Kupiskis Sports Photos

In the 20th Century, Kupiskis children, teenagers and adults were involved in sporting activities whether as participants or on-lookers.  This was encouraged particularly following World War I with the advent of Zionist and other youth groups who sponsored sporting events.  These events were well-attended and included participation between groups and with other shtetlach.  There were popular Maccabi events throughout Lithuania and Kupiskis residents participated.  You will see evidence of this in the photo of a Kupiskis -Rokiskis soccer match. 

[Click here to see the photo -  August 12, 1925.  Rokiskis won, 2 - 1]

The photos which are found in this section reflect those activities and interests such as soccer and wrestling which the Kupishokers carried with them even when they left Lithuania.  They remained avid sports fans in their adopted countries and passed that interest onto their children and grandchildren, many of whom participate in Maccabi and other sporting activities today.

Kupiskis Maccabee Soccer Team

The following photograph was contributed by Fay Trapido Morris whose father Israel-Mendel Trapido, the son of Yankel Trapido and Tila-Pese Katz, born 1904 in Kupiskis, is located on the bottom row, far right. It shows a group of young men who were athletically inclined and active in sport. For those who eventually left Kupiskis and survived the Holocaust, this photograph traveled with them to South Africa and Israel and was a poignant memory of their youth and the friends that they lost.

Note that on the top row there is a  person superimposed on the photo who appears larger than the rest of the team. This was the coach of the team who missed the original photo session. The photographer later put him in. The names of the other team members are not known. However, it is possible that the coach was Beno-Leizer Meyerowitz and the photographer was Josel Shapiro.

Kupiskis Wrestling Team

The following photograph was brought to South Africa from Kupiskis in the 1920's by Norman Meyer's father. He was on the wrestling team in Kupiskis and brought the photo with him as a momento. It shows in the back row a black team member which makes this a very unique photograph as blacks were certainly a rarity in Lithuania at that time and even today. None of the names of the team members are known.

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