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The Rymanow Synagogue

by Debbie Raff

This photo was taken March 29, 2005. They are renovating the synagogue in Rymanow! The photo is courtesy of Marek Silarski. According to Marek, after 60 years there will be a temple again in Rymanow. rymanov synagogue They are renovating the building and plan to re-dedicate it.

(editor) thanks for the photo Marek and is very exciting!!

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January 2008: Rymanow Reunion in Israel

by Malka Shacham Doron

How exciting!

ANNOUNCING THE FIRST INTERNATIONAL TOWN OF RYMANOW REUNION IN ISRAEL We are inviting all the friends of our town and members from the first, second and third generations to a reunion that will take place in Israel from JANUARY 15 – 17, 2009

Schedule of Events:

  1. January 15, from noon to 1:00 PM arrival in Kibbutz Gal-On and check into the rooms.
  2. January 15, 4:30 – 6:0 0 PM, first meeting and greetings from the first generation of Rymanow inhabitants.
  3. January 15, 6:30 – 11:30 break into working groups, ideas and brain storming for the continued future activities of "Friends of Rymanow."
  4. Overnight in Kibbutz Gal–On Guest House. For reservations on line, e-mail: Or, you may reach the hotel manager directly on his cell phone:Martin 011-972-52-256-5305 (from the US)
  5. January 16, breakfast at Kibbutz Gal-On. Continue with meetings on genealogy and searching of roots.

Exchange of photographs and sharing of impressions of the reunion that took place in Rymanow, Poland in August. Summary of reunion and decisions for future actions for the group.All those who are interested in continuing to meet are invited to travel at noon to Mitzpe Ramon and stay in The Youth Hostel on Friday and Saturday (January 16 and 17 ) or in private homes. Kosher cuisine is available there. Click here to E-mail the Youth Hostel. If you need more information, please email Malka Shacham Doron.

August 2016: Rymanow Jewish Society Remembrance Days – 9-14 of August 2016

Rymanow Remembrance Day VIII

And again, there will be a week long celebration, as orchestrated by

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