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Surnames and Researchers of Jaslo

The following table of surnames includes those who have emailed me over the years. I have included a short precis of their interests. I would like to add to this table as time goes on. Why not send a short paragraph to add to this list....and feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Just like our research, this is an evolving project! .... just click on my name. Phyllis Kramer, V.P. of Education and Special Projects, JewishGen Inc; October 2013

  1. WELFELD: Amy Wagner 8/2013 Hello Ms. Kramer, My name is Amy Wagner and I was doing family research and wanted to know more about Jaslo in Galicia. I even saw the cemetery page and had the surname of the family member I was researching! I wanted to know if you would be able to help me with more information. My husband's great ggf Harry Frank WELFELD. I know he was from Jaslo, according to his naturalization papers. He was born in 1869 and sailed on the Ohio from Liverpool in 1885 to Phila. Thank you!
  2. FRISS/GROSS: Moshe Fink jan2012 looking for descendants of Aron Josef FELD and Sercia FRISS. Aron Josef was born in Czchow in 1881. Sercia was born in Jaslo in 1881 to Herman FRISS and Rachel GROSS. They got married in 1904 in Tarnow.
  3. STERN: Elena Quevedo June 2011 My gm Molly STERN b 1908 Jaslo married Cyrus BREYER emigrated to NY 1920. Molly had three brothers Awner, Menashe and Shimon Shtern, born in Jaslo c1900-1920. I am planning a trip to Poland in August. Any suggestions?> Thank you so much for your help, and i look forward to hearing from you! I'm still searching for more information about the three brothers in Jaslo, and their lineage, but know I'm on the right track now. Kevin J. Shea Fairfield Ct.
  4. PLOZKIER: Nitzan Primor Sept 2010. I am the grandson of Izrael Plozkier of 35 Ulica Kazimierza Wielkiego, I wonder whether you have pictures of that street or even house. Thanks and RegardsNitsan Primor (Plozkier) france
  5. HOFFERT, Naphtali: Karin Gale " April 2010 In the Jaslo publication it stated he had 2 sons and 2 daughters. I grew up knowing only 1 son - Awraham and one daughter - Miriam. I knew them well and loved them. But I don't know the names of the other two siblings or their whereabouts. I am going to Israel this summer and wondered if the two unkn own siblings had descendants that I could look up while I am there
  6. NUSBOUME: Yehuda Dec 2009. I found the connection to you through the site of the Jews of Yaslo. My gm Tzipora Feiga NUSBOUME, born 1924, ggp: reb Chaim David (son of reb Yosef Leib) Nusboume b1900 & Sarra (daughter of Shimone and Bela Mirriam), b1900.They had three children: gm Tsipora Faiga (1924-survived holocaust, yad vashem), Ya'akov Mordechai (1926) and Malka Tova (1928). We have several letters that reb Chaim David Nusboume (Tsipora Nusboume's father and my ggf) sent to his brother Moshe Nusboume (he was a cantor, emig. Vienna and later to the US) from the town of Yaslo, during the Natsi's rule. Also, after my grandmother passed away, we found a large picture of a Jew, with a respectable figure with a beard and side locks (Peios), probably my gms gf Yoshef Leib Nusboume.
  7. SIEGFRIED Family of Jaslo: Lillian Siegfried Natan SIEGFRIED (age 65) and Regina RESSLER were the parents of nine children. They lived at 10 Kazimierza Wielkiego, Jaslo Poland. At the Belzec Nazi Death Camp, they were annihilated along with other members of their family that included: two sons, two daughters, three daughters-in-law and three grandchildren. Fishel ("Phil") Siegfried, their eldest son, had emigrated to the United States around 1930. The family included:
  8. SILBER Family of Jaslo and Ilona BELDENGRIN Ilona Kotys, Vienna added Dec 2018

    I write about my fathers family. I didn't find them mentioned in yizkor book of Jaslo. If you have any information please click on my name to email me.

    The parents of my father (my grandparents) were Chaim Silber ( 1.8.77 Bogumilovice -7.11.1952 Israel) and Chaja (Rosenfeld)(8.2.1877 Debica-22.7.1961 Israel). Both survived the holocaust in Samarkand and went after to Israel. They lived in Jaslo, where my father Aaron and his siblings were born. They lived in ulica Kosciuszki 19, in the house of Mozes Eder. My grandfather had a wood trade and they bought the wood boards from the the woodmill of Goldfluss.
    The family photo has: First row from left to right is Wolf , above him standing Yitzhak. The next my grandmother Chaja (Rosenfeld) and my grandfather Chaim Silber. Sitting on his knees the little boy is Salomon. Standing in front my father Aaron. The next woman who is standing its Rachel (married Reifer) and the little girl who sitting Gitka.

    My father was Aaron Silber, his siblings were:

    My father had a long story He escaped from the train, going to Belzec and was with the partisans in the wood . Only he and two others survived. After the holocaust he went to Vienna, where I was born. His girl friend from Jaslo, Ilona Beldengrin (I have my name in honour of her!) was in the same train to Belzec like him and died in Belzec. The photo at the left is Aaron and Ilona. She was also not mentioned in yizkor book or kehila links. Her father was a kosher butcher at this time, Shlomo our Nathan Beldengrin?? I don't know, which one fits. I only know, he died in Russia. I think, she must probably be born in Jaslo between 1912 and 1914, because my father was born 1912 in Jaslo. Both were at the tennis club, makabi,I think, because they liked to play tennis . I don't know, if there is any information left of Makabi?

    Wolf Silber, the brother of my father and his wife Esther (Freund) and his kids Sara and Moshe died in Belzec. They had a 8 month old baby which they had to leave and hoping someone will take her. This was Maria Vasitinskaya, who was adopted from a polish couple. I found her real name, Riwka Silber (in Yad Vashem on a foto, given from my aunt Rachel to them). Sheindle Cohen wrote about her in your kehilalink pages. This Maria Riwka is my first cousin ( DNA through my heritage ! ) and living now in Omsk, Russia. We had great reunion this year in Israel.The tragedy with her was, that my aunt Gitka came after the holocaust back to Jaslo and found her in Krosno. But this couple gave her never back to my aunt. Otherwise,my aunt had taken her to Israel,I believe. After my aunt's visit, they vanished to Russian, so she was never found again. I remembering, that my father tried to find a child of his brother Wolf, but he failed. So 76 years later, we found us through our DNA. So late, so sad, she had a poor life.

    In 1996 there was a interview in Vienna from the holocaust foundation from Washington from Steven Spielberg with my father. There ,you can find the whole interview of his life in german language.

    In the moment I am searching, to get some informations about Ilona Beldengrin, the fiance of my father; but I got stuck. I have only this foto for her with my father. I wanted so much, to write a remembering paper for her in Yad Vashem. Only Adam Kahane (I wrote with him, he is one of the last from Jaslo, who are still living) remembers her and my father. But that's all, alas. Not who is the father of her or something like that.

    The next photo is my father and his friends.. .but i dont know the name of his friends.

    So, if you have questions to me, you can write me anytime.
    Many greetings from Vienna, Ilona Kotys, Vienna Dec 2018

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Postcards from Jaslo -- early 1900s

It sure is nice to have friends all over the world....in April i got the following note from Monka Hendry:

Hi Phyllis,
These are copies of old Jaslo postcards found among papers of my late grandmother. I hear that they are pre-First WW. Please feel free to download and put up on the Jaslo page if you like.

Editors Note: we've combined many of the postcards with the 1929 business directory below....showing the Jaslo scenes along with the directory entries....if you are seeking a special surname, don't forget to use the search function...just click on Edit on the top line, then Find, then type in your surname!!

The marketplace (Rynek), North Eastern corner, Urzad Miasta on the right (Miasta street) Postcard #7

. . . .

This postcard is the C.K. Gymnasium on Czackiego Street Postcard #5

The Wizytek Monastery on a hill overlooking Jaslo's railway station...and it is beautiful! Klasztor P.P. Wizytek "en gorge" Postcard #6

Thanks Monika!!

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The 1929 Business Directory...translated by Monika Hendry, June 2004.

Editors note: JewishGen has put the actual images of the directory on the web, but they are difficult and time consuming to read. After getting many requests, Monika translated the directories and sent them to me for posting; I have combined them in the table below (phyllis kramer, October 2013)

JASLO: a town located 233 m above the sea level. The seat of the county and regional court, the court of appeal in Cracow, 10,391 inhabitants. Railway lines Jaslo-Rzeszow, Stroze-Nowy Zagorz.

The state and community authorities: police station, town council, treasury office, revenue office, mining office, land record office, road management office, water resources office, county land office, school inspectorate, magistrate.
Churches and schools: 2 catholic churches, one synagogue, 2 monasteries: Franciszkanow and Wizytek. High school.

Below, an excellent photograph of the ancient synagogue. Postcard #8
Institutions: Polish Bank branch, County Health office.
Trade unions and associations: industrialists' assoc., catholic merchants and industrialists' assoc., branch of the central mining union, regional agricultural society, branch of landowners association, branch of the trade union for glass industry workers, branch of the trade union of chemical industry workers, branch of the trade union for construction industry workers.
Guilds: furriers, tailors, shoemakers.
Major fairs: 7 January, 3 February, 23 April, 21 September, 2 November, 1 December.
Industries: oil and gas, cement, mills, sawmills, tanneries, factories: juice, vinegar, soap, candles, wax, shoe polish, bone products, bag, broom.

[and now, the listings]

  • County head: Antoni Zoll
  • Mayor: J. Wilusz.
  • Vice-mayor: Ludwik Ochlalowicz
  • Hospital director: Dr. J. Zelazny
  • Town abattoir: F. Kotlarski
  • Power station director: J. Wrona
  • Gas station director: J. Ochonski
  • Fire services commander: Edmund Knebel
  • Doctors: town doctor - Jozef Kadyj, L.Kornmehl, Adam Kowenicki, S. Lanes, M. Menasse-Cukier (ob-gyn), Stan. Paczesniak, Jakub Schorr (internal medicine), Klementyna Welfeld (surgery), county doctor Rud. Zatlokal, Jozef Zelazny (ob-gyn. surgery), Wal. Dymnicka, Al. Hicner, St. Machnicki, M. Zucker.
  • Dentists: Grabschriff, A. Rybarski, Kotlarska, Stillmanowa
  • Vets: Antoni Hupnicki, Jan Kotlarski, J, Strag.
  • Lawyers: Jozef baranowski, M.Czerny-Szwarcenberg, Stan. Gottlieb, Jakob Herzig, Wojciech Jurasz, Adolf Kaczkowski, Leopold Klier, Abraham Kornhauser, Kazimierz Kulczycki, Maksym Lipinski, Abraham Menasse, Naftali Menasse, Ludwik Oberlander, Leon Reichmann, Hendryk Rosenbusch, Wlad. Sewer. Rzuchowski, Marc. Sanakowski, Jozef Schonborn, Alfred Spirer, Herm. Stein, Antoni Walaszek, Fel. Warchalowski, Fischel Welfeld, Jan Wilusz.
  • Notaries: Jozef Dutkiewicz, Franc. Gutwinski
  • Midwives: M. Feuer- Targowica, H. Husar - Slowackiego street, B. Radoniewicz- Lenartowicza Street, A. Stanek - Czackiego street, J. Bukiewicz.
  • Pharmacies: A. Blum "Pod Gwiazda", K. Stasiniewicz.
  • Banks: Ludowy Bank, Bank Polski - Staszica street, "Fortuna", Bank Spoldzielczy; Bank houses: Bern. Kornfeld - 3 Maja street.
  • Barrel makers: A. Kulczycki
  • Cement products: Jaslo magistrate, B. Margulies
  • Underwear: A. Goldner - Kosciuszki street, M. Kaufmann.
  • Stationery: A. Schochet - 3 Maja street, R. Margulies and S. Margulies.
  • Tin makers: M. Ament, S. Betleja, J. Bruder
  • Textiles/Fabrics: Ch. Adler - Rynek (main square), J. Altmann - Florianska street, M. Eder - Igielna, F. Ellowitz- Rynek, M. Faust - Igielna, O. Ganger - Rynek, M. Gutwein - Rynek, H. Hagel - Rynek, A. Kalb - 3 Maja, L. Kalb - Slowackiego street, Kolko Rolnicze Co Ltd. - Kosciuszki street, B. Kudler, J. Menasse and Wistreich - Rynek, M. Muller - Rynek, D. Seinwel - Rynek, M. Springer - Rynek, L. Stupnicki - Kosciuszki street, B. Waldhorn - Kosciuszki street.
  • Building companies: engineer J. Lauterbach, engineer B. Winkler; Building masters: R. Nowak - Kosciuszki, J. Rybak - Staszica, A. Szpak, G. Szczurko
  • Cattle trade: H. Stein - Florianska street, J. Wildstein - Wysoka street,
  • Brick factories: B. Schmindling
  • Cement products: the town authorities, Izydor Kolek, B. Margulies
  • Cake bakeries: "Goplana", J. Nowak - Kosciuszki street
  • Confectionery: M. Gotzler - 3 Maja street
  • Cap makers: E. Lehr - Kazimierza Wielkiego street, S. Schwinger- Kazimierza Wielkiego street, J. Thaler - Kazimierza Wielkiego street.
  • Delicatessen: D. Berger
  • Cosmetics: S. Baltazinski "Drogeria pod Aniolem" - Koralewskiego street
  • Poultry: Poultry Farming Co Ltd - Sokola street.
  • Printing houses: Stanislaw Kuzniarski - Rynek, A. Schochet - 3 Maja street, "Wisloka" Co Ltd - Targowica (market place).
  • Timber: L. Brenner - Kazimierza Wielkiego street, Ch. Goldblatt - Kazimierza Wielkiego Street, I. Haas, L. Haas - Florianska street, H. Kolber - Igielna street, W. Zimet - Basztowa street, B. Goldstein, B. Margulies, H. Plockier.
  • Forwarding offices: D. Berger - Stroma street.
  • Power stations: Town Power Station - Potockiego street
  • Labels factories: A. Schochet - 3 Maja
  • Photo ateliers: J. Kukulski - Kosciuszki street, "Maria" - Kosciuszki street
  • Hairdressers: Fass, Kamin, K. Kapralski - Kosciuszki street, T. Makowski - 3 Maja street, Schindler.
  • Galalith (casein-based) products: "Rog" Co Ltd - Kosciuszki street.
  • Accessories: A. Bak- Czackiego street, A. Bialywlos - 3 Maja street, Ch. Blum - Kosciuszki street, I. Blum - Rynek, B. Dranger - Kosciuszki street, Ch. Faber - 3 Maja street, A. Karpinski - 3 Maja street, F. Krischer - Rynek, M. Krischer - 3 Maja street, S. Krischer - Kosciuszki street, S. Licht - Kazimierza Wielkiego street, M. Polak - Rynek, A. Stern - Kazimierza Wielkiego street, M. Zimet - Rynek., H. Aszkenazy - Rynek, D. Zwetschkenbaum - Kazimierza Wielkiego street.
  • Tanneries: Sam. Knobloch - Piotra Skargi street.
  • Gas stations: State Gazociagi
  • Surveyors: J. Kokesz, J, Letkowski, B. Oczeret
  • Combs: "Rog" Co Ltd
  • Buttons: "Rog" Co Ltd - Kosciuszki street
  • Embroidery: J. Malczyk - Florianska street
  • Hotels: "Grand" Czackiego street, "Krakowski"- owner T. Kierznowski -on Kosciuszki street, Ch. Rubel - Kosciuszki street.

    This wonderful street scene is from a Postcard of the Hotel Krakowski: Postcard #2

  • Installations: W. Nosek, E. Siwczynski - Wyspianskiego street
  • Book binding: J. Buba, W. Mroczkiewicz - Kosciuszki street
  • Eggs: O. Altman - Targowica (market square), R. Korzennik - Sokola street, A. Hollander
  • Jewellery: B. Just - Kosciuszki street.
  • Tiles: J. Malczyk - Florianska street
  • Stonemasons: S. Piatkiewicz - Slowackiego street
  • Quarries: I.M. Kornreich, D. Werner
  • Ladies' hats: M. Fafarowna - Kosciuszki street, S. Gontkowa, Zelichowska - Kosciuszki street
  • Hatters: L. Frisner
  • Cinemas: "Harmonja"- Kolejowa street, "Sokol"- Sokola street
  • Colonial goods: Hollander and Hoffert - Kazimierza Wielkiego street, E. Rubin, I. Kozlowski - Rynek, D. Wilchfort - Kosciuszki street
  • Wheel makers: J. Malinowski - 3 Maja street, Beia Muller - Trybunalska street
  • Chimney companies: S. Niemczynski, J. Seib
  • Clothes: S. Korzennik - Kosciuszki street, Ch. Rappaport - Nowa street, M. Toder - Kosciuszki street, J. Wiener - Rynek, M.H. Kornerich - Nowa street
  • Horse traders: M. Heller - Basztowa
  • Cooperatives: "Sila" Co Ltd - Piotra Skargi street; Building cooperatives: "Osada"
  • Baskets: M. Gross - Koralewskiego street, "Rozwoj" Co Ltd, J. Szostak - Farna street
  • Blacksmiths: J. Kwiatkowski, J. Twarog, J. Wapinski
  • Ladies' tailors: J. Bana - Igielna street, T. Bergman - Targowica, A. Burgielska - 3 Maja street, G. Federkowa - Czackiego street, M. Haber - Stroma street, A. Lonicki - Rynek, Piatkowicz - Mickiewicza street, W. Schafler - Florianska street, B. Skwarowa - Florianska street, M. Wlodarska - Rynek, A. Wronska - Kosciuszki.
  • Men's tailors: T. Glogowski - Dluga street, J. Grunfeld -Bednarska street, M.Jeremiasz - Nowa street, A. Jozefowicz - Rynek, F. Jozefowicz - Nowa street, K. Kaminski - Florianska street, P. Kieltyka - 3 Maja street, J. Letnarowicz - Czackiego street, M. Lezny - Basztowa street, S. Okonski - Koralewskiego street, A. Schlachner - Basztowa street, J. Swieton - Sokola street, A. Wolski - Dluga street.
  • Credit institutions: Kasa Oszczednosci - Kosciuszki street, Tow.Zaliczkowe Co Ltd.

    Postcard #3 is Kasa Oszczednosciowa on Kosciuszki Street Postcard #3

  • Bookstores: H. Berner - Rynek, "Ruch", T, Strzetelski - 3 Maja street
  • Kitchen utensils: S. Dab - Kazimierza Wielkiego street, A. Einhorn - Rynek, H. Engel - Rynek, E. Frisch - Kosciuszki street, G. Unger - Florianska street.
  • Furriers: S. Soltysik - Ujejskiego street
  • Painters: S. Bruder, I. Gans, L. Smolowicz
  • Marmalade: S. Frankel - Nowa street
  • Machines: Jozef Kukulski - Kosciuszki street
  • Sawing machines: K.Knebel - 3 Maja street, W. Lorenz - Nowa street
  • Agricultural equipment: Edmund Dab - Kosciuszki street, L. Zimet - Rynek
  • Furniture: J. Binenstock - Kazimierza Wielkiego street, L. Zimet and son - Igielna street
  • Brooms: "Jaslanka" Co Ltd - Kochanowskiego street
  • Dairy products: "Wyzwolenie - 3 Maja street
  • Mills: Goldfluss and Wistreich - 3 Maja street (steam), Schmindling and Co (motor).
  • Brass products: K. Schedlisker - Farna street, Ch. Springer - Florianska street
  • Soap factory: Siekerzynski and Co,
  • Oil exploitation: Horta Co Ltd; Oil products: S. Gotlieb - Rynek, B. Kramer - Kazimierza Wielkiego; Oil discovery: "Gulmis" Co Ltd, Jasielska Sp. Naftowa Co Ltd; Oil industry: refinery - Gartenberg and Schreier
  • Pig merchants: J. Kosiba - 3 Maja
  • Real Estate: H. Buchelt - Franciszkanska street, Kl. Korakiewicz - W. Jagielly street, A. Bak - Rynek, M. Langelfeld
  • Shoes: E. Blaser - Kosciuszki street, Ch. Freund - Rynek, M. Freund - Karmelicka, E. Jurys - Kosciuszki street, H. Krischer - Kosciuszki street, R. Leiser - Kosciuszki street, E. Meller - 3 Maja street, S. Schertz - Rynek, O. Grunfeld.
  • Vinegar: S. Weiser - Igielna street
  • Gardening: K. Ligeza - 3 Maja street
  • Paper: R. Margulies - 3 Maja street, J. Perlberger - Kazimierza Wielkiego street, P. Margulies - Rynek; Paper products: A. Schochet
  • Paraffin: Oil refinery - Gartenberg and Schreier
  • Shoe polish: J. Forscher - Nowa street
  • Fodder: D. Oliner - Kosciuszki street
  • B&B: A. Rosenfeld - Kosciuszki street
  • Bakeries: E. Fisch - Kazimierza Wielkiego, J. Nowak - Kosciuszki street, L. Ochtalowicz, J. Thaler - Igielna street, E. Tisch - Kazimierza Wielkiego street.
  • Ginger bread: J. Bydon - Koralewskiego street, J. Guzik - Targowica
  • Stationery: S. Margulies - Rynek
  • Beer: B. Teichler - Asnyka street, L.Mroczkiewicz - Kazimierza Wielkiego street.
  • Funeral homes: J. Gubala - Stroma street, J. Jurys, K. Jurys - Zielona street.
  • Employment bureau: A. Szustkiewicz - Basztowa street, M. Pawlowska Goldsmiths: F. Barnas - Koralewskiego street.
  • Radio equipment: J. Kukulski and Son
  • Restaurants: J. Dunaj - 3 Maja street, Ch. Goldstein - Kazimierza Wielkiego street, T. Kierznowski - Kosciuszki street, W. Mailich - 3 Maja street, A. Margulies - Rynek, J. Owoc - railway station, A. Polakowa - Kosciuszki street, L. Rab - Czackiego street, I. Rosner - Rynek, P. Spett - 3 Maja street, J. Zawislak - Staszica street

    This postcard shows Czackiego Street early in the century....alongside the western side of the park; the last house (with the tower) and the red house still stand Postcard #1

  • Horn/bone products: "Rog" Co Ltd- Kosciuszki street
  • Agricultural products: "Rolnik" Co Ltd- Rynek
  • Assorted goods: P. Altman - Kazimierza Wielkiego street, G. Apfel - Rynek, H. Baumring - Kosciuszki street, F. Bodner - Kosciuszki street, J. Bryszkowski - Florianska street, J. Dymnicki - Kosciuszki street, L. Ellias - Wladyslawa Jagielly street, L. Emmer - Igielna street, J. Frey - Czackiego street, E. Kachlik - Wladyslawa Jagielly street, E. Kanengisser - Kazimierza Wielkiego street, M. Kleiner - 3 Maja street, F. Kleinman - Rynek, "Kolko Rolnicze" Co Ltd - Koralewskiego street, Wl. Jagielly street, Rybek, Florianska street, R. Kreiger - Kosciuszki street, M. Kunstler - Kosciuszki street, M. Niranberg - Kosciuszki street, I. Reich - Kazimierza Wielkiego street, F. Rosenzweig - Rynek, F. Rosner - Rynek, "Spoldzielnia Kolejarzy" Co Ltd - Florianska street, Metzgera street, J. Sarnecki - Nowa street, Ch. Spirer - Florianska street, Ch. Stilmann - Kosciuszki street, M. Swierzewicz - 3 Maja street, M. Wolf - Targowica, "Zgoda" Co Ltd - Czackiego street, Z. Zeilender - Kazimierza Wielkiego street, E. Zimet - Kosciuszki street, Z. Krzywda - Igielna street, H. Rosen - 3 Maja street. Butchers: S. Boldengrun - Kosciuszki street, M. Bruck - Rynek, D. Denner - Bednarska street, N. Matz - Koralewskiego street, Smoluchowski - Kosciuszki street, G. Spirer - Rynek, S. Spirer - Kazimierza Wielkiego street, A. Steinbrecher - Nowa street.
  • Saddle makers: Fornal
  • Animal skins: M. Ausenberg - Rynek, E. Blazer - Kosciuszki, J. Bulsiewicz, Einziger - Nowa street, J. Fromowicz - Kazimierza Wielkiego street, E. Maller - 3 Maja street, J. Rogowski , M. Teitelbaum - Florianska street, S. Weil - Florianska street, A. Weitz - Sokola street, I. Willner - Kazimierza Wielkiego street.

    Postcard # 4 is Sokola Street with Club Sokol on the left. Postcard #4

  • Juice/Syrup factories: A. Frunkiel - Szajnochy street
  • Salt: G. Kaczkowski - Kazimierza Wielkiego street, Z. Gawlow
  • Spirits retail: M. Anisfeld - Nowa street, Wl. Kucharski; Spirits wholesale: State Alcohol Monopoly; Alcohol distillery: I. and J. Rubel
  • Foodstuffs: E. Stillman - Rynek, J. Thaler - Kazimierza Wielkiego street, Nurenberg - Kosciuszki street
  • Carpenters: J. Brzostek - Basztowa street, Kosiek - Florianska street, J. Maruszczak - 3 Maja street, J. Polak - Sokola street, S. Schmidt - 3 Maja street, J. Swieczynski - 3 Maja street, S. Wronski - Kosciuszki
  • Brushes: S. Schlaff - Kazimierza Wielkiego street
  • Shoemakers: J. Bulsiewicz, W. Kecki, J. Pajak, W. Pajak, L. Zychowicz - Kosciuszki street,
  • Glass and porcelain: S. Erlich, E. Frisch - Kosciuszki street, E. Kochanski, B. Unger - Florianska street, G.Unger - Sokola street
  • Herring: A. Peller - Asnyka street
  • Turners: J. Kowalczyk- Szajnochy street, A. Majer, W. Nossek - Sokola street, K. Polak, S. Tomasik - Florianska street
  • Candle factory: "Watropol" - owner Kazimierz Siwik - Staszica street
  • Upholstery: K. Bohaczek, J. Ehrenfreund, J. Rosenfeld
  • Sawmills: M. Glodfluss and S. Wistreich (steam) - 3 Maja street, Jozef Schmindling and Co (motor), H. Plockier and Co.
  • Dentist technicians: H. Grabschrift - 3 Maja street, A. Rybarski, H. Wurzel
  • Technical goods: A. Margulies - Rynek; Advert: Adolf Margulies, technical, electrotechnical and construction goods, tel. no: 42 and 44
  • Paper bags factory: Jozef Perlberger - Kazimierza Wielkiego street
  • Tobacco goods: K. Jaklinski - Koralewskiego street, Wl. Rolek - 3 Maja street
  • Insurance: "Cracow Assoc. of Mutual Insurance", "Polish Directorate of Insurance", J. Bak "Przezornosc" - Rynek, "Orzel" owner M. Thumim - Nowa street, Sz. Schander "Feniks" - 3 Maja street, A. Strzetelska - 3 Maja street
  • Ready to wear: S. Kuntz - Asnyka street, S. Schermer - Florianska street, L. Sperling - Florianska street, F. Weichselbaum - Kosciuszki street Lime: M. Beck - Igielna street, M. Beck - Stroma street, S. Kunstler - Basztowa street
  • Sausages, meat products: R. Dasiewicz- Piotra Skargi street, L. Jurys - Slowackiego street, S. Kostecki - Nowa street, J. Lezon - Rynek, A. Olbrychtowicz - Nowa street, P. Sokolowski - Piotra Skargi street, W. Zimet - Rynek.
  • Coal: A. Beck and N. Segal - Florianska
  • Fruit wines: J. Ehrenfreund - Kazimierza Wielkiego street, M. Herz - Kazimierza Wielkiego street, L. Weinberger - Koralewskiego street, M. Westreich - Igielna street, A. Engelhardt - Kosciuszki street.
  • Vodka, liqueurs: Ch. Rab - Kosciuszki street, I. and J. Rubel - 3 Maja street.
  • Taverns: S. Bajer - Stroma street, W. Einziger - Kosciuszki street, A. Hallaman - Florianska street, M. Kardas - Brzyska 27, Maks Koegel - Rynek, J. Kwiatkowski - Rynek, A. Margulies - Rynek, J. Meth - Karmelicka street, J. Sanokowski - Warzyce, B. Schwimmer - Kazimierza Wielkiego street, L. Walker - Florianska street, I. Werner - Wladyslawa Jagielly street, I. Zitronenbaum - Kazimierza Wielkiego street
  • Grains: "Rolnik" Co Ltd - Rynek, A. Zimet - Kazimierza Wielkiego street
  • Watches: S. Olszewski- Rynek, S. Piatkiewicz - Rynek, D. Ring - Florianska street, A. Schacht - Igielna Street, I. Weber - Koralewskiego street
  • Iron goods: S. Safier - Florianska street, J. Susskind - Kazimierza Wielkiego street, Ch. Kleinmann - Rynek
  • Iron: Edmund Dab - Kosciuszki street, Jakub Thaler - Florianska street, "Zwir" Co Ltd, L. Zimet - Rynek; Advert: Dab Edmund, trade in iron and agricultural equipment, Kosciuszki 410. Iron bars, iron and zinced plate, kitchen fittings, paints, grease, lubricants, agricultural tools and machines.

The marketplace (Rynek), North Eastern corner, Urzad Miasta on the right (Miasta street) Postcard #7

. . . .

Monika also translated the business directory for the surrounding villages:

  1. Gorajowice - village (now Jaslo suburb), 321 inhabitants,
    Landowners: Tadeusz Sroczynski
    Oil mines: "Verdatok", Przemysl Naftowy
  2. Kaczorowy - village (now Jaslo suburb), 531 inhabitants
    Cattle trade: L. Szpak
    Blacksmiths: M. Gil
    Tailors: W. Sierakowski
    Mills: J. Soltys (water mill)
    Brass: J. Wisniowski
    Bricklayers: Falat, J. Skorski, J. Witusik
    Soap factory: E. Siekierczynski
    Beer: E. Siekierczynski
    Assorted goods: M. Fisch
    Animal skins: H. Grunspan
    Carpenters: M. Tybor
    Shoemakers: W. Konieczny, W. Wojnowicz
    Turners: J. Bachowski
  3. Kowalowy - village (now Jaslo suburb), 877 inhabitant
    Cattle trade: L. Guzik
    Carpenters: J. Bukowski, J. Dylag, J. Rak
    Blacksmiths: J. Korzeniowski
    Tailors: P. Boron
    Bricklayers: J. Kulinski
    Assorted goods: "Kolko Rolnicze", Leib Wagschall
    Shoemakers: S. Barluta
    Upholstery: J. Tokarski
    Tobacco: Wojciech Maczuga
    Vodka factory: Izrael Kornreich
    Taverns: Ch. Fallek
  4. Krajowice - village (now Jaslo suburb), 347 inhabitants
    Landowners: Jan Nowotny
    Carpenters: W. Bukowski, St. Owsiak
    Quarries: J. Madej
    Blacksmiths: C. Matysiak
    Shoemakers: A. Solacha
    Tobacco: A. Pielak
    Tavern: A. Ehrenmann
  5. Nieglowice - village (now Jaslo suburb), 502 inhabitants
    Landowners: Alojzy Kolarz
    Cooperatives: "Sila" Co Ltd
    Tailors: F. Dusza
    Bricklayers: P. Budziak
    Refineries: "Jaslo", Gartenberg and Schreirer Co.
    Oil mines: "Cieklin" Co Ltd
    Assorted goods: O. Reiss
    Butchers: St. Kostecki
    Tobacco: T. Mysliwiec, F. Reiss, A. Widziszewski
  6. Sobniow - village (now Jaslo suburb), 773 inhabitants.
    Landowners: Robert Rubel and Co.
    Brick factories: I. and J. Rubel
    Carpenters: W. Ochwal, M. Wilkomirski
    Distilleries: I. and J. Rubel
    Blacksmiths: J. Polak
    Bricklayers: J. Rybak
    Oil mines: "Sobniow"
    Assorted goods: J. Dacyl, "Kolko Rolnicze", P. Sokolowski
    Spirits: I. and J. Rubel
    Shoemakers: J. Dylag
    Tobacco: P. Palacz
    Vodkas and liqueurs: I. and J. Rubel
  7. Warzyce - village (now Jaslo suburb), 1,158 inhabitants
    Landowners: Jan Gorayski
    Cattle trade: Mendel Weitz
    Assorted goods: J. Lipski
    Tobacco: J. Wojtowicz
    Tavern: J. Fafara, J. Sanokowski
  8. Zolkow - village (now Jaslo suburb), 910 inhabitants
    Brick factories: Bruno Schmindling
    Carpenters: J. Beben, S. Kwarciany
    Blacksmiths: B. Zajac
    Mills: Chaim Blut (motor), Franciszek Fraczek (motor), Rotter and Baumring
    Bricklayers: W. Grabowski
    Assorted goods: J. Czyzewicz, "Kolko Rolnicze"
    Sawmills: Rotter and Baumring
    Tobacco: S. Dabrowski

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Photographs from the Polish Digital Archives:

The Polish National Digital Archives has posted wonderful photographs from some of our shtetls in the 1920s and 1930s. You can search for your shtetl by going to http://www.audiovis.nac.gov.pl/obraz/; put the town name (as it is spelled today) in the box on the upper left hand corner. Each photograph is labeled and dated.

Our friend Monika, who was born in Poland, has translated some of the captions, but you can do this too, by using poltran at http://www.audiovis.nac.gov.pl/obraz/. Just cut and paste the caption into the search box.

The first photograph is Krosno's main square in 1932
Next is a photograph in Jaslo, showing the laying of the cornerstone for a Talmudic school in 1934. In the photograph: Cadik from Bobowa, Ben Zion Halberstam, leader of the kehilla, and Mr. Spirer.
This 1929 photograph shows Ben Zion Halberstam with his secretaries during his stay at a spa in Truskawiec.

and this last photograph shows Krosno town leaders Greeting the President of the Polish Republic, Ignacy Moscickiego, in March of 1927. PDAKrosno2

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