew                1403
Shakhmeister         Shimel              Girshev         Trade          Jew                1352
Shakhnovich          Aron                Meyerov         Trade          Jew                1345
Shakhnovich          Iosel               Gershonov       Property       Jew                1412
Shakhnovich          Itsko               Yankeliov       Property       Jew                1413
Shakhnovich          Yankel              Shevelev        Property       Jew                1414
Shakhnovich          Meyer               Berkov          Property       Jew                1415
Shakhnovich          Movsha              Yankeliov       Property       Jew                1416
Shakhnovich          Leiba               Girshov         Property       Jew                1420
Shakhnovich          Girsh               Shevelev        Property       Jew                1421
Shakhnovich          Aron                Meyerov         Property       Jew                1423
Shakhnovich          Gilel               Girshov         Property       Jew                1424
Shakhnovich          Iosel               Psakhiev        Property       Jew                1425
Shakhnovich          Abram               Psakhiev        Property       Jew                1426
Shakhnovich          Khona               Ioseliovich     Property       Jew                1430
Shakovitskiy         Dovid               Zelikov         Property       Jew                1381
Shakovitskiy         Aizik               Khayimov        Property       Jew                1383
Shalatskiy           Isaak               Mordukhov       Trade          Jew                1363
Shapiro              Eliya               Borukhov        Trade          Jew                1355
Shapiro              Itsko               Leibov          Trade          Jew                1357
Shapiro              Leibo               Zelikov         Trade          Jew                1358
Shapiro              Borukh              Zal'manov       Trade          Jew                1364
Sharenskiy           Gutman              Abramov         Property       Jew                1402
Shebshelevich        Girsh               Abramov         Property       Jew                1428
Shefer               Iosel               Movshov         Property       Jew                1397
Sheingol'd           Abram               Mordukhov       Apartment Tax  Jew                1378
Shekhmeister         Leizer              Eliov           Property       Jew                1370
Shekhmeister         Abram               Ovseyev         Property       Jew                1418
Shekhtmeister        Movsha              Shimelev        Trade          Jew                1338
Shelyubskiy          Itsko               Shebshelev      Trade          Jew                1341
Shelyubskiy          Abram               Yankelev        Trade          Jew                1365
Shelyubskiy          Vul'f               Yudelev         Property       Jew                1406
Shelyubsky           Khayim              Sholomov        Trade          Jew                 525
Shepetinskiy         Nokhemiya           Girshovich      Property       Jew                1405
Shepetinskiy         Efraim              Gershov         Property       Jew                1407
Shepshnevskiy        Shmuel              Nokhmov         Property       Jew                1401
Sheshko              Yudel               Lozerov         Property       Jew                1389
Sheshko              David-Leiba         Lozrov          Property       Jew                1390
Shevakh              Ben'yamin           Niselev         Trade          Jew                1346
Shibailo             Anton                               Property       Belorussian        1372
Shidagis             ?adey                               Civil Service  Lithuanian         1376
Shifmanovich         Movsha              Ovseyev         Trade          Jew                1349
Shifmanovich         Shlioma             Ovseyev         Trade          Jew                1350
Shifmanovich         Yankel              Ovseyev         Trade          Jew                1351
Shifmanovich         Nokhim              Gershonov       Property       Jew                1409
Shilanskiy           El'yash             Shmuilov        Property       Jew                1396
Shimanovich          Khayim              Borukh          Property       Jew                1368
Shimelevich          Mikhail             Ivanov          Apartment Tax  Belorussian        1379
Shinetskiy           Itsko               Zel'manov       Property       Jew                1400
Shklyar              Meyer               Khayimov        Trade          Jew                1353
Shklyar              Movsha              Mordukhov       Property       Jew                1371
Shklyar              Vul'f               Abramov         Property       Jew                1411
Shklyarskiy          Leiba               Abramov         Trade          Jew                1342
Shklyarskiy          Abram               Girshov         Trade          Jew                1356
Shkol'nik            Dovid               Yudelev         Property       Jew                1382
Shkol'nik            Dokel               Khayimov        Property       Jew                1386
Shkol'nik            Yudel               Mordukhov       Property       Jew                1391
Shliomovich          Shlioma             Berkov          Property       Jew                1431
Shlon                Iosif                               Civil Service  Pole               1375
Shlyapochnik         Abram               Erukhimov       Trade          Jew                1343
Shlyapochnik         Shimel              Shlomov         Property       Jew                1417
Shlyapok             Meyer               Izraelev        Trade          Jew                1359
Shlyapok             Abram               Aizikov         Trade          Jew                1360
Shmerkovich          Yankel                              Property       Jew                1369
Shmerkovich          Shmuel-Girsh        Leizerov        Property       Jew                1404
Shmerkovich          Aron-Tsal'ko        Leizerov        Property       Jew                1408
Shmidt               Sholom              Khomkov         Trade          Jew                1347
Shmuilovich          Girsh               Notelev         Trade          Jew                1340
Shmuilovich          Abram               Notelev         Trade          Jew                1354
Shmuilovich          Nokhim              Mordukhov       Trade          Jew                1366
Shmuilovskiy         Yudel               Berkov          Property       Jew                1392
Shmuilovskiy         Yankel              Abramov         Property       Jew                1393
Shmuilovskiy         Shmuel              Mordukhov       Property       Jew                1394
Shmuilovskiy         Abram               Shmuilov        Property       Jew                1395
Shnaider             Yankel              Leibov          Property       Jew                1434
Shnaider             Izrael              Ioseliov        Property       Jew                1435
Shnaider             Mendel              Idelev          Property       Jew                1436
Shnaider             Yankel              Izraelev        Property       Jew                1437
Shnaider             Abram               Eliov           Property       Jew                1438
Shneerovich          Yudel               Sholomov        Property       Jew                1419
Shneerovich          Sholom              Vol'fov         Property       Jew                1429
Shneider             El'ka               Mendekev        Trade          Jew                1339
Shneider             Vul'f               Shmuilov        Trade          Jew                1361
Sholomyanskiy        Abram               Samuilov        Trade          Jew                1367
Shpits               Movsha              Itskov          Property       Jew                1439
Shtein               Edida               Ioselev         Property       Jew                1410
Shtein               Itsko               Ovzerov         Property       Jew                1427
Shteinberg           Zel'man             Shmuilov        Apartment Tax  Jew                1380
Shulikovskiy         Teofil              Eduardov        Civil Service  Lithuanian         1374
Shumakh              Zel'man             Movshev         Property       Jew                1422
Shustak              Shmuel              Itskov          Property       Jew                1432
Shustak              Zel'man             Itskov          Property       Jew                1433
Shuster              Iosel               Khayimov        Trade          Jew                1362
Shuster              Aron                Leizerov        Property       Jew                1384
Shvarts              Vul'f               Aronov          Apartment Tax  Jew                1377
Shvartsbort          Mendel              Girshov         Trade          Jew                1344
Shvedskiy            Movsha              Shliomov        Property       Jew                1387
Shvetskiy            Abram               Movshovich      Property       Jew                1398
Shvetskiy            Shaya               Movshov         Property       Jew                1399
Sidorovich           Vikentiy            Vikev't'ev      Property       Belorussian        1190
Simanovich           Iosel               Zel'manov       Trade          Jew                1173
Skavinskiy           Iosif               Onufdiev        Civil Service  Belorussian        1200
Skibnevskiy          Feliks              Lyudvitov       Civil Service  Pole               1202
Sklyarovskiy         Leiba               Khayimov        Trade          Jew                1170
Slavin               Sinay               Peisakhov       Apartment Tax  Jew                1209
Slobodskiy           Ovsey               Leizerov        Property       Jew                1214
Slonimschik          Shmuilo                             Property       Jew                1187
Slonimskiy           Leiba               Kalman'ov       Trade          Jew                1175
Slonimskiy           Borukh              Abramov         Apartment Tax  Jew                1208
Slotsnik             Aizik               Yudelev         Property       Jew                1227
Slotsnik             Abram               Niselov         Property       Jew                1229
Slutskiy             Movsha              Vul'fov         Trade          Jew                1181
Slutskiy             Yudel                               Apartment Tax  Jew                1207
Smolenskiy           Meyer               Girshov         Property       Jew                1228
Smol'nik             Berko               Abramov         Trade          Jew                1174
Smol'nitskiy         Berko               Tsadokov        Property       Jew                1234
Sobol                Aron                Khayimov        Trade          Jew                1182
Sobolevskiy          Napolson                            Civil Service  Lithuanian         1205
Sokolovich           Karl                Geronimov       Property       Pole               1188
Sokolovich           Mazimir             Geronomov       Property       Pole               1189
Sokolovskiy          Evia                Khayimov        Trade          Jew                1167
Sokolovskiy          Frantsisk                           Civil Service  Lithuanian         1203
Sokolovskiy          Adam                                Civil Service  Lithuanian         1204
Sokolovskiy          Vul'f               Khayimov        Apartment Tax  Jew                1211
Solomyanskiy         Gertsel                             Apartment Tax  Jew                1210
Sonenzon             Shevel              Naftelev        Trade          Jew                1176
Sosnovskiy           Ovsey                               Apartment Tax  Jew                1212
Spokoiny             Meyer               Gilelev         Trade          Jew                1169
Spokoiny             Mordukh             Gilelev         Trade          Jew                1183
Staneiko             Kazimir             Semenov         Property       Belorussian        1197
Stanetskiy           Braindel            Liokomov        Trade          Jew                1171
Stanetskiy           Borukh              Movshev         Property       Jew                1218
Stanetskiy           Shmuel              Yankeliov       Property       Jew                1225
Stanetskiy           Dovid               Yankeliov       Property       Jew                1226
Stanitskiy           Girsh               Dovidov         Property       Jew                1242
Stapetskiy           Yankel              Borukhov        Property       Jew                1216
Starinskiy           Pinkhus             Abramov         Trade          Jew                1172
Starinskiy           Abel                Abramov         Property       Jew                1230
Stasevich            Leonard             Semenov         Trade          Pole               1184
Stasevich            Osip                Yur'ev          Property       Belorussian        1192
Stasevich            Kasper              Adamov          Property       Belorussian        1199
Stekol'schik         Khayim              Rakhieliov      Property       Jew                1237
Stekol'schik         Rakhiel             Zorukhov        Property       Jew                1238
Stekol'schik         Ariya               Shliomovich     Property       Jew                1239
Stolitskiy           Meyer               Rubinov         Apartment Tax  Jew                1213
Stotskiy             Mordukh             Meyerov         Trade          Jew                1166
Stotskiy             Movsha              Ovseyev         Trade          Jew                1186
Stotskiy             Mordukh             Shliomov        Property       Jew                1217
Stotskiy             Dovid               Shamshelev      Property       Jew                1221
Stotskiy             Ben'yamin           Meyerov         Property       Jew                1222
Stotskiy             Ben'yamin           Ovseyev         Property       Jew                1223
Stotskiy             Meyer               Mordukhov       Property       Jew                1224
Streletskiy          Izrael              Khayimov        Trade          Jew                1177
Streletskiy          Itsko               Izraelev        Trade          Jew                1178
Streletskiy          Sholom              Ovseyev         Trade          Jew                1185
Stukal'skiy          Girsh               Shimshelev      Property       Jew                1240
Stupnovich           Matvey              Varfolomeev     Property       Belorussian        1194
Stupnovich           ?azimir             Matveev         Property       Belorussian        1195
Svetskiy             Khayim              Movshov         Property       Jew                1236
Svischevskiy         Pavel               Mikhailov       Civil Service  Belorussian        1201
Svyatiy              Aron                Zuselev         Property       Jew                1219
Svyatoy              Leiba               Abramov         Property       Jew                1220
Tabeletskiy          Ovsey               Girshev         Property       Jew                1261
Tabolitskiy          Ben'yamin           Yudelev         Trade          Jew                1245
Taf                  Vigdor Elev         Gershonov       Property       Jew                1264
Talovitskiy          Khayim              Faivelevich     Property       Jew                1260
Tanevitskiy          Aron                Leimovich       Property       Jew                1262
Tanevitskiy          Dovid               Sholomov        Property       Jew                1263
Tanevitskiy          Zel'man             Pinkhusov       Property       Jew                1267
Tarashinskiy         Meyer               Yankelev        Property       Jew                1251
Tarasinskiy          Dovif               Abramov         Trade          Jew                1249
Tarasinskiy          Yankel              Abramov         Trade          Jew                1250
Tarnovskiy           Itsko                               Property       Jew                1253
Tartatskiy           Peisakh             Berkov          Trade          Jew                1248
Tartatskiy           Khonon                              Apartment Tax  Jew                1256
Tartatskiy           Isaak                               Apartment Tax  Jew                1257
Tas'movskiy          Itsko-Peisakh       Yudelevich      Property       Jew                1265
Tatarskiy            Aron                Meyerov         Property       Jew                1259
Terk                 Mendel              Abramov         Trade          Jew                1247
Tevyanskiy           Mordikh             Leibov          Apartment Tax  Jew                1258
Tkhorzhitskiy        Khatskel            Evelev          Trade          Jew                1246
Tof                  Idel                Abramov         Property       Jew                1266
Toker                Movsha              Leizerov        Property       Jew                1270
Toker                Yankel              Abramiv         Property       Jew                1271
Tomashevich          Kazimir             Varfolomeev     Civil Service  Belorussian        1252
Trabskiy             Ben'yamin Leiba     Abramov         Property       Jew                1255
Trotskiy             Yankel              Vul'fov         Property       Jew                1268
Trotskiy             Gol-Khayim          Leibov          Property       Jew                1269
Tsegelnitskiy        Shmuilo             Abramov         Trade          Jew                1311
Tsegelnitskiy        Abram-Movsha        Leibov          Manufacturing TJew                1312
Tsegelnitskiy        Peisakh             Yudelev         Trade          Jew                1313
Tsegelnitskiy        Shmuilo-Yuda        Abramov         Manufacturing TJew                1314
Tsegelnitskiy        Leiba               Shmuilov        Property       Jew                1315
Tsegelnitskiy        Abram               Shmuilov        Property       Jew                1316
Tsegelnitskiy        Simkho-Abram        Itskov          Apartment Tax  Jew                1317
Tsegelnitskiy        Elya                Tsal'kov        Property       Jew                1318
Tsegelnitskiy        Moisey                              Apartment Tax  Jew                1319
Tsegelnitskiy        Shimel              Abramov         Apartment Tax  Jew                1320
Tsegelnitskiy        Leiba               Berkov          Apartment Tax  Jew                1321
Tsegelnitskiy        Naum                Peisakhov       Apartment Tax  Jew                1322
Tsipkin              Il'ya               Shebshelev      Apartment Tax  Jew                1323
Tsirlis              Yudel               Ben'yaminov     Property       Jew                1331
Tsirul'nik           Yankel              Mordukhov       Property       Jew                1335
Tsirul'nitskiy       Itsko               Ioseliov        Property       Jew                1327
Tsirul'nitskiy       Shlioma             Evelev          Property       Jew                1328
Tsirul'nitskiy       Evel                Peisakhov       Property       Jew                1329
Tsirul'nitskiy       Aizik               Ioseliov        Property       Jew                1330
Tsivinskiy           Frants              Osipov          Property       Belorussian        1332
Tsivinskiy           Ivan                Osipov          Property       Belorussian        1333
Tsukernik            Notel               Shmuilov        Property       Jew                1334
Tsvik                Girsh               Ovseyev         Property       Jew                1324
Tsvik                Vul'f               Ovseyev         Property       Jew                1325
Tsvik                Meyer               Abramov         Property       Jew                1326
Tukalovskiy          Girsh               Leizerov        Property       Jew                1254
Urbanovich           Romual'd                            Property       Pole               1272
Urbanovich           Adam                Matveev         Property       Pole               1273
Urbanovich           Petr                Matveev         Property       Pole               1274
Vain                 Iosel               Ben'yaminovich  Trade          Jew                 174
Vain                 Abram               Iosifov         Apartment Tax  Jew                 187
Vainer               Berko               Rakhmielev      Property       Jew                 203
Vainshtein           Shmuel-Dovid        Abramov         Trade          Jew                 167
Vainshtein           Mendel              Abramov         Trade          Jew                 168
Vainshtein           Iosel                               Apartment Tax  Jew                 188
Vainshtein           Leiba               Borukhov        Apartment Tax  Jew                 189
Vainshtein           Iosel               Leibovich       Property       Jew                 197
Vainshtein           Leizer              Itskov          Property       Jew                 215
Vainshtein           Shmuilo             Abramov         Property       Jew                 220
Vainshtein           Movsha              Abramov         Property       Jew                 221
Vainshtein           Mikhel              Shevelev        Property       Jew                 222
Vainshtein           Ben'yamin           Leibov          Property       Jew                 223
Vainshtein           David               Abramov         Property       Jew                 224
Vainshtein           Yankel              Nokhimov        Property       Jew                 225
Vainshtein           Shebshel            Leibov          Property       Jew                 226
Vainshtein           Meilakh             Leibov          Property       Jew                 227
Vainshtein           Girsh               Itskov          Property       Jew                 233
Vainshtein           Evel                Itskov          Property       Jew                 234
Valitskiy            Movsha              Aronovich       Property       Jew                 212
Vanagishskiy         Shlioma             Ioselev         Property       Jew                 180
Vanagishskiy         Sholom              Eliev           Property       Jew                 198
Vasilishskiy         Shlioma             Aronov          Trade          Jew                 165
Vasilishskiy         Abram               Berkov          Property       Jew                 196
Vasilishskiy         Ben'yamin           Leibovich       Property       Jew                 213
Vasilishskiy         Khatskel            Leshkovich      Property       Jew                 214
Vasil'skiy           Kal'man             Meyer           Property       Jew                 229
Vaviorskiy           Iosel               Yankelev        Property       Jew                 204
Vaviorskiy           Girsh               Yankelev        Property       Jew                 205
Vekeler              Salomon                             Apartment Tax  Jew                 190
Vendrovskiy          Aron                Ben'yaminov     Property       Jew                 238
Venzovskiy           Meyer               Shebakhov       Trade          Jew                 166
Verebeichik          Sholom              Khayimovich     Property       Jew                 211
Vernikov             Aron                Psakhievich     Property       Jew                 210
Vidlyanskiy ... iseroGershon             Isepovich       Property       Jew                 216
Vigdorovich          Movsha              Borukhov        Trade          Jew                 170
Vilenchik            Izrail              Yudelev         Trade         Jew                 171
Vilenchik            Mordukh             Zelikov         Apartment Tax  Jew                 191
Vilenchik            Ben'yamin           Khayimov        Property       Jew                 217
Vilenchik            Movsha              Khayimov        Property       Jew                 219
Vilenchik            Izrail              Abelev          Property       Jew                 240
Vilenskiy            Mordukh             Yankelev        Trade          Jew                 172
Vilenskiy            Mikhel              Abramov         Trade          Jew                 173
Vilenskiy            Yankel              Movshev         Manufacturing TJew                 175
Viner                Aron                Abramovich      Manufacturing TJew                 176
Vinkovskiy           Iosel               Tsal'kov        Property       Jew                 183
Vinkovskiy           Tsal'ko             Ioselev         Property       Jew                 184
Vin'kovskiy          Iosel               Movshovich      Trade          Jew                 177
Vishnevskiy          Izrail              Aronov          Manufacturing TJew                 169
Vishnevskiy          Shmuilo             Movshev         Property       Jew                 209
Vishnevskiy          Aizik               Zelikov         Property       Jew                 235
Vishnevskiy          Shmuel              Nisimov         Property       Jew                 236
Vishnevskiy          Aizik               Abramov         Property       Jew                 241
Vishnevskiy          Shakhpo             Aronov          Property       Jew                 242
Vishovskiy           Dovid               Yankelev        Property       Jew                 230
Vishovskiy           Aram                Yankelev        Property       Jew                 231
Vishovskiy           Gotlib              Yankelev        Property       Jew                 232
Vismontskiy          Solomon             Monseev         Trade          Jew                 164
Vis'montskiy         Ovsey               Movshovich      Trade          Jew                 178
Vis'montskiy         Movsha                              Property       Jew                 181
Vodovoz              Orel                Ioselev         Property       Jew                 202
Volchinskiy          Rubin               Eliovich        Property       Jew                 201
Volk                 Osip                                Property       Pole                182
Volkin               Iosel               Leibov          Apartment Tax  Jew                 192
Volkovyskiy          Shmuel              Tsal'kov        Property       Jew                 206
Volkovyskiy          Iosel               Movshev         Property       Jew                 207
Volkovyskiy          Movsha              Tsal'kov        Property       Jew                 208
Volkovyskiy          Girsh               Pertsov         Property       Jew                 237
Vol'man              Zusel               Movshov         Property       Jew                 218
Volpyanskiy          Meyer               Abramovich      Property       Jew                 179
Volpyanskiy          Evno                Eliov           Apartment Tax  Jew                 193
Volpyanskiy          Girsh               Eliov           Apartment Tax  Jew                 194
Volpyanskiy          Borukh              Nokhimov        Property       Jew                 199
Volpyanskiy          Eremiya             Ioselev         Property       Jew                 200
Vol'skiy             Vatslav             Andreev         Civil Service  Bbl                 185
Volynskiy            Ovzer               Shimshonov      Apartment Tax  Jew                 195
Voronovich           Cheslav             Antonov         Civil Service  Pole                186
Voronovskiy          Berko               El'kov          Property       Jew                 228
Voronovskiy          Berko               Shmuelov        Property       Jew                 239
Yablonskiy           Mikhail             Adamov          Trade          Belorussian        1463
Yablonskiy           Lazar                               Apartment Tax  Jew                1469
Yakubshik            Mikhail                             Property       Belorussian        1468
Yanchik              Shlioma             Mordukhov       Trade          Jew                1464
Yanchul              Iosel               Mordukhov       Property       Jew                1477
Yankelevskiy         Leizer              Girshev         Property       Jew                1474
Yankeliovich         Iosel               Idelev          Property       Jew                1471
Yankeliovich         Berko               Movshov         Property       Jew                1472
Yanovskiy            Zusel               Shmuilov        Trade          Jew                1465
Yanovskiy            Movsha              Girshev         Trade          Jew                1467
Yantson              Shimel              Movshev         Property       Jew                1470
Yarmovskiy           Iosel               Ziselev         Trade          Jew                1466
Yasinevskiy          Ovsey               Eliev           Property       Jew                1473
Yasinovskiy          Shmuel              Gdalev          Property       Jew                1475
Yasinovskiy          Samuil              Itskov          Property       Jew                1476
Yudelevich           Eliya               Mordukhov       Trade          Jew                1457
Yudelevich           Mordukh             Yankelev        Property       Jew                1462
Yundel'son           Yankel              Leizerov        Apartment Tax  Jew                1459
Yurkanskiy           Berko               Shimelev        Trade          Jew                1456
Yurkanskiy           Movsha              Shimelev        Trade          Jew                1458
Yurkanskiy           Khayim0iosel        Aronov          Property       Jew                1460
Yusevich             Klementiy                           Property       Pole               1461
Zabello              Petr                Mikhailov       Property       Belorussian         457
Zablotskiy           Yankel              Simkhov         Property       Jew                 467
Zabludoskiy          Girsh               Leibov          Trade          Jew                 451
Zablyunskiy          Izrael              Yankelev        Property       Jew                 452
Zakin                Yudel               Abramov         Trade          Jew                 442
Zakroyskiy           Alter               Leizerov        Property       Jew                 474
Zakroyskiy           Leizer              El'kov          Property       Jew                 475
Zakroyskiy           Mordukh             Itskov          Property       Jew                 478
Zakroyskiy           Yankel              Shakhnov        Property       Jew                 483
Zakroyskiy           Leiba               Itskov          Property       Jew                 486
Zalkin               Moisey                              Apartment Tax  Jew                 459
Zalkin               Girsh               Shliomov        Property       Jew                 472
Zamoschanskiy        Itsko               Pinkhusov       Property       Jew                 468
Zang                 Meyer               Mendelev        Property       Jew                 469
Zang                 Berko               Mendelev        Property       Jew                 470
Zapasnik             Dominik             Avgustinov      Property       Pole                453
Zapasnik             Boleslav            Dominokov       Property       Pole                454
Zapasnik             Stanislav                           Property       Pole                455
Zapasnik             Adol'f                              Property       Pole                456
Zapol'skiy           Gershon             Shebshelev      Property       Jew                 463
Zaschinskiy          Vul'f               Evnovich        Property       Jew                 479
Zaschinskiy          Elya                Evnovich        Property       Jew                 480
Zashkov              Abram               Shliomov        Property       Jew                 471
Zavadskiy            Notel               Vul'fov         Property       Jew                 477
Zavadskiy            Leizer              Shliomov        Property       Jew                 481
Zavadskiy            Yankel              Itskov          Property       Jew                 482
Zavadskiy            Izrael              Notkov          Property       Jew                 485
Zaychik              Movsha              Dovidov         Apartment Tax  Jew                 460
Zel'dovich           Samuil              Kal'manov       Trade          Jew                 448
Zelikovich           Yankel-Mordukh      Zelikov         Trade          Jew                 450
Zelikovich           Zron                Shliomov        Property       Jew                 473
Zelikovskiy          Shlioma             Itskov          Property       Jew                 466
Zel'vyanskiy         Girsh               Ioselev         Trade          Jew                 447
Zhabinskiy           Vul'f               Movshovich      Property       Jew                 430
Zhager               Eliya               Rubinov         Property       Jew                 434
Zhager               Tevel               Rubinov         Property       Jew                 435
Zhager               Abram-Eliya         Shmuilov        Property       Jew                 436
Zhager               Meiram              Berkov          Property       Jew                 437
Zhager               Daninl              Shmuilov        Property       Jew                 438
Zhager               Berko               Shmuilov        Property       Jew                 439
Zhalkin              Girsh               Abramov         Property       Jew                 431
Zhilinas             Vladislav           Sil'vestrov     Civil Service  Lithuanian          426
Zhizhemskiy          Girsh                               Property       Jew                 424
Zholudskiy           Iosel               Ovseyev         Property       Jew                 427
Zholudskiy           Itsko               Aizikov         Property       Jew                 428
Zholudskiy           Abram               Ovseyev         Property       Jew                 429
Zholudskiy           Zel'man             Yankelev        Property       Jew                 432
Zholudskiy           Yankel              Girshev         Property       Jew                 433
Zhuravskiy           Iosel               Simkhov         Property       Jew                 425
Zil'berman           Mikhel                              Apartment Tax  Jew                 461
Zil'bershtein        Abram               Leibov          Property       Jew                 484
Zinger               Nokhim              Yankeliov       Apartment Tax  Jew                 462
Zlanovich            Eduard              Ksendz          Civil Service  Pole                458
Zlatnitskiy          Movsha              Simkhov         Trade          Jew                 441
Zlotnik              Ben'yamin           Abramov         Trade          Jew                 443
Zlotnik              Shlioma             Abramov         Trade          Jew                 446
Zlotnitskiy          Izrael              Meyerov         Property       Jew                 476
Zlotsovskiy          Iosel               Khayimov        Property       Jew                 464
Zlotsovskiy          Girsh               Faivelev        Property       Jew                 465
Zubishskiy           Zel'man             Abramov         Trade          Jew                 440
Zubkovskiy           Shimon              Abramov         Trade          Jew                 449
Zubshskiy            Abram               Ioselev         Trade          Jew                 444
Zubshskiy            Elya                Ioseliov        Trade          Jew                 445

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