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The following is a photo taken in 1955 in Ra'anana, Israel, and shows the descendants of Motte Hesse Jaffe, who was married twice and had children with both wives.



Top/First Row, left to right: (1) Sarah Mandel, wife of Moshe Mandel, (2) Anna Levin Epstein, wife of Pinchas Epstein, and sister of Bertha Levin Epstein, (3) Zalman Epstein, (4) Isaac Polin, (5) Moshe Mandel.

Bottom/Second Row, left to right: (6) Unknown, (7) Pola Mandel Rachman, sister of Moshe Mandel, (8) Bertha Levin Epstein, wife of Zalman Epstein, and grandmother of Debby Myers, (9) Shulamit Polin, wife of Isaac Polin.


This photograph was donated by Debby Myers in memory of her grandmother.

The photograph that follows was taken in 1953, probably in Petach Tikvah, Israel (according to Norman Meyer, Sheine's son.) The gathering was put together by the Goldin sisters, Hinda and Sheine. This was one of a number of such gatherings of the Israeli Kupishokers.

First/Bottom Row, left to right: (1) Hinda Goldin Shatt, (2) Unknown, (3) Pesia Ash Klar, living in Kfar Haroe, (4) Bella Gafni (Gafanowitz) Rosenfeld, sister of Abrasha Gafni (Gafanowitz), worked in Sachar family store in Kupishok, (5) Unknown.

Second Row, left to right: (6) Unknown, (7) Sheine Goldin Meyer, (8) Sholem-Girsh ben Zelman-Yankel "Zvi" Kriger, (9) Unknown, (10) Unknown, (11) Unknown, (12) Unknown, (13) Unknown, (14) Mr. Kolb, (15) Unknown.

Third Row, left to right: (16) Chava Gafni (Gafanowitz) Hirshfeld, sister of Ben-Zion Gafni (Gafanowitz), living on Moshav Hogla, (17) Unknown, (18) Unknown, (19) Tzila Margolis Price, (20) Unknown, (21) Unknown, (22) Unknown, (23) Unknown, (24) Unknown, (25) Unknown, (26) Unknown.

Top/Fourth Row, left to right: (27) Unknown, (28) Unknown, (29) Abrasha Gafni (Gafanowitz), first cousin of Ben-Zion Gafni (Gafanowitz) and Jane Rivkin Gulis, living in Herzlia, (30) Unknown, (31) Unknown, (32) Unknown, (33) Unknown, (34) Sarah Mandel, (35) Moshe Mandel, (36) Isaac Polin, (37) Shulamit Polin, (38) Unknown.

This photograph was donated by Helen Glass Katz and her family in memory of her parents and identifications were provided by Debby Myers, Fay Trapido Morris, Channa Gulis Eidelman, Benny Price, Norman Meyer, Pnina Gafni, wife of Ben-Zion Gafni, and the daughters of Bella Rosenfeld and Chava Hirshfeld.

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