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Also spelled: Leple

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  • 101 km Southwest of Vitebsk
  • 21 miles (34 km.) South East of Ushatz
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Other Connections:

It was natural that emigrants from theone shtetl or region would tended to follow each other from thosesame shtetls and settle together; so that in the first generation ofimmigr ation one could find that relatives from Europe would tend tosettle together in the same towns. This led to some small towns withJews from the same towns or regions in Europe. In one such case, weknow that many from Lepel settled at least in the following communities:

  1. Sheboygan, Wisconsin
  2. Passaic, N.J.

As we identify other such town, we will list them

See the Bensman Family History Web Page New September 2008


Background Information

Translated by Stephen J.Bensman

Entsiklopedicheskiislovar’ / nachatyi I. E.Andreevskim ; prodolzhaetsya pod redaktsieyu K. K. Arsen’eva iF. F. Petrushevskago. Tom XVIIA. Leipstig : F. A. Brokgauz ;S.-Peterburg : I. A. Efron, 1896. s. 570-71.

[EncyclopedicDictionary /begun by I. E. Andreevskii ; continued under the editorship of K. K.Arsen’ev and F. F. Petrushevskii. Vol. XVIIA. Leipzig : F. A.Brockhaus ; St. Petersburg : I. A.Efron, 1896. p. 570-571.]


Lepel’(Leppel’) -- District capital of Vitebsk province, nearLepel’ Lake and the Essa and Ul’yanka Rivers. Not far frompresent-day Lepel’ is an ancient settlement , which bears thename Stary i-Lepel’ (Old Lepel’); Lepel’ was formerlyhere. In 1563 Russian troops burned Lepel’. In 1568 KingSigismund-August ordered a fortified castle built here. In 1805Lepel’ was made a district capital. Number of inhabitants is6,797 (3,441 males and 3,356 females); Orthodox-2,391; Schismatics(a)-96; Catholics-1,133; Protestants-180; Jews-2,966; otherfaiths-31; nobility-148; clergy-32; prominent citizens andmerchants-187; townspeople-4,599; peasants-1,683; other socialestates-148. Two Orthodox churches; Catholic cathedral; synagogue and4 Jewish prayer houses. Municipal 2-class school, parochial schoolwith a girl’s section, primary school, Jewish primary schoolwith a preparatory class. Municipal revenues in 1894 were 6,680rubles, and 6,600 rubles were expended, including 1,990 rubles fornonmunicipal administration, 890 rubles for public education, 480rubles for doctors. One flour-mill, (at 50,000 rubles), 2 hullingmills, 1 brewery, 1 tobacco facotry. Hospital, 3 doctors, and 2paramedics.

Lepel’ district occupies 3,574 square versts(b). Hills enter the southern part from Mogilev province, and theygradually lower until the Western Dvina and form its steep banks.Among the hills of the district it is possible to point out theKatarsa Hills, which frame the Svecha River; then it is possible topoint out the hills which are located between the town of Lepel’and the village of Pyshno and are called "Pyshnogory" ("PyshnoHills"). Lepel’ district represents beautiful aeries ofsignificant hills separated by rather large, clean lakes with mirrorsurfaces and connected by narrow streams extending for many versts.The district is washed by rivers emptying into the Western Dvina. Inthe south, near the town of Lepel’, the waters of the Dneprbasin approach very close to the waters of the Western Dvina basin.Even Peter I considered connecti ng the Baltic and the Black Seas bymeans of the Dvina and Dnepr Rivers. Paul I connected the BerezinaRiver by a canal to the Ulla River, which flows into Lepel’district and empties into the Dvina River (see Berezina System). TheSvyech and Osvyeya empty into the Ulla River; the Ushach Riverempties into the Western Dvina; the remaining rivers of the districtare insignificant. The Ulla is navigable. Of the lakes the moresignificant ones are: Lepel’ (see article), Cherstvyaty (11square versts), Yanovo (7 _ square versts), Ottolovo (8 squareversts), and others. Of the marshes, which are spread out everywhere,the notable ones are: Rybno, which surrounds Ahshukovo Lake, islocated 2 versts from Navlitsa Lake, occupies up to 12 square versts;and Gryada Marsh, near Voron Lake and up to 10 _ square versts. Thereare 2 springs with iron water and 2 with sulphurous water. 116,790desyatinas (c) are under forest. Of these forests 8,144 desyatinasbelong to the State Treasury; 185 desyatinas belong to the churches;107,150 desytinas belong to private owners, including the 101,772desyatinas owned by the nobility; 1,011 desyatinas belong to thepeasants. There is no proper forestry. The soil of the district isprimarily loam-sandy. There are 145,168 inhabitants (73,475 males and71,693 females); 106,282 Orthodox; 2,110 Schismatics, 15,870Catholics, 317 Protestants, 20,465 Jews, and 134 of other faiths.There are 5,319 nobility, 360 clergy, 815 prominent citizens andmerchants, 22,941 townspeople, 112,312 peasants, 3,136 of themilitary estates, 295 of other social estates. There are 88,400Belorussians, 4,500 Great Russians, 3,840 Latvians, 2,100Lithuanians, 20,465 Jews, 480 Germans, 25,200 Poles, 248 othernationalities. There are 14 small towns, 1,798 villages. The mainoccupation of the inhabitants is farming. In 1894 there were sown48,593 desyatinas in rye, 2,515 in wheat, 17,557 in oats, 15,296 inbarley, 136 in buckwheat, 4,182 in peas, 20 in lentils, 729 in beans,10,708 desyatinas in potatoes. The inhabitants are occupied als o incutting and hauling out timber, work on boats, making pitch and tar,etc. The inhabitants of the towns of Bocheikov, Byeshenkovichi, Ulla,Chashinkov are known as the best river pilots. Many go away to workas navvies. Horticulture, truck farming, and apiculture are notdeveloped. Cattle-raising is in a bad condition. There are 31,875horses, 23,470 head of cattle, 26,100 goats, 22,990 pigs. Factoriesand plants are the following: 1 paper plant (at 40,000 rubles), 4hulling mills (at 15,800 rubles), 28 flour mills (at 302,500 rubles),10 distilleries (at 210,000 rubles). Only the town of Byeshenkovichi(see article) has commercial significance. There are 4 peasantcommunal units, 18 peasant territorial communes. There are 23Orthodox churches. The Ministry of Public Education has 27 primaryschools with more than 700 students. The village societies spend 6 _thousand rubles on them and pay the teachers 6,360 rubles. There are23 parochial schools with 393 students. There are several cheders andJewish schools. A. M. Sementovskii in the book "BelorussianAntiquities" counts up to 400 burial mounds in Lepel’ district.The remains of ancient castles were preserved in the town ofGomel’ and 54 versts from Lepel’ on the left bank of theTurovka River. See the literature on Vitebsk province.

A.F S. (A. F. Selivanov)

Lepel’ Springs-- Iron waters of Vitebsk province, Lepel’ district, near thevillage of Barkovshchina; only local inhabitants use them.

Lepel’ Lake --Lake of Vitebsk province near the city of Lepel’ that emptiesinto the Berezina system. The length of the lake is 12 versts, itsbreadth from 250 to 1,400 sazhens (d). It is navigable only for ashort distance. The average depth of the lake is 7 feet; the bottomis sandy; the shores are high and steep. A fortified castle stood onthe bank of the lake in antiquity; a church is now there.

(a) Schismatics refers to the OldBelievers, who split off from the Orthodox Church in the 17thcentury.

(b) A verst is 3,500 feet.

(c) A desyatina is 2.7 acres.

(d) A sazhen is 2.134 meters.

Novyi entsiklopedicheskiislovar’ / izdaetsya pod obshchieiredaktsiei K. K. Asrsen’eva. Dvadtsat’ chetvertyi tom.Petrograd : Brokgauz-Efron, ca.1915. s. 376.

[New encyclopedicdictionary /published under the general editorhip of K. K. Arsen’ev.Twenty-fourth volume. Petrograd : Brockhaus-Efron, ca. 1915. p.376.]

Lepel’ --District capital of Vitebsk province, near Lepel’ Lake, andclose to the Essa and Ul’yanka (Ulla) Rivers. 7,558 inhabitants(1910), of whom 63% are Jewish; 3 Orthodox churches and 1 Catholicchurch, 8 Jewish prayer houses. 7 primary schools; hospital. 14,600rubles in municipal expenditures (1910). In 1563 Russian troopsburned Lepel’; in 1568 King Sigismund-August constructed here afortified castle. In 1802 the town of Lepel’ became theadministrative center of the district and in 1805 was converted tothe district capital. In 1812 Lepel’ suffered from the attacksof the French. In 1831 the inhabitants of Lepel’ participated inthe Polish uprising.-- Lepel’district -- Southernmost district ofVitebsk province. 3,401.6 square versts (354,345 desyatinas). Lies onthe watershed of the basins of the Western Dvina and Dnepr; numerouslakes connected among themselves by streams, which as early as underPeter I gave rise to the thought about creating here an artificialwater route connecti ng the Baltic Sea with the Black Sea (SeeBerezina System, VI, 75). Of the lakes the more significant ones areLepel’, Chersvyaty, Yanovo, Ottolovo. Many marshes. Iron springs(see Lepel’ Waters). The soil is sandy-loam. About 1/3 of thedistrict is covered with forests. In 1913 there were in the district(without the city) 190,700 inhabitants (56 souls per 1 square verst);this is the most thickly populated district in the province. 82% ofthe population are Belorussians; then come the Jews (12%), Poles,Lithuanians, Latvians, and others. The basic occupation is farming:rye, oats, barley, peas, potatoes. Of the local industries the morewidespread is forestry (cutting, hauling out, rafting of timber,making pitch and tar); of seasonal work--navvies and river pilots. Ofthe industrial enterprises the more significant ones are 2 cardboardfactories and 2 grain mills. Local commerce (town of Byeshenkovichi).The southwest corner of the district is crossed for 17 versts by thePolyessk Railroad (Polotsk-Bagrationovka Line). There are 163 primaryschools, of which 38 are parochial, 86 are public, 27 are schools forliteracy, 10 are under the central ministry, 2 are Jewish (1911). Inthe estimate for 1914 the expenditures of the district rural councilwere 284,200 rubles, of which 101,900 rubles were for publiceducation, 53,700 rubles were for medical care. In the district thereare up to 400 burial mounds, and near the town of Gomel’ are theremains of ancient castles.

Old Photo from Lepel

              (Perlman) and Yisrael Ze'ev Gollman of Lepel

Chasha (Perlman) and Yisrael Ze'ev Gollman

Photo taken in Lepel, Belorussia about1900

They were born about 1850 and never emigrated. Two sons immigrated to the United States, one to Milwaukee and one to Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Contact has been lost on another daughter and son who likely died with their families in the Shoah (Holocaust). 

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Lepel Cemetery

Cleanup Project
From: Allen Saxe
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2000
To: Alpert Joel
Subject: Lepel Cemetery
An initial cleanup of the Lepel Cemetery will begin. If you would like to make a small contribution,the address is below.
Allen B. Saxe


Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2000
From: "Reuven Pergamenshik" <>
To: <>

Dear Mr. Saxe,

Thanks a lot for your answer through Ruven. I hereby send you a newspaper article which describes part of our activities last year. Rabbi Tavger told me that he had got many requests by E-mail about graves in Belarus. I will try to let you know any news about Lepel. We will also publish a report of our journey by E-mail. We are in contact with Mr. Frank Swartz, and we are preparing the equipment we need for cleaning the old tombstones. We have a trustworthy person in Lepel by name of Leonid Gurwitz who will be waiting for us there.

Donations would encourage us very much. Our address is : "Bamessilah" P.O.B. 16069 Jerusalem, Israel

Best regards.

Israel Taub.


Email from Rav Eliyahu Tavger
To: "Belarus SIG" <>

From: Rav Eliyahu Tavger <>

Subject: Lepel cemetery


On August 31, 1998 I visited Lepel with two of my friends.

In the town there is a big Jewish cemetery, located in the woods on the edge of the lake. It is told that a third of it flooded when a dam was built on the river and the lake expanded. The cemetery is not fenced off, and the older part is very uncared for. The cars which travel next to the edge of the lake are riding right on the gravestones. The newer graves take up a small part of the area.

Today there are 38 old Jewish people left, and we met with two of them. We asked them to prepare for us a detailed map and list of the cemetery. It was done in a very organized and dedicated manner. This list includes family names, first names and father's names as well as dates of birth and death.

Below are all the family names from the list (all the names have been changed to the masculine).


Eliyahu Tavger

Below is an other later e-mail from Rav Eliyahu Tavger <>

Subject: Re: Lepel cemetery

Below is a list of those buried in the Jewish Cemetery in Lepel, in the newer section. The list was prepared by Mr. Lazar Yankelevitch Guryevitch who lives in Lepel, through the donation of Mr. Avraham Chesakov, in memory of his relative Yehuda, the son of Nachum Zalman Rappoport, who lived in Lepel and was buried in this cemetery


Row 1

1. SHTEINGARDT, Mendel Shlemovitch 1896-1962

Row 2

1. REICHELSON, Asya L'vovna 1927-1974

Row 3

1. MAIMAN, Zalman Michailovitch May 6, 1884-Oct. 5, 1956
2. GUKOVICH, David Morduchovitch 1902-1953
3. SOLOMONOV, Mendel Sholomovitch 1902-1965
Row 4
1. YANOVITZKAYA, Fayina Markovna 1899-1972
2. DVEIYERMAN, Genya Yankelevna 1890-Dec. 17, 1965
3. OKSENTZOV, Moisei Yakovlevitch Jan. 15, 1895-Dec. 7, 1965
4. AMCHIR, Boris Movshevitch 1899-1984
5. AMCHIR, Breina Berkovna 1875-Oct. 2, 1965
6. AMCHIR, Moisha Kafi ele 1874-April 2, 1962
7. BORD, Sholom Chaimovitch 1896-1960
8. BORD, Isaak Chaimovitch 1894-1948
9. FEIGELMAN, Samuil Leibovitch May 5, 1911-March 18, 1979
10. FEIGELMAN, Leib David Abram Zalmanovitch 1880-Aug. 23, 1969
11. CHAZAN, Yankef ele Meirovitch 1883-1980
Row 5
1. SON, Yevel Itzkovitch Dec. 22, 1899-Jan. 21, 1972
2. GLAZMAN, Isaak Vulfovitch 1912-1972
3. YUDOVINA, Mariyasia Movshevna 1904-1970
4. YUDOVIN, Berka Chaimovitch 1899-1983
5. RUCHMAN, Simcha Shlemovitch 1882-Nov. 19, 1970
6. SIGALOV, Samuil Mironovitch Nov. 28, 1897-July 2, 1970
7. SIGALOV, Victor Mironovitch Sept. 23, 1900-March 25, 1968
8. KRUTELKIN 1910-1968
9. KRUTELKINA, Yevdokia Lazarevna 1910-1990
10. SHTEYINGARDT, Bentzian Zalman Yankelevitch 1891-Dec. 1, 1990
11. LUCHTER, Leiba Zalmanovitch 1883-1965
12. ZELDIN, Yuda Yizrailevitch 1886-Jan. 12, 1965
13. BEILINSON, Avsei Chaimovitch 1907-1978
14. ANIKUL, Naum L'vovitch 1900-June 10, 1964
15. FEIGELMAN, Semion L'vovitch 1903-Aug. 30, 1968
16. SHTEYINGARDT, Tisia Shlemovna 1891-1980
17. SHTEYINGARDT, Boris Kushelevitch 1876-1968
18. ARONINA, Bluma Kushelevna 1883-1975
19. AXELROD, Bailia Avseiyevna July 1, 1891-Aug. 14, 1983
Row 6
1. SHTEYINGARDT, Abram Leibovitch 1 901-1975
2. GLAZMAN, Michail Naumovitch 1905-1975
3. RUCHMAN, Shlema Yoselevitch 1913-1974
4. KOSTUKOVSKAYA, Anna Romanovna Dec. 4, 1913-Dec. 22, 1989
5. BORD, Yevel Chaimovitch 1891-1973
6. GLAZMAN, Zalman Moiseivitch 1895-Nov. 12 1973
7. BORD, Maya Mendelevna 1898-1985
8. BORD, Mayer Yevelevitch 1929-1976
9. BORD, Semion Yevelevitch 1921-1944
10. BORD-BLECHER, Tamara Yefimovna Sept. 7, 1938-Oct. 7, 1988
11. SORINA, Ch'yana Savelevna 1884-1965
Row 7
1. GLAZMAN, Yosif Girshevitch Jan. 15,1907-March 30,1981
2. SIGALOVA, Tatiyana Davidovna 1904-1980
3. SIGALOV, Yefrem Isakovitch 1903-1983
4. PROG, Fayina Markovna 1913-1979
5. SHKOLNITSKY, Grigory Yefimovitch 1895-1979
6. BLACHER, Isaak Gillerovitch Jan. 1, 1913-Oct. 19, 1986
7. BLACHER, Riva Yankelevna Jan. 1, 1912-April 12,1997
8. SHTEYINGARDT, Yudasia Bentzianovna April 10, 1924-July 5, 1991
9. SHTEYINGARDT, Nesia Meyerovna 1898-May 5, 1974
10. ZELDINA, Ginda Laza revna 1890-1973
11. TEMKINA, Baila Meyerovna 1908-1959
12. LIBERMAN, Berta Petrrovna 1876-1961
13. LIBERMAN, Yakov Naumovitch 1879-1941
14. FEIGELMAN, Mera Naumovna 1883-1962
15. NEMTZOVA, Brocha Chaimovna 1900-1963
16. SHERMAN-PSHONIK, Lubov Yevseyevna 1890-1965
17. YOFFE, Zelda Vulfovna 1883-1978
Row 8
1. YOFFE, Afroyim Laizerovitch 1883-1951
2. LURIE, Goda Leibovna 1898-1983
3. LURIE, Rachmiel Mendelevitch 1893-1941
4. SHKOLNITSKAYA, Mariyasia Morduchovna June 15,1903-March 2, 1985
5. SHKOLNITSKAYA, Eva Gregoriyevna Feb. 23, 1928-June 9, 1989
6. GURIYEVITCH, Anna Markovna Feb. 12, 1907-April 14, 1988
7. FARBMAN, Gregory Markovitch Feb. 8, 1922-May 26, 1984
8. FARBMAN, Meyer Simonovitch 1898-1981
9. FARBMAN, Echa Michelevna 1897-1978
10. BURMAN, Pesya Vulfovna Aug. 15, 1905-April 30, 1958
11. CHEIF, Laya Shmerkovna 1896-Jan. 21, 1975
12. CHEIF, Aron Girshevitch 1882-March 8, 1943
13. LUCHTER, Dveira Shmuylovna 1 898-Oct. 18, 1968
14. DIECHTIAR, Lubov Yefimovna 1900-Nov. 25, 1969
15. DIECHTIAR, Moisei Solomonovitch March 12, 1899-Sept. 2, 1986
16. FEIGELSON, Tamara Afroyimovna March 25, 1924-Dec. 29 1996
17. FEIGELSON, Michail Zalmanovitch 1918-1987
Row 9
1. YUDOVINA, Mariyasia Abramovna 1895-1964
2. TALANOVA, Chana Moiseyevna 1928-1962
3. NEMTZOVA, Lubov Abramovna 1895-1955
4. NEMTZOV, Samuil Meilochovitch 1895-1944
5. SHTEYGARDT, Divosa Mendelevna 1901-1970
6. MELNIKOVA, Sara Simyonovna
7. LEITMAN, Ida Markovna 1905-1972
8. AGULNIKOVA, Yevdokiya Lazarevna 1937-1975
9. LEITMAN, Isaak Mendelevitch 1898-Oct. 16, 1973
10. LEITMAN, Zalman Mendelevitch 1904-1982
11. LEITMAN, Zinaida Levovna April 7, 1913-Jan. 23, 1996
12. TZEIREFMAN, Isak Lipovitch Feb. 7, 1893-Aug. 15, 1973
13. LEVIN, Michail Mendeleyevitch Dec. 21, 1916-Dec. 22, 1992
14. TZEMACH, Simyon Zavelevitch 1920-June 1982

Row 10

1. KANDINOVA, Maria Yudovna March 25, 1916-Jan. 23, 1990
2. EPSHTEIN, Yefim Borisovitch 1906-1984
3. GOLDIN, Yosif Timofeyovitch April 19, 1905-July 8, 1985
4. GURYEVITCH, Rafail Moiseyevitch Aug. 3, 1908-April 10, 1987
5. APPEL, Chaya Meyerovna Oct. 10, 1902-Sept. 11, 1969
6. APPEL, Yakov Lazarevitch 1929-1952
7. LEITMAN, Michail Isakovitch Aug. 23, 1945-Oct. 26, 1997
8. RUCHMAN, Simyon Michailovitch May 5, 1950-May 16, 1989
Row 11
1. RIVKINA, Ida Yudelevna Nov. 10, 1907-April 25, 1992
2. YOFFE, Simyon Afroyimovitch 1928-Nov. 3, 1991
3. SLEPCHONOK, Chava Alterovna 1895-1984
4. LIBERMAN, Polina Yakovlevna 1914-1982
5. POLYAK, Izrail Yevelevitch 1898-1961
6. POLYAK, Slava Abramovna 1902-1944
7. SLAVINA, Basya Yosifovna 1881-Nov. 14, 1975
8. SLAVIN, Chona Movshevitch 1883-1959
9. LIBIN, Isaak Vulfovitch 1896-1959
10. LIBIN, Abram Isaakovitch March 14, 1936-Aug. 18, 1998
11. KATZ, Michail Levovitch March 10, 1914-April 28, 1960
12. GOLDIN, I saak 1906-
13. ARONIN, Zalman 1901-1960
14. MANEVITCH, Raeesa Mendeleivna Dec. 15, 1917-May 23, 1985
15. LEVITAN, Avramdovid Nosonovitch 1916-1948
16. LEVITAN, Sara Yivseyevna 1893-1964
17. LEVITAN, Noson Chayimovitch 1890-1969
18. RUCHMAN, Michail Simyonovitch Oct. 19, 1924-April 3, 1988
19. MALKINA, Sima Girshevna 1920-1988
20. GITLINA, Mera Borisovna 1912-1990
Row 12
1. PLAVNIK, Yelizaveta Michailovna Dec. 12, 1916-Dec. 26, 1992
2. PLAVNIK, Zalman -1998
3. BENSMAN, Isaak Aronovitch April 12, 1917-June 17, 1994
4. POGREBINSKY, Yevgeni Vladimirovitch July 7, 1921-May 8, 1988
5. LIBINA, Lidiya Isaakovna, 1901-1970
6. STESINA, Esfir Abramovna 1895-1965
7. GOLDINA, Tzilya Michailovna Nov. 30, 1911-Jan. 9, 1984
8. ARONINA, Gitta Zalmanovna April 15, 1916-May 25, 1992
9. GITLINA, Malka Mendeleyivna 1880-1962
10. PLAVNIK, Boruch Noson Morduchovitch 1872-1920
11. PLAVNIK, Basya Yankelevna 1877-1920
Row 13
1. LIGUM, Laya Chayimovna Dec. 15, 1928-Jan. 5, 1996
2. YOFFE, Tatiyana Solomonovna Jan. 20, 1914-Jan. 12, 1997
3. SARASHEVSKY, Boris Yefimovitch Dec. 25, 1918-Feb. 22, 1996
4. SARASHEVSKAYA, Raeesa Isakovna Feb. 17, 1917-Feb. 24, 1998
5. DIECHTIAR, Musya Elyevna 1895-1972
6. DIECHTIAR, Sosya Boruchovna 1888-1959
7. DIEGTIAR, Polina Yefimovna Nov. 12, 1910-Sept. 27, 1983
8. DIEGTIAR, Eva Yefimovna Sept. 28, 1924-Dec. 8, 1983
9. DIECHTIAR, Chayim Elyevitch Feb. 21, 1884-1959
10. GITLIN, Berka Meyerovitch 1890-1957

Special Notice concering the Lepel Jewish Cemetery: Feb. 6, 1999
Considering the above messages about the Lepel Jewish Cemetery, the notion has arisen that it would be worthwhile genealogically to identify the graves in the old section of the cemetery, which is currently in disrepair. The gravestones would have to be erected and read. In order to do this, we could raise money for local laborers to do the hard physical work possibly under the direction of the local Jewish community. It would be reasonable at the same time to try to rehabilitate the old cemetery by placing a fence around it and clean it up. This would be a Mitzvah! The money needed would probably not be great considering the wages and cost of living in Belarus today.
If this thought stirs anyone, please be in contact with Joel Alpert
Here is the beginning: A message from Allen B. Saxe in December 1999
The East European Jewish Preservation Project located in Belarus is conducting an initial survey of the Lepel Jewish Cemetery. The cemetery is in serious disrepair. A fund needs to be established to clean up the cemetery,reerect headstones, and fence or wall the cemetery from adjoining properties. A careful identification of headstones will be undertaken and will be made available on various websites. If you are interested in contributing to the project or in receiving progress reports contact Allen B. Saxe ( ).

Lepler Landsmannschaft

There was at one time a Lepler landsmannschaft, at various times listed as the Independent Lepler Benevolent Association and the Independent Lepler Society, in New York. I know this because both my paternal grandparents are buried in Independent Lepler plots. My grandmother Sarah Paley Touger (d. 1912) is in the Baron Hirsch Cemetery in Staten Island, NY and my grandfather Louis Touger (d. 1937) is in Beth David Cemetery in Elmont, Long Isl and, NY. There were Tougers buried in the latter plot as late as 1963. Unfortunately the last contact person that Beth David has on record has been dead for years, and his widow is not aware of anyone having succeeded him. If anyone has further information about this group, please submit it to this page ( Joel Alpert ).

Jerry Touger

Subject: List of Lepel Jews Killed by Nazis
From: Rav Eliyahu Tavger <>
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2000
I received from Leonid Guryevitch, a citizen of Lepel (tel. +375-213248293) a list of the Jews of Lepel who were killed by the Nazis. The Germans took over Lepel July 3, 1941. A ghetto was made on the outskirts of the town for all the Jews who were left. On February 28, 1942 the ghetto was liquidated.
A memorial stone was put up at the site, next to the town of Chernorutchye, 8 km. south of Lepel, on the right side of the road Vitebsk/Minsk.
Eliyahu Tavger
List of Lepel Jews Killed by Nazis
Abezgauz Mendel, age 65
Abezgauz Genya, age 65
Abezgauz Marisa, age 25
Abezgauz Shlema, age 27
Alloy Yessin, age 65
wife, age 60
daughter Bella, age 29
Sofya, age 29
daughter, age 25
baby, age 2
Amchir Liba, age 35
Amchir Motta, age 45
Anikulov, age 50
wife, age 40
son, age 7
daughter, age 6
Asinovski, Semyon
Asinovski, Chyena
Afrayimkovitch, Zalman, born 1910
Afrayimkovitch, Dora, born 1910
Afrayimkovitch, Freda, born 1910
Afrayimkovitch, Sheyna, age 60
Afrayimkovitch, Abram, age 70
3 children ages 1-10
Bellinki, Girsha, age 35
Mariyasa, age 35
Girsha, age 15
Leizer, age 9
Manya, age 3
Bensman, Berka, age 50
wife, age 45
daughter Riva, age 20
baby, age 2
Bensman, age 70
wife, age 65
Tzadra, age 20
baby, age 2
Bensman, Leiba, age 70
Simcha, age 80
Bliachman, Berke, age 40
Sara, age 34
Sioma, age 12
child, age 8
child, age 4
Bord, Yevel, born 1910
Sara, born 1910
children age 10
age 6
age 3
Bord, Tzipa, age 80
Sima, age 80
Michel, born 1918
Sonya, born 1924
Mendel, born 1926
Vasserman, Peisach, age 50
wife, age 40
son, age 10
son, age 5
Veisman, Zusya, age 45
wife, age 40
son, age 16
daughter, age 15
Vinter, Moisei, age 40
wife Mera, age 30
son, age 15
son, age 13
Volf, age 65
wife, age 60
Viazmer - entire family
Gelfand, Aron, age 65
Gelfand, Musya, age 58
Gelfand, Zachar son of Victor, born 1897
Gelfand, Gita, born 1895
Generson, Yosif, age 70
Generson, Mira, age 70
Genkin, Roman, age 55
wife, age 50
Genkin, Mendel, age 13
Genkin, Chaim, age 10
Genkin, Chosya, age 7
Gershman, Shmunya, age 60
wife, age 55
Gillerson, Gilya, age 40
Gillerson, Malka, age 40
Gillerson, Tzipa, age 10
Gillerson, Zelda, age 8
Gillerson, Michail, age 12
Gisman, Nechama, age 58
Gitlin, Shmuel, age 50
wife, age 45
children, age 18
age 10
age 7
Gitlina Zina, age 28
Glazman, age 50
wife, age 40
son, age 16
son, age 14
Glazman, Beilya, age 17
Feiga, age 14
Glazman, Berta, age 42
Luba, age 35
Mosya, age 4
Glazman, Girsha, age 24
Glazman, Nachim, age 60
wife, age 60
Glonman, Elka, age 68
Eska, age 60
Golusova, Manya, age 3
Anatoli, age 2
Gordon, Zalman, born 1887
Gurevitch, Abram, age 50
wife, age 40
Matus, age 13
Leiba, age 12
Mosya, age 7
Gurevitch, Yessil, age 45
son Vella, age 19
daughter, age 5
daughter, age 7
Gurevitch, Lusya, age 60
Gutkovitch, Zusya, age 70
Bunya, age 50
Gutkovitch, Zlata, age 58
Velka, age 60
Gutkin, Lazar, born 1901
Malka, born 1903
2 children
David, age 60
wife, age 50
Dechtyar, Boris Sholomovitch, age 35
Dvosya, age 30
two children
Dechtyar, Movsha, age 65
wife, age 60
Sofia, age 20
Chava, age 18
Dechtyar, Chaim Yuda, age 50
Zaidanya, Riva, age 28
Luba, born 1918
Rachilya, born 1935
Yoffe, Berk, age 52
Rachil, age 50
Yoffe, Dveira (Dvosya), age 80
Gita, age 35
Yoffe, Zalman, age 45
wife, age 40
Zalman, age 14
Leiba, age 11
Nema, age 9
daughter, age 2
Kagan, Volf, age 50
wife, age 47
son, age 16
son, age 13
Kagan, David, age 50
Mariasya, age 45
Chanya, born 1918
Berke, born 1926
Siman, age 35
Deveira, age 35
Beilya, age 13
Zina, age 6
Katz, age 35
wife, age 30
two children
Katzeva, Luba (Motya), age 35
son, age 6
daughter, age 2
Katzeva, Fruma, age 65
Katzman, Elya, age 55
Rachil, age 55
4 children from age 3-10
Katzman, Yankel, age 75
Masya, age 45
Kirzon, Shonok, age 45
Breina, age 35
Kolbanovsky, Aron (Volodarsky St.)
Levina, Basya, age 70
Genya, born 1920
Sonia, born 1918
Levina, Breina, born 1900
Levin, Velka, age 60
Basya, age 60
Beinya, age 25
Tzipa, age 24
Genya, age 17
Levitan, Abram, age 60
Dveira, age 65
Boris, age 4
Levitan, Benya, age 60
wife, age 55
Motya, age 25
wife, age 20
daughter, age 3
baby, age 2
Levitan, Leiba, age 40
Chaim, born 1926
Leiba Im., age 40
Edya, born 1931
Levitan, Moisei (Proletarskaya St.)
son, Chaim
Levitan, Shlema (Traktornaya St., 6)
daughter, Doba
Leitman, Sara, age 35
daughter, age 18
son, age 17
son, age 16
daughter, age 8
son, age 5
Leitman, S. (f), age 30
S. (f), age 25
Luba, age 2
Liberman, Boris, age 50
Sonia, age 50
Manya, born 1928
Lobok, Berka, age 65
Chana, age 60
Manevitch, Riva, age 50
Tanya, born 1926
Raya, born 1918
Misha, age 2
Manevitch, Riva, age 50
Gala, age 18
Malkin, Leizar, age 45
wife, age 40
son, age 16
son, age 14
son, age 13
daughter, age 10
daughter, age 8
Malchin, Yevel, age 40
Chaya, age 40
Elya, age 12
Leiba, age 15
Malchin, Sima, born 1930
wife, born 1932?!
Malchin, Sonia, age 31
Ida, born 1928
Melnikov, age 45
wife, age 40
Melnikov, Emanuil, age 55
wife, age 45
daughter, age 25
daughter, age 5
daughter, age 3
Mirkin, Isak, age 38
Chana, age 32
daughter, Chaya, age 16
daughter, Emma, age 5
son, Boris, age 8
Marduk, Abram, age 48
Enta, age 40
Idik, age 3
son, age 2
Nedmen, Rachim, age 55
wife, age 45
daughter, age 12
daughter, age 10
daughter, age 7
Nedmen, Samuil, age 40
wife, age 35
daughter, age 15
daughter, age 10
son, age 8
Nedmen, age 60
wife, age 65
Nemtzov, Solomon, age 40
Basya, age 35
daughter, age 8
daughter, age 7
son, age 5
Nemtzov, Ester, age 65
Shiffa, age 35
Nisnevitch Lev Isakovitch, age 70
Nost, Yuda, age 65
Musya, age 60
Motya, age 30
Gita, age 30
Nina, age 5
Sonia, age 3
Plavnik, Riva, age 65
Pasha, age 32
Dora, born 1918
Potashkin, Vichna, age 17
Berko, age 15
Tzupa, age 13
Genya, age 10
Potashkin, Mosa, age 50
Abram, age 65
Shlema, age 48
wife, age 45
son, Abram, age 19
Prigozhin, Zalman, age 50
Sara, age 50
Lina, born 1924
Raya, born 1928
Tzipa, born 1922
Abram, born 1930
Puchovitski, Aba, age 55
wife, Chosa, age 50
daughter, Bella, age 22
daughter, Lusa, age 19
daughter, Raya, age 16
daughter, Pesya, age 13
son, Borya, age 10
daughter, Genya, age 6
mother, Tzilya, age 80
Pshonik, age 45
wife, age 50
son, age 16
son, age 14
daughter, age 10
Pshonik (father) age 70
Rakshnel, age 60
Rapoport, Braina, age 65
Katya, b orn 1918
son, age 2
Rolbant, Sima, age 65
Laya, age 60
Rozba, Polya, born 1910
Royan (Royak), age 45
wife, age 40
son, age 17
Rubin, age 58
wife, age 50
Girsha, age 22
daughter, age 20
daughter, age 16
Ruchman, Gila, age 38
Roche, age 80
Rivkin, Leiba, born 1890
Sara, age 50
Menya, age 10
Sioma, age 11
Fira, age 3
Sverdlova, Dusya, born 1915
son, age 4
daughter, age 2
Sverdlova, Chanya, age 35
son, age 7
daughter, age 4
Svidler, Zalman, age 65
Dveira, age 65
Sonia, age 16
Skudazhnik, Yan, age 35
wife, age 35
son, age 13
son, age 3
daughter, age 7
Slavin, Yesel, age 45
wife, age 55
daughter, age 12
daughter, age 10 < DT>daughter, age 9
son, age 6
Slavin, Moisei, age 70
wife, age 60
daughter, age 25
Son, Gita, age 30
girl, age 7
girl, age 5
girl, age 2
Son, Itzka, age 40
Shulka, age 35
Fruma, age 25
Leiba, age 60
Basya, age 50
Sholom, age 25
Son, Sara, age 35
Elka, born 1918
Chaya, age 12
Abram, born 1918
Son, Shlema, age 40
wife, Chava, age 35
daughter, Ida, age 15
daughter, Sonia, age 25
Soskina, Mariasha, age 60
Sonia, age 25
Soskina, Marisya, age 65
Soskina, Sonia, born 1918
Manya, born 1937
Veba, born 1939
Taubin, Laya, age 42
Ruvan, age 15
Chaya, age 10
Tozbin, Fruma, age 75
Sara, age 45
Berka, age 45
Grisha, age 12
Feigelman, age 35
wife, age 30
son, age 15
daughter, age 13
mother, age 60
Musya, age 35
Feigelman, Sonia, born 1915
Edik, age 30
Aiva, born 1910
Misha, age 2
Danya, age 58
Fanya, born 1920
Berke, born 1930
Chaikina, Rosa, age 40
Maya, age 13
Lena, age 13
Chamarner T., age 55
wife, age 40
Naum, age 25
Yessil, age 20
Chatz, Chasya, age 40
Izrail, age 40
son, Nochum, age 8
son, Chaim, age 11
daughter, Manya, age 4
Chodus, Moisei, age 40
wife, age 34
Tzeirefman, Girsha, age 45
wife, age 40
son, age 17
son, age 15
Tzilman, age 48
wife, age 40
daughter, age 15
son, age 10
daughter, age 8
Tzipa?!, age 50
Tchuchman, Genya, age 45
son, age 12
son, age 10
daughter, age 7
Shapiro, Liza, born 1907
Schvartzberg, Chelya, age 30
Shleifer, Ida, age 60
Sima, age 60
Raya, age 25
Shpilman, Riven (Ruvim), age 70
Genya, age 45
Shtelman, age 6 months
Shtenbok, Berke, age 40
wife, age 36
son, age 13
son, age 10
daughter, age 6
Shteingardt, Chaya L., age 40
son, Shlema, age 13
daughter, Mira, age 18
Yazmer, Anna, born 1919
Zachar, age 40
Doba, age 40
Manya, age 8
Yachkind, the entire family

Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2000
Subject: Lepel Connection
Paternal grandfather Nachum Lieb Sverdlov was raised in Lepel'
1875...married a girl from nearby Chasnik/Chashniki Sonia Sarah Davidson and
emmigrated to Montreal, Canada about 1910
Andrew I. Sverdlove
1 Franklin Ave, 3F
White Plains, NY 10601

From: "Stanislav Gorbulev" <>
To: Joel Alpert
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2000

Dear Mr. Alpert,


I am researching the PAPERIN family from Lepel and I have found these two documents concerning Lepel, which were filmed by Mormons. The list were not too large so I translated them. I think it would be interesting for other Lepel researchers if you could put it on the Lepel website.
One of them is the List of the Prayer Society Members, the other one is a similar List for the Prayer School (both are dated1841). There were some places which were difficult to read - these places and my own comments are red. Please note that I am not a native speaker (I was born in Moscow and study now in Germany).

Best regards,


Stanislav Gorbulev
Marburg, Germany

From: Mark Ruchman <>
To: Joel Alpert


Please add my name to the email list for ongoing information regarding the
restoration of the Lepel Cemetery.
Mark Ruchman
Box 1446
Washington, Connecticut 06793
Daniel- Shlema and Simyon Ruchman are buried in this cemetery. Gretchen
Ruchman was killed by the Nazis in 1942.

Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2000 20:03:31 EDT
Subject: Lepel Cemetery
My name is Linda Steinhart. I have a brother named Stephen Steinhart. Our father, Louis, came from Lepel. He left there in 1916 or 17, during the first world War. He first settled in San Francisco and several years later moved to Brooklyn, NY. He left a very large family in Lepel-- his mother and father and 5 brothers and six sisters. None of them, to our knowledge, emigrated to the US or Israel. We have some letters that were sent to my father by his family in the 1920s, but none more recent than that. I have found out that some of my relatives moved to Azerbaijan but have not been able to locate any of them. My fath er died in 1982. He was age 84 or 86 (we never really knew the year in which he was born). I would be very interested to know if anyone who has logged on to the Lepel website has any information about my family. Thank you.

Subject: cemetery list from "Bamesila" Trip
From: Rav Eliyahu Tavger <>
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000
During July 19-25, 2000 a roots-trip took place by "Bamesila", an organization of high school student volunteers from Israel, headed by Rabbi Israel Taub. The trip visited the towns of Molodechno, Volozhin, Borisov, Zembin, Lepel, Vitebsk and Orsha. The students visited the old cemeteries in these places, cleaned there and copied names from the gravestones. Rabbi Israel Taub gave me the lists of names and asked me to publicize it here.
There might be some errors in the lists of names because of the difficulty in reading the gravestones as well as some difficulty in reading the hand written lists of names. The lists are only partial and does not cover all that was found in all the cemeteries.


Yitzchak Moshe son of Shmuel Halevi d. 3 Cheshvan 5684
Meir Zalman son of Eliyahu ABIZHAUS d. Sivan
Bentzion son of Shaul Moshe SHPIGELMAN
Miriam daughter of Meir ROTE d. 24 Adar 5684
Yitzchak Arye Leib
Yitzchak Moshe son of Shmuel Halevi SIGALOV d. 17 Cheshvan 5684
Sheine daughter of Yitzchak d. 7 Tevet 5666
Tzvi Hirsh son of Avraham Hilel BROKER d. 25 Iyar 5675
Shlomo son of Aharon Moshe Halevi
Shlomo Zalman PLAVNIK d. 2 Cheshvan 5686
Yitzchak son of Moshe FEIGELMAN d. 19 Adar 568(?)
Ester daughter of Leib Dovid FEIGELMAN d. 22 1st Adar 5679
Mariasa daughter of Yakov MOSE? d. 17 Tamuz 5660
Basya daughter of Baruch Moshe d. 14 Marcheshvan 5662
???el daughter of Dovid YAPOLSKI d. 21 Adar 5666
Chana daughter of Dovid d. Erev Shabbos Kodesh 9 Cheshvan 5622
Eshka daughter of Hilel d. 7 Kislev 5623
Osher son of Moshe Avraham YOFFE d. 26 Tishrei 5632
Ester daughter of Avraham Nissan d. 27 Shvat 5664
Shimon son of Yakov Kopel d. 29 Kislev 5662
Moshe Mordechai son of Sholom d. Rosh Chodesh Elul 5671
Yekusiel son of Yisroel Zelig FETERMAN d. 20 MenachemAv 5671
Rabbi Se'adia son of Yakov d. Hoshana Raba 5650
Tanchum son of Gronom? d. 25 Iyar 5684?
Yitzchak Leib son of Tanchum Dovid ETZINSKI d. 25 Adar 5652
Yakov Shmuel son of Dovid LEIKIND d. 25 MenachemAv 5645
Rabbi Do vid son of Avraham Hacohen
Tcherna daughter of Nochum d. 12 Elul 5647?
Malka daughter of Avraham d. 13 Cheshvan 562?6
Soro daughter of Yehoshua d. 5 Kislev 5626
Feige daughter of Chaim d. "Peisach Sheini" 5622
Arye Leib son of Shimon SHTEINHART d. 21 Cheshvan 5671
Yakov son of Mordechai d. 25 Iyar 5641
Avraham Yitzchak son of Shimon Leib d. 26 Av 5639
Chana Resa daughter of Simcha d. 21 Tamuz 5640
Yosef Chaim son of Osher TZEIRIFMAN d. 1 Tevet 5680
"Moreinu HaRav" Rabbi Eliyahu son of Elimelech d. 6 Adar 5629
Yosef Chaim son of Duber d. 2 Adar 5630
Baruch Moshe son of Yosef d. 17 Sivan 5659
Yisroel son of Yehuda Leib NOTKOVITCH d. 24 Sivan 5694
Hilel son of Moshe Leib NEDLIN d. 5 Elul 5691
Duber Leib son of Shlomo Zalman NAGHOSHER 5691
Sholom Leib son of Yitzchak VINTER d. 8 Shvat? 5691
Mordechai Getz? son of Shmuel d. 25 Tevet 5650?
Noach son of Tzvi Hirsh LIBERMAN d. Tamuz 5684
Shmuel Hilel son of Dovid LEITMAN d. 8 Nissan 5677
Yehuda son of Nochum Zalman RAPOPORT d. 21 MenachemAv 5674
Moshe Feitel son of Shraga KRASNIK
Moshe Eliezer GINSBURG d. 23 Tevet
Yosef Chaim son of Osher TZEIRIFMAN
Rabbi Tzvi Hirsh son of Menachem
Nochum Tzvi son of Arye BEKERMAN d. 24 Marcheshvan
Yitzchak Arye son of Zev Volk d. 12 Kislev
Hilel son of Moshe Leib
Chaim son of Meir ROTKIN
Bentzion son of Shmuel Moshe SHULMAN?



Chana daughter of Kalman MENOLKIN d. Shevat 5684
Shaul Moshe son of Avraham Yitzchak d. 24 Shevat 5681
Baile daughter of Rabbi Baruch EPSHTEIN d. 10 Shevat 5607
Reuven Shimon son of Yosef MENKIN d. Erev Rosh Chodesh Tamuz 5609?
Avraham Zalman son of Zev MELETZIN d. 26 Kislev 5619
Shimon Duber son of Aron MAZEH 5616-5670
Rabbi Yakov son of Respected Rabbi Moshe BEZSMERTNEY descendant of the
"Admor" Rabbi Aharon of Tchareshle d. 11 Shevat 5673
Yechiel son of Tzvi and his mother Fruma RITEVSKI d. 22 Iyar 5674
Shneur Zalman son of Mordechai Leib TZIRULNIKOV d. 1st day of Rosh Chodesh Adar 5697
The Elderly Rabbi Mordechai son of Rabbi Gershon RUBINETZ 26 Tevet 5681
Shneur Zalman son of Yehuda KERLIN b. 5595 d. 14 Cheshvan 5673
Yechiel Michel son of Elyakim Getzel SVIR BEN CHEN ? d. 24 Sivan 5677 one
of those ex iled from the Vilkomir district of Kovno
Mordechai Tzvi son of Avraham Halevi BELKIN d. 15 Tevet 5681
Yosef son of Reuven Halevi HOROVITZ d. Nisan 5680
The Elderly Nachman son of Yehuda Leib Halevi d. 1 Sivan 5681
Leib son of Sholom SHNEIDERMAN d. 5 Kislev 5684
Tzvi LIEBERMAN d. 9 Iyar 5686
Soro Rochel daughter of Yakov d. 5 Elul 5684
Raize daughter of Baruch Yosef MAZEH d. 2 Kislev 5685
Yehuda Leib son of Chaim Shaul SHMIDT d. 25 Kislev 5687
Mendel son of ? PLIZAT d. 3 Adar 5646
Aharon son of Azriel Yehuda MACHTOT?! D. Erev Rosh Chodesh Tevet 5684
Rabbi Avraham son of Yehuda EPSHTEIN d. 2nd day of Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan 5627
Tzeite daughter of Rabbi Zev Wolf SIGALOV d. 13 Shevat 5684



Rabbi Yosef Nochim FRIEDMAN d. 1 of 2nd Adar 5688
Shneur Zalman SHAPIRO Hacohen d. 1 Adar 5655
Rabbi Nissan son of Nesanel Hacohen d. 20 Kislev 5651
Avraham Dovid FERDINAND son of Refael Hacohen d. 25 Shevat 5689
Libe daughter of Rabbi Azriel d. 5679
Feige Soro daughter of Rabbi Yakov Kopel Halevi d. 22 Tevet 5681
her son Yosef Noach LEVIN, May G-d avenge his blood, son of Nisan SHISHKA d. 14 Sivan 5679
"Admor" Naftali son of Yosef Halevi d. 23 Cheshvan 5662
Mordechai son of Yehoshua Halevi d. 25 Tamuz 5646
Dvora Binye MELTZER
Esther daughter of Binyamin d. 25 Adar 5605
Sheine daughter of Aharon wife of Aharon ROGOVITCH
Rabbi Shmuel son of Aizik d. 9 Kislev 5648
Meir Tzvi son of Mordechai d. 5648
Dvora daughter of Meir Tzvi 5652
Mordechai son of Shlomo Zalman d. Erev Rosh Chodesh Nisan 5645
Gitel daughter of Avraham wife of Mordechai BUNIMOVITCH d. 14 Tevet 5666
Eliezer Yitzchak son of Eliyahu BUNIMOVITCH d. 16 Shevat 5680
Yechezkel son of Baruch BERMAN d. 5689
Rabbi Chaim Tzvi son of Aharon d. 2nd day Rosh Chodesh Tamuz 5695
Nechama Vana? POLIAK d. Adar 5676
Esther Feige daughter of Sholom NIMRENERORONES? d. 5 Cheshvan 5646
Rabbi Yakov son of Rabbi Naftali Tzvi Yehuda (BERLIN) d. 1 Elul 5681(a long
text in ryhme appears on his grave)
Esther LIBERMAN wife of Shabtai d. 5696
Rabbi Moshe Dovid son of Michoel Yehuda LEFKOVITCH d. 5697
The young man Baruch Yitzchak VIENER
Chaya Laya TZIBERSKI daughter of Dovid LEVIN d. 18 Adar 5695
Rabbi Eliezer son of Tzvi KLEIN
Basya daughter of Yoel GERMAN d. 20 Adar 5695
Sara Laya daughter of Shlomo Zalman from the HALPERIN family
Avraham son of Shraga PERSKI
Rabbi Yakov son of Aharon ZALTZMAN d. age 92
Menashe son of Zev BRUDNA d. 23 Sivan 5672
Yehuda Leib son of Yekutiel ACHT? from the respected members of the town
Asmina, son-in-law of Rabbi Osher, Rabbinical Posek here
Yekutiel son of Yakov Shabtai Hacohen KAHAN d. Kislev 5685
Rabbi Shmuel son of Moshe PERSKI d. 28 Cheshvan 5684
Moshe Zev PERSKI
Avraham Eliezer son of Shlomo Meyer Halevi LEVIN d. 2nd Adar 5679
Michoel son of Yoel Aharon Halevi KREMNIK d. 23 Cheshvan 5677
Binyamin Mordechai son of Yitzchak BRUDNA



Hode daughter of Avraham Dovid RIVKIN d. 12 Tishrei 5681
Chana daughter of Avraham PHALIKOVSKI d. 2nd day Rosh Chodesh Elul 5692
Chaya daughter of Shlomo Zalman FEIKIN d. 6 Tishrei 5693
Eliezer son of Rabbi Yisroel Halevi d. 9 Tishrei 5645
Tzvi Hirsch Shneur Zalman son of Mordechai d. 2 Adar 5646
Sheine Rivke daughter of Shmarya wife of Shimon HAZARCHI d. 9 Sivan 5650
Yosef Yitzchak Aizik son of "Meor Hagola" Rabbi Yisroel Yakov Shlomo d. 11
Av 5623
Osher Zelik son of Shneur d. 10 Shevat 5628
Chava daughter of Aharon d. 7 Nisan 5640
Menachem Mendel son of Pinchas ITKIN d. 18 Cheshvan 5696
Chaya Soro wife of Yakov ARHAVNIK
Eliezer Aharon son of Avraham Meyer HOFMAN d. 14 1st Adar 5695
Aron son of Yoel Yitzchak EPSHTEIN d. 11 Nissan 5699
Feige ROT'HAUSE daughter of Baruch Hacohen d. Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan 5674
Dan son of Nissan d. 22 Adar 5608
Yehuda son of Yona Luria d. 5641
Mordechai BUBER (or son of Ber) son of Rabbi Moshe Yitzchak d. 24 Tamuz 5647
Shimon son Mordechai BEILINKI d. 25 Sivan 5656
Chana daughter of Yoel Chaim wife of Tzvi Hoffman d. 12 Sivan 5665
Mordechai son of Binyomin FANIN? d. 26 Kislev 5685
Moshe Yerucham son of Yechil Michel Hacohen d. 2nd Adar 5635
Liba daughter of Yakov Meyer d. 11 1st Adar 5663 (or 5643)
Osher Yankel? son of Yehuda Leib d. 16 Iyar 5644
Leik? son of Shimon GORIN d. 28 Tevet 5644
Avraham son of Yosel d. 8 Tishrei 5647?
Mordechai Yirmiya son of Shmuel Zanvil d. 1st day o f Shavuos 5645
Duber son of Yehuda halevi d. 24 Sivan 5654
Shimon Mordechai son of Yerucham GUTSBOHEN? d. 3 Adar 5667
Pesach Tzvi son of Nachum d. 2nd day Rosh Chodesh Tamuz 5642
Aharon son of Aryeh d. 25 Av 5648
Yakov Yona son of Yehuda d. Shevat 5636
Dovid Ben Tzion?! d. 24 Sivan 5644
Yehuda son of Yona LURIA d. 5641
Meyer TZERNYAK d. 6 Nisan 5667
Moshe son of Yehuda HINDLER d. 24 Sivan 5664
Yoel Ber? son of Tzvi Hirsh LOKSHAN? d. 29 Tevet 5696
Yasha? Yehuda Leib son of Noach? Elozar LAHMAN d. 28 (or Rosh Chodesh)
Tevet 5638
Soro Rivka daughter of Moshe Yitzchak BLOMIN
Zolkind son of Aharon MINDLIN
his wife Chaya daughter of Moshe Yitzchak
The "besula" Heyena Rochel daughter of Moshe Yitzchak CHEIFITZ
The "bachur" Yitzchak Aizik son of Moshe Halevi BLOMIN
All were killed in the days of Blood 20 Cheshvan 5666
Rabbi Shmuel Duber son of Zev d. Nissan 5636



[It is worth comparing this list of Z embin with the list publicized by Mrs. Risa Heywood in website: images. There are about 45 names. The gravestones which appear also on Heywood's list are marked with a star. The differences I added in brackets.]
Rabbi Zev Wolf son of Shimon ZELKIND d. Fast of Gedalia 5673?
Elke daughter of Tzvi ZELKIN
Feige Rochel daughter of Baruch ABIZHAUS d. 28 Cheshvan 5679
Yekusiel son of Baruch Zisman Alexander Sender d. 7 Shevat 5677
Soro ATZNOM? d. 26 Shevat 5689
Elisheva daughter of Zev d. 5696
Yitzchak Aizik son of Dov Ber LIBERMAN d. 20 Nisan 5675
Chaim son of Gershon FEITS? (maybe FEITELSOHN)
*Our dear father Rabbi Yakov son of Dovid FEITELSOHN d. 1st day Rosh
Chodesh Tamuz 5669
*Moshe Aharon son of Avraham Efrayim d. 24 Elul 5657 [Heywood's list -
SHIFRIN (instead of Efrayim), d. 8 Elul]
Zev Wolf FEITELSOHN d. 25 Sivan 5672
Eliezer son of Yakov LAPIDOS d. 28 Nisan 5669
Rivka daughter of Avraham Anshel CHODOSH d. 14 Iyar 5662
*Aron son of Yitzchak LYANDRES d. 5648 [Heywood's list - 28 Tevet]
Shneur Zalman KOPTIZER d. 15 Shevat 5602
Moshe son of Tzvi d. 18 Adar 5662?
Hirsh son of Shimon
*Yehuda Leib Mordechai son of Shlomo Zalman Dovid d. 23 Shevat 5643
[Heywood's list - 5642]


Rabbi Dovid Yehuda Leib son of Tzvi Hirsh BELKIN
Rabbi Boruch Shmuel son of Avraham DON-YICHYE
Michel son of Dov BELKIN
Zalman Ele son of Shmuel PODOKSIK
Chava Dvora daughter of Shneur Zalman wife of Yakov ELKIND d. 5666
Rabbi Menachem Mendel son of Yakov GURYEVITCH
Yisroel Reuven son of Yosef Nachum FRIEDMAN d. 5684
Rabbi Chaim son of Yitzchak Neuman
Rabbi Moshe son of Tzvi ELDFER
Simcha son of Tzvi Hirsch MARGOLIN
Yeshaya Leib son of Elazar Halevi HOROVITZ d. 9 Shevat 5696
Shimon son of Zelkin MATUSEVITCH d. 24 Tishrei 5693
Mordechai Motzel YEFET? (or YOFFE) d. Erev Rosh Chodesh 1st Adar 5697
Rabbi Osher BELKIND d. 2nd Adar 5681
Yitzchak Aizik son of Yosef PINIMPRAG? d. 4 Tevet 5686
Rafael KAPLAN d. 26 Nisan 5683
Nochim Tuvia son of Benyamin Beinish d. 27 Elul 5640
Tzvi Hirsh son of Yakov d. 27 Kislev 5649
Tzivia daughter of Moshe WEINSHT(?) d. 8 Sivan 5648
Yehoshua son of Yitzchak GINSBURG
The "bachur" Duber son of Nissim KATZ
Fishel son of Baruch FRUMKIN d. 2 Elul 5664
Golde daughter of Fishel FRUMIN
Rabbi Eliezer son of Moshe BERKOVITCH?
Chaim son of Shne(ur?) ELKIND d. 6 Tamuz
Dov son of Yitzchak Aizik FRIEDMAN
Yosef Chaim son of Avraham MOTRAN d. 8 Tamuz
Rabbi Avraham son of Pinchas KAHANOVITCH d. 28 Sivan 5692
Yosef son of Shlom ZAYOF d. 22 Tamuz 5696
Rabbi Shlomo son of Yitzchak MACHLOKIN?
Moshe Tzvi son of Yakov Noach d. Rosh Chodesh Kislev 5647
Gedalyahu son of Zalman Mordechai GOLDMAN
Dovid Shlomon son of Simcha Bunim d. 4 Kislev 5649
Dov Betzalel BELKIND
Rabbi Dovid son of Yitzchak Hacohen MAZOH
Eliyahu Tavger

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