Lebedevo, Belarus


Lebedevo (Lebiedzieva), Belarus
54°19' N, 26°42' E

Alternate names: Lebedevo [Rus], Lebiedziew [Pol], Lebiedzieva [Bel],
Lebiedziów, Lebedzev, Lebedev, Russian: Лебедево
Belarusian: Лебедзева.

61 miles ESE of Vilnius (Vilna), 15 miles SW of Vilyeyka,
6 miles W of Maladzyechna

Brief Timeline of Lebedevo:
1323 - 1790s: Part of the Polish Lithuanian Kingdom
1790s - 1915: Part of Russian Empire
(More details; Prior to 1842, the Vilieka Uyezd (District) was part of the Minsk Gubernia.
From 1842 to First World War governed from the Vilno or Vilna Gubernia.
Before WWI ( Jewish Population in 1900: 1,232 : Lebedove Vilna Russian Empire )
1915- 1920 During and immediately after World war I, changed hands
between: Russia, Germany, Poland and the Soviet Union
1921 - 1939: Between the wars: Part of Poland : Lebiedziew
Mołodeczno Wilno Poland (near the border with the Soviet Union)
1939 - 1941: Annexed by the Soviets
1941 - 1944: Under Nazi Occupation
1944 - 1990s: Part of Soviet Union
Today : Lebiedzieva, Belarus

Lebiedziew Business directory in 1929


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