The Jewish community of Kvedarna

Vital statistics:

1662:  The first record of Jews living in Kvedarna:  there were 3 men and 4 women. 

1784:   The 1784 Census taken by the Grand Duchy of Lithuania shows 37 households, and 137 persons.

1795:   Russia annexes large parts of Lithuania as part of the Third Partition of Poland, and begins to establish the Pale of Settlement.

1816:   The Russian 1816  Revision List (which may not have been exhaustive) shows 34 Jewish households in Kvedarna, numbering some 150 persons.  9 of those households are recorded as having moved to Kvedarna in the five years since the last Revision List

1897:   By 1897, there were 671 Jews (120 families) out of a total population of 1190 (56%).   Many of the Jewish population made their living out of trades related to wood, and there were a number of prosperous wood merchants.  Others worked in trade (flax, chickens and grains) and in crafts. 

1923:   Before World War I, when there was fighting between Germany and Russia in the area, most of the Jews in Kvedarna fled, and only a portion returned after the war, when the independent state of Lithuania was created.  Nevertheless, in 1923 there were 394 Jews (80 families) out of a total population of 950 (41%). 

1941:   The larger part of the Jewish community of Kvedarna was exterminated  in June 1941, roughly a week after the German army invaded Russia, accompanied by the four einsatzgruppen, units specially formed to execute the Jews in Russia. 

Reference:  Dov Levin: Pinkas Hatekufot Lita, 1996

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