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Prior to 1795 the area in which Kvedarna was situated was part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, a Polish-Lithuanian confederation.   It was annexed to Czarist Russia in 1795, as part of the third and final partition of Poland.   The census of February 1784  was the last census taken in the area by the Grand Duchy of Lithuania; subsequent revision lists were drawn up by the Czarist authorities. 

As in the case of all Polish records, this census was in Latin script.  The details of the Kvedarna Jewish community are on pp. 447-449 of a bound book, and the last page was signed by seven senior members of the community.

Jewish families were not required to adopt surnames until 1804, so the entries are in most cases in the form of patronymics.  The only way of correlating these families with the surnames which appear in the later 1811 and 1816 Czarist Revision Lists, is to look for patterns amongst the names (e.g. two brothers with the same father) and then try to find the same patterns in the 1784 list.  So far, only two links have been established.  They are indicated in the list below.


The first page relating to Kvedarna in the 1784 GDL census

The census  of Jewish persons from the kehillah of the town Chwejdany, belonging to the county ( starostwo ) of the Honourable Michal Ronikier, the czesnik of the Lithuania, located in the Duchy of Zmigrod, District  ----(?) 
  -  by the circular decree of the Lithuanian Commission of the Treasury to verify the poll tax
  -   prepared and submitted on the date of the 15 of February 1784 to the Main Chamber of the Lithuanian [illegible]. 

Lease-holder:    Marek Josiellowicz
          Wife:   Ester
          Daughter:  Mere
          Daughter:   Ite
          Son: Icel 
                      No:     5

Lease-holder:  Lejba Szmujlowicz:          (identified as Leibe Aron in the 1816 list).
          Wife:   Nachama
          Daughter:  Elkie
          Daughter:  Szeyne
          Son:    Zuszman
          Winnik:     Szmuila Szolumowicz
                              No:      6

Lease-holder:   Ejzik
        Wife:    Pesse
                              No:     2

Lease-holder:   Szmuilo Lejbowicz     (identifiable as the son of Lejba Szmujlowicz, above)
         Wife:   Hene
            Son:   Tewe
                             No:     3

Lease-holder:  Mejer Lejzerowicz Spektor
          Wife:   Leje
              Daughter:  Judie
                            No:     3

Lease-holder:  Abram Krawiec                 (Krawiec means "tailor")
       Wife:    Ester
          Son:     Lejb
          Son:     Icel
          Daughter:   Rywka
                           No:     5

Lease-holder:  Hyrsz Szmuillowicz :       (identified as Hirsh Aron in the 1816 list).
       Wife:  Leje
         Son:    Ejzyk
         Son:    Szmuillo
         Daughter:   Rochel
                         No:     5

Lease-holder:    Mejer Lejzerowicz
          Wife:    Gutta
          Son:      Hirsz
          Daughter:   Fegil
          Rochel :   Sub-lessee
          Son:    Lejzer
          Ita Lejzerowa  - mother
                         No:     7

Tailor:  Josiel Beniasz
          Wife:    Chaja
           Son:     Mowsza
                          No:     3

Bass player:   Zundel Michallowicz
          Wife:    Ite
                          No:    3

Lease-holder:   Marek Mendellowicz:   ( identified as Marek Mesias in the 1816 Revision List).
          Wife:    Malkie 
          Son:   Rubin
           Daughter:   Merkie  (?)
                         No:     4

Teacher:  Izraly Michalowicz
         Wife:   Sora
           Son:   Zalkind 
                         No:     3

Tailor:  Mowsza Codykowicz
           Wife:   Sora
            Son:   Hirsz
                   No:    3

Lease-holder:  Josiel Dawidowicz
       Wife:   Syrka
        Son:   Szolom 
        His sub-lessee:  Leyser the tailor
        His wife:  Rewzc
                           No:     5

 Cantor:   Eliasz
         Wife:  Szejne
         Daughter:   Dwojra
         Daughter:   Bassa
                          No:     4

 Stall-keeper:   Wulf Abramowicz 
          Wife:   Leja
                    No:    2

{Septor ?]:   Giccel  Abrahamowicz
         Wife:   Chama 
                    No:   2

The village (wioska) of Drabukszki 
 Lease-holder:  Mendel Jankielowicz
         Wife: Lipkie
          Daughter:  Chaja
             Son:    Leyzor
                      No:    4

The village (wioska)of Lakarkle 
       Lease-holder:      Lejba Mejerowicz
         Wife:   Ejdel
          Son:  Mejer
             Son:  Hirsz
                     No:   4

The small town (maisteczko)  Lojurze Pojurze
        Lease-holder:: Nosan (?)
         Wife:   Rochel
              Daughter:   Basse
              Leyba Jossellowicz - Stall-keeper
              Wife:  Rochel
                      No:   5

The village (wioska) of  Rejaltry
      Lease-holder:     Szmujllo
         Wife:    Pessa
               Son:     Zelik
                       No:    3

The village (wioska) of Kuydic
        Lease-holder: Mejer Mowszowicz
          Wife:  Wichne (??)
              Daughter:  Fejgie
                  No:    3

The village (wioska) of  Tenicnic
       Lease-holder: Ejzik Hyrszowicz
         Wife:  Rochel
               Son:  Hyrsz
                    No:    3

The village (wioska) of  Jamoncic
        Lease-holder: Szmuilowicz
           Wife:    Mirkie
                   No:    2

The tavern at  Pajeziory
         Lease-holder:  Berel Jankielowicz
         Wife:  Taube
               Son:  Hyrsz
           No:    2

The tavern at   Joncycic
         Lease-holder: Jankiel Mowszowicz
              Wife:   Sora
                    No:    2

The town (maistecko) of Pojurze, belonging to Hon. Pilsudski, the Land Scribe of the Duchy of Zmigrod
Lease-holder: Josiel Abrahamowicz
    Wife:  Sora
      Daughter:  Merkie
      Daughter:  Lipkie
      Lazar  -  Stall-keeper
      His wife:  Leja
      Icel:  Tailor
      His wife: Chaja
         No: 8

The tavern at Saslawki
 Lease-holder:Abram Izakowicz
     Wife:   Chawa
     Son:    Eliaz
     Daughter:  Tydska (?)

The tavern at Sabgowo
 Lease-holder:Josel  Izraelowicz
     Wife:    Chame
     Son:      Matje (?)
     Son:      Marek
     Daughter:     Frejda
     Daughter:     Pesse
         No. 6

The tavern at Paragawzic
Lease-holder:  Szolum Mendelowicz
     Wife:      Fejga
     Son:       Jankiel
        No. 3

The tavern at Polskivcic
Lease-holder: Wulf Szlomowicz
     Wife:    Rochel
     Winnik (Bath house atendant?):   Zelman
        No. 3

The town (Miasto) of Bolvic
Lease-holder:  Lebya Eframowicz
    Wife:     Hogie (?)
      Son:      Josiel 
      Son:      Dovid
    Daughter:     Cyrel
        No: 5

Lease-holder:   Mendel Leybowicz
      Wife:      Leja
       Son:       Icel
       Son:      Cemach
         No. 4

Lease-holder:   Judel Zuszmanowicz
      Wife:      Gitel
          No. 2

Lease-holder:  Wulf Aranowicz
      Wife:     Rochel
       Son:      Chonen
         No:   3

Moiwsza  -  Stall-holder
      Wife:     Rochel
      Daughter:   Lipkie
      Son:       Lejba
         No.   4

     Wife:      Frejda
         No.   2


The signatures of the  members of the Kahal as they appear on the origina l

     [ Members of the Kahal
(Community Board)]

Marek Josellowicz

Leyba Szmujlowicz 

Marek Mendellowicz

Mejer Lejzerowicz

Hirsz Szmujllowicz

Lejba Eframowicz

Judel Zuszmanowicz

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