Published and On-Line References to Kupiskis

Much information about Kupiskis appears in published sources - both printed and on-line.  Click on each of the sources below to see more details.

View of Kupiskis and the Kupa River, 2002

(Photo courtesy of Ellen Stepak)

Encyclopedia of Jewish Life Before and During the Holocaust
From "The Annihilation of Lithuanian Jewry" by Ephraim Oshry, z'l (1914-2003)   (Reprinted by permission of the publisher, The Judaica Press, Brooklyn, N.Y.)
Funken, Kupishok in the 1930's,  description in the newspaper "Funken"
Kupiskis, Napoleon and the 1830-1861 Rebellions
Jewish Cities, Towns and Villages in Lithuania, by Berl Kagan
The Jewish Community of Kupiskis, by Ausra Jonusyte, Kupiskis Ethnographic Museum  

JewishGen Family Finder

Lite - Description of Kupiskis from Lite by Dr. Mendel Sudarsky, Uriah Katzenelenbogen, J. Kissin, and Berl Kagan  
Lithuanian Jewish Communities, by Nancy Schoenburg and Stuart Schoenburg (Reprinted by permission of the publisher, Jason Aronson, Inc Northvale, N.J.)
Shtetl Finder by Chester Cohen, 1980, 1989.
Vignettes from Africa by Ann Rabinowitz
Where Once We Walked by Gary Mokotoff and Sallyann Sack, published by Avotaynu

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