Historic Photographs - #2


Kiddush in the Communal Building - 1936
(Photo provided by Elliot Eisenberg)

Front row:  Toby Yung;  an Amalon girl;  unidentified;  Fifke Amalon (with military cap); little Amalon boy;  teacher;  unidentified;  Pinchas Abramowitz;  unidentified;  unidentified; unidentified;  Beryl Levit

Standing:   Beryl Levit's brother; unidentified;  Sarah;  Shoshana (Rosa) Rachmel;  Lakhe Nadel;  Luba Rachmel Lifshitz;  Mashka Yung;  Sholem Lifshitz (husband of Luba Rachmel); unidentified..

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