Kupiskis Synagogue Photos

People on their way to a wedding in the synagogue yard, 1930

Thanks to the Yad Vashem Photo Archives for permission to use this photograph.  Compare it with the othe photos and you can see that the windows have not changed in all these years.


The semi-destroyed synagogue, photo taken in 1948.  This is from an amazing Facebook site with hundreds of photos from Lithuanian towns.

The  Great Synagogue in Kupiskis, which was made of stone, exterior view. The red brick portion was a Misnagdim Synagogue.  The Great Synagogue was used as the Culture House during the Soviet period.  The Misnagdim portion is now used as a boiler room for heating the main building which now contains the Public Library and Wall of Memory Holocaust Memorial erected on July 13, 2004.  The photo was taken in 1983.


(Photo courtesy Boris Feldblyum Collection)


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