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June 2003

Welcome to Yaslo

Memoirs of Jaslo 1939-1960

from a book published in polish in 2000; translated by Monika Hendry. Includes 1939 map and an alphabetized listing of Jewish Homes!!

Jewish Homeowners and Businesses in 1939 map of Jaslo

Map of the Town

The map above is from the book, and is based on a map from 1900 which was updated in 1939.

Legend: 1-2. Town Hall (Ratusz Miejski), County Starost 3. High School for men (Gimnazjum) 4. Monastary and Church "Franciszkanch" 5. Sports Society "Sokol" 6-7. Schools 8. Synagogue 9. Chapel 10. Hospital 11-12-13. Bank,County Council, Savings Society 14-15-16. Post Office, Regional Court, Power Station 17-18. Dormitory, Railway Station 19. Monastary and Church "Wizytek" 20-1. Monuments 22. School 23. Cemetary Chapel 24. Gas Station/glassworks 25. Townsfolk Association - performance Hall 26. Football Stadium

The following was extracted from the list of owners of homes, and their addresses, in 1939. If there are two names given, the first is that of the owner of the property, the second of the tenant. The numbers at each street are actual street numbers, but few match the current ones. "N" with a surname means "name unknown and Ulica means Street. If you would like a copy of the page from the book, please send me a self addressed, stamped envelope and the name of the street. I may have a photograph of the street also. Phyllis

  1. Cheder--4 Ulica Szajnochy, left side
  2. Cmentarz zydowski (kirkut) - jewish cemetery and house of Glassman--62 Ulica Florianska , right side
  3. Jewish Community House -Dom, Zydowski-- 4Ulica Potockiego
  4. Jewish Funeral Parlor--7 Ulica Sokola, left side
  5. Jewish Prayer House --9 Ulica Nowa, right side
  6. Jewish Prayer House and Mikveh--14 Ulica Jagielly,right side
  7. Jewish Prayer House--13 Ulica Targowica
  8. Kehilla--8 Ulica Szajnochy, left side
  9. Old Synagogue and Mikveh--9Ulica Szajnochy, left side
  10. Prayer House and Rabbi's House--26 Ulica Szajnochy, right side
  11. Synagogue--1Ulica Jagielly,left side
  12. Synogogue--2 Ulica Widok, left side

    The lovely photograph to the right is the well known Synagogue Synagogue of Jaslo

  13. Zuckermann, Meilech - Rabbi--15 Ulica Jagielly, right side
  14. Adler, Morye? - textiles (tenant)-17 Rynek, Pirzeja poludniowa
  15. Ahment, Abraham-41 Ulica Jagielly, right side
  16. Ahment, Abraham - tinsmith-16 Ulica Krasinskiego, right side
  17. Altman, Szyja - assorted goods-48 Ulica Florianska, right side
  18. Altmann (tenant)-2 Ulica Szajnochy, left side
  19. Altmann, Herman-31 Ulica Szajnochy, right side
  20. Altmann, Herman-17 Ulica Targowica
  21. Altmann, N-42 Ulica Florianska, right side
  22. Altmann, N-47 Ulica Kazimierza Wielkiego, right side, bridge over Jasiokka
  23. Altmann, Szyja-12 Ulica Rejtana
  24. Anisfeld, Markus - propinacja - 1 Ulica Kazimierza Wielkiego, left side
  25. Appel, Bernard? - ritual butcher -- 13Ulica Szajnochy, left side
  26. Appel, Gitla - stationary shop (tenant) - 5 Rynek , Pirzeja Polnocna
  27. Aussenberg, Izaak--10Ulica Targowica, right side
  28. Baumring, Leon - assorted goods--10Ulica Kosciuszki,left side
  29. Beck, Markus--22Ulica Basztowa, left side
  30. Beck, Markus - coal--17Ulica Koralewskiego,right side
  31. Beck, Markus - coal storage--2Ulica Florianska, left side
  32. Beck, N, Morgenstern, N, Ryczaj, N--21Ulica Kazimierza Wielkiego,bridge over Jasioxka River
  33. Begleiter, Zygmunt - gas station and glass works -built in 1923 -8 Ulica Sniadeckich, left side
  34. Beldengrun, Natan - butcher--21Ulica Targowica
  35. Berger, Chaskiel - bags--6Ulica Widok, right side
  36. Berger, N--18Ulica Sokola, right side
  37. Bergerowie, NN --41Ulica Florianska, right side
  38. Berner, N - bookstore (tenant)--23Rynek, Pirzeja poludniowa
  39. Blaser, Anna--17Ulica Slowackiego
  40. Blaser, Anna - leather shop (tenant)--33Ulica Kosciuszki, right side
  41. Bleimann, Juma - scraps purchasing center--17Ulica Basztowa, left side
  42. Blum, Anna - ladies fashion (tenant)--34Ulica Kosciuszki, right side
  43. Bodner,Finkla - flour goods (tenant)--33Ulica Kosciuszki, right side
  44. Brenner, Osias--6Ulica Kazimierza Wielkiego, left side
  45. Bruck, N - butcher (tenant)--16Rynek, Pirzeja poludniowa
  46. Bruck, N - butcher (tenant)--15Rynek, Pirzeja poludniowa
  47. Bruck, N - cattle trader--23Ulica Szajnochy, right side
  48. Bruder, N - hall painter--7Ulica Koralewskiego,left side
  49. Bruder, Osias - hall Painter--8Ulica Bednarska, right side
  50. Bruder, Salamon - tinsmith--17Ulica Nowa, right side
  51. Chaim, Dawid - corner--4Ulica Chelmska, right side
  52. Chaim, Dawid - tavern--43Ulica Kosciuszki, right side
  53. Cislo, Jakub - bar--73Ulica 3-go Maja, right side
  54. Dab, Edmund - scrap metal, iron recycling--1Ulica Kochanowskiego,left side
  55. Dab, Edmund - storage yard--6Ulica Kochanowskiego ,right side
  56. Dab, Naftali-23 Ulica Kosciuszki, left side
  57. Dab, Naftali - iron recycling-14 Ulica Wyspianskiego, right side
  58. Dab, Naftali - metal goods (tenant)-27 Rynek, Pirzeja zachodnia
  59. Denner, Dawid-16 Ulica Jagielly,right side
  60. Denner, Juma & Beila-17 Ulica Jagielly,right side Jaslo rappaport house
  61. Diamand, Markus - Rappaport, Izaak -clothes shop (the photo on the right was the Rappaport house, today it is a TB treatment center)-12 Ulica Nowa right side
  62. Diller, Chaim - Judaism Teacher-2 Ulica Wyspianskiego, left side
  63. Dranger, Anna - ladies accessories (tenant)-9 Ulica Kosciuszki, left side
  64. Dunaj, Jozef-9 Ulica Czackiego, left side
  65. Durst, Chaim & Eder, Mozes-19 Ulica Kosciuszki,left side
  66. Eder, Mozes-19 Ulica Kosciuszki,left side
  67. Ehrlich, N & Zins, N-10 Ulica Nadbrzezna
  68. Einziger, Natan - leather trader-5 Ulica Nowa, left side
  69. Einzinger,Mozes - Kuntz' clothes shop -5 Ulica Asnyka, left side
  70. Elias, Dawid-36 Ulica Jagielly, right side
  71. Elias, Dawid--3Ulica Kazimierza Wielkiego, left side
  72. Elias, Natan - formerly Seib, Julian - chimneys-7 Ulica Mickiewicza, left side
  73. Emmer, Izaak - storehouse-12 Ulica Igielna, right side
  74. Emmer, Izaak & Melania-3 Ulica Florianska, left side
  75. Empty Property - Jewish owned-5 Ulica Szajnochy, left side
  76. Engel, Markus - enamel pots--11Ulica Wysoka, right side
  77. Engelhardt, Izaak--4Ulica Jagielly, left side
  78. Faber, Jozef--39Ulica Jagielly, right side
  79. Faber, Jozef - stall keeper--5Ulica Florianska, left side
  80. Fallek, Chaim - tavern-22 Ulica Ulaszowice
  81. Fass, Wilhelm - barber shop (tenant)-5 Ulica 3-go M`aja, left side
  82. Faust, Mozes - textiles-14 Ulica Igielna, right side
  83. Feldbradt, N - tailor--23Ulica Basztowa, left side
  84. Fenichel, Izaak--12Ulica Targowica
  85. Fisch, Izaak & Windla - bakery - 36 Ulica Szajnochy, right side
  86. Fisch, Mindla - assorted goods-15 Ulica Szajnochy, left side
  87. Fisch, Mindla - tenement-16 Ulica Szajnochy, left side
  88. Fisch, Mozes? - bakery--2Ulica Ulaszowice, left side
  89. Fischer, N--39Ulica Florianska, left side
  90. Forscher, Jozef & Felicja - shoe shine factory "Luna"--7Ulica Nowa, left side
  91. Forsteher, Bernard - shoemaker--3Ulica Czackiego, left side
  92. Frankel, Oskar? - photo shop "Flora" & shoe shop "Bata"-5 Ulica Kosciuszki, left side
  93. Frant, Izrael - assorted goods, haberdasher--4Ulica Czackiego, left side
  94. Franzblau, Szyja - assorted goods--44Ulica Florianska, right side
  95. Freund, N - shoe shop (tenant)--14Rynek, Pirzeja poludniowa
  96. Ganger, Osias - tavern--19Ulica Targowica
  97. Geminder, Salamon--7Ulica Kochanowskiego,right side
  98. Glaser, Anna - Restaurant --7Ulica Kosciuszki,left side
  99. Glassman --62Ulica Florianska, right side
  100. Glassman, Szymon? - carpenter--33Ulica Szajnochy, right side
  101. Glassner, Szymon--16Ulica Igielna, right side
  102. Goldblatt, Ida--7Ulica Kazimierza Wielkiego,bridge over Jasioxka River
  103. Goldblatt, Ida - Weinberger, Leib--12Ulica Basztowa, left side
  104. Goldblatt, Ida? & Bruck, N - cattle trader--23Ulica Szajnochy, right side
  105. Goldfaden, Natan - milk purchasing--6Ulica Nowa,left side
  106. Goldfluss, Michal & Wistreich, Jakub - house--22Ulica 3-go Maja,left side
  107. Goldfluss, Michal & Wistreich, Jakub - Steam Mill and Sawmill--21Ulica 3-go Maja,left side
  108. Goldner, Adolf - accessories shop (tenant)--31Ulica Kosciuszki, right side
  109. Goldschmidt, Chana?--13Ulica Koralewskiego,left side
  110. Goldstein, Dawid - Clock shop of Schacht-34Ulica Kazimierza Wielkiego, right side
  111. Gotzler, Anna - Deli of Gotzler--3Ulica Kosciuszki,left side
  112. Gotzler, Mozes--6Ulica Szajnochy, left side
  113. Gotzler, Mozes & Anna--11Ulica Igielna, right side
  114. Graber, Markus - bakery--18Ulica Koralewskiego,right side
  115. Grabschrift, N--6Ulica Sobieskiego, left side
  116. Gross, H - basket maker--12Ulica Bednarska, right side
  117. Gross, Alfred - basket maker--11Ulica Koralewskiego,left side
  118. Grunspann, N - tannery--3Ulica Nadbrzezna
  119. Guzik, N - pierikarz--15Ulica Kazimierza Wielkiego,bridge over Jasioxka River
  120. Haas (prior owner) timber storage--18Ulica Basztowa, left side
  121. Haas, Izaak--19Ulica Florianska, left side
  122. Haas, N--11Ulica Florianska, left side
  123. Haas, Roza--6Ulica Florianska, left side
  124. Haber, Mozes - carriages, cab driver--4Ulica Stroma, left side
  125. Haber, Mozes?--74Ulica 3-go Maja, right side
  126. Haber, Natan - tailor--9Ulica Stroma, right side
  127. Hagel, N - textiles (tenant)--13Rynek, Pirzejapoludniowa
  128. Handler, Cecylia -21 Ulica Basztowa, left side
  129. Handler, Cecylia - tavern--1Ulica Florianska, left side
  130. Heffner, N - transport/freight--39Ulica Szajnochy, right side
  131. Heller, Abraham - horse trader--10Ulica Szajnochy, left side
  132. Hoffert, Elias - soda water factory (tenant)-27 Ulica Kosciuszki, left side
  133. Hollander, Izaak--7Ulica Stroma, left side
  134. Hugo, Dr Steinhaus - colonial goods, Koegel, Maks - breakfast bar-2 Rynek, Pirzeja Polnocna
  135. Jakubowicz, Meilech - assorted goods-13 Ulica Kilinskiego, left side
  136. Just, Osias - watch maker (tenant)-34 Ulica Kosciuszki, right side
  137. Kalb, Amalia - textiles (tenant)-29 Ulica 3-go Maja, right side
  138. Kalb, Amalia - tinsmith-6 Ulica Sokola, left side
  139. Kamm, Mendel - barbershop (tenant)-7 Ulica Kosciuszki, left side
  140. Karpf, Maurycy - furniture shop of Rosenfeld and accessories of Licht-4 Ulica Kazimierza Wielkiego, left side
  141. Kilig, N - confectionary (tenant)-13 Rynek, Pirzeja poludniowa
  142. Kleiinmann, Efraim? - household goods-4 Rynek, Pirzeja Polnocna
  143. Klierowa, N - Springer, N - haberdasher --16 Rynek, Pirzeja poludniowa
  144. Knebel, Aleksander-7 Ulica Czackiego, left side
  145. Knebel, Kazimierz - metal goods and guns-28 Ulica 3-go Maja, right side
  146. Koegel, Maks-6 Ulica :emartpwocza, left side
  147. Koegel, Maks - breakfast bar (tenant) -- 2 Rynek, Pirzeja Polnocna
  148. Kolber, Dawid--17Ulica Szopena, right side
  149. Korman, Beila - assorted goods--8Ulica Florianska, left side
  150. Kornfeld, Bernard - f exchange (tenant)-28 Ulica 3-go Maja, right side
  151. Kornfeld, Salomea - painters--3Ulica Stroma, left side
  152. Kornfeld, Salomea - tavern of Schwimmer-32 Ulica Kazimierza Wielkiego, right side
  153. Kornzisser, Aron - milk purchasing center -- 5Ulica Kosciuszki, right side
  154. Korzennik, Salamon - baker-2 Ulica Nowa,left side
  155. Korzennik, Salamon - clothes shop (tenant)-31 Ulica Kosciuszki, right side
  156. Korzennik, Salamon - eggs -purchasing center and export-41 Ulica Kazimierza Wielkiego, right side, bridge over Jasiokka
  157. Kosiba, Jan - Hotel Krakowski - Thaler, Jakub? - tavern-11 Ulica Sokola, right side
  158. Koskiewicz - blacksmith (tenant)-3 Ulica Widok, right side
  159. Kramer, Benjamin - flour and grains-2 Ulica Kazimierza Wielkiego, left side
  160. Kramer, Benjamin - petrol storehouse - 36 Ulica Kazimierza Wielkiego, right side, bridge over Jasiokka
  161. Krebs, Ryfka - bakery--4Ulica Widok, right side
  162. Krieger, Leib - transport/freight--18Ulica Kosciuszki,left side
  163. Krischer - hotel "Warsaw"--6Ulica Igielna, right side
  164. Krischer, Meilech--10Ulica asnyka, right side
  165. Krischer, Meilech - accessories (tenant)--28Ulica 3-go Maja, right side
  166. Kunstler, Mendel? - Summer N-4 Ulica Asnyka, left side
  167. Kuntz' clothes shop (tenant) --5Ulica Asnyka, left side
  168. Kurz, Jozef - Weiss, Margitta--26 Ulica Kosciuszki,left side
  169. Lang, Baruch - assorted goods store-6 Ulica Basztowa, left side
  170. Langenfeld, Marceli--19Ulica Sokola, right side
  171. Lauterbach, Andrzej - architect--3Ulica Wincentego Pola
  172. Lauterbach, Andrzej - architect-21 Ulica Ujejskiego, right side
  173. Lazarowicz, N--66Ulica 3-go Maja, right side
  174. Leer, Pinkas - hats-5 Ulica Kazimierza Wielkiego,left side
  175. Leer, Pinkas - hats--1Ulica Szajnochy, left side
  176. Licht - accessories (tenant)--4Ulica Kazimierza Wielkiego,left side
  177. Malc, Izaak - cattle trader & Jewish Prayer House -9 Ulica Nowa, right side
  178. Margolies, Adolf? - marmalade & sweets factory-30 Ulica Szajnochy, right side
  179. Margulies - Stationery Shop (tenant)-11 Ulica Asnyka, right side
  180. Margulies, Adolf-5 Ulica Sobieskiego, left side
  181. Margulies, Adolf - metal goods (tenant)-25 Rynek, Pirzeja zachodnia
  182. Margulies, Adolf? - soda water factory-1 Ulica Ulaszowice, left side
  183. Margulies, Baruch & Begleiter, Zygmunt - gas station and glass works -built in 1923 --8 Ulica Sniadeckich, left side
  184. Margulies, Leja - restaurant (tenant)-5 Rynek, Pirzeja Polnocna
  185. Margulies, Sara - stationary shop (tenant) -2 Rynek, Pirzeja Polnocna
  186. Margulies,Anna - stationary shop (tenant)-33 Ulica 3-go Maja, right side
  187. Meller, Mendel - leather trader--31Ulica 3-go Maja, right side
  188. Menasse, Jozef - textiles shop (with son in law)-29 Rynek, Pirzeja zachodnia
  189. Menasse, Jozef - trader--1Ulica Nowa,left side
  190. Mennasse, Jozef?--1Ulica Krotka, left side
  191. Meth, Szymon - tavern--2Ulica Karmelicka ,left side
  192. Meth, Szymon?--78Ulica 3-go Majaside street
  193. Miller, N - textiles (tenant)-17 Rynek, Pirzeja poludniowa
  194. Mokry, Marian - Dab, Naftali - metal goods--27Rynek, Pirzeja zachodnia
  195. Morgenstern, N--21Ulica Kazimierza Wielkiego,bridge over Jasioxka River
  196. Neubarth, Dawid - cattle trader-25 Ulica Na Mlynek, right side
  197. Niwelt, Jozef--13Ulica Florianska, left side
  198. Ochwat, Wiktoria--16Ulica Targowica
  199. Osias, Krischer - galanteryjny (tenant)-25 Rynek, Pirzeja zachodnia
  200. Peller, Abraham - fish shop-9 Ulica Asnyka, right side
  201. Plockier, Izrael--35Ulica Kazimierza Wielkiego, right side
  202. Propper, Leon (rented as high school for girls)--42Ulica Kosciuszki, right side
  203. Raab, Pinkas - tavern--8Ulica Czackiego, left side
  204. Rappaport, Izaak -clothes shop (tenant)--12Ulica Nowa, right side
  205. Reich - shoe shop (tenant)--3Ulica Kosciuszki,left side
  206. Rettig, Sara--20Ulica Targowica
  207. Ring, Jozef--5Ulica Widok, right side
  208. Ringler, Maurycy - tools and mining machinery--49Ulica Kosciuszki, right side
  209. Rosenfeld - furniture shop (tenant)--4Ulica Kazimierza Wielkiego,left side
  210. Rosner, Chiel - assorted goods shop--9Ulica Igielna, right side
  211. Rosner, Fabian--2Ulica Staszica, right side
  212. Rosner, Pinkas--13Rynek, Pirzejawschodnia
  213. Rosner, Pinkas - tavern--13Rynek, Pirzejapoludniowa
  214. Rott, N--28Ulica Krasinskiego, right side
  215. Rotter, N--71Ulica 3-go Maja, right side
  216. Rubel, Henryk - stationary shop of Margulies,Anna--33Ulica 3-go Maja, right side
  217. Rubel, Kuhne--25Ulica Kosciuszki,left side
  218. Rubel, Naftali - boarding house-17Ulica Kosciuszki,left side
  219. Rubel, Robert - alcohol refinery--31Ulica Florianska, left side
  220. Rubel, Robert - Margulies Stationery Shop--11Ulica Asnyka, right side
  221. Rubin, Mozes--25Ulica Szajnochy, right side
  222. Ryba, Julian - Weitz Uscher--20Ulica Kazimierza Wielkiego,bridge over Jasioxka River
  223. Sahn, N - "Grand Hotel"--19Ulica Staszica, left side
  224. Saphier, Chaskiel - trader--3Ulica Ks. Piotra Skargi, left side
  225. Saphier, N - Segal, Natan--24Ulica Basztowa, left side
  226. Schab, Stanislaw - turner--34Ulica Szajnochy, right side
  227. Schabliner, N - tavern formerly of Dabrouski--29Ulica Florianska, left side
  228. Schacht - clock shop (tenant)--34Ulica Kazimierza Wielkiego, right side
  229. Schedlisker, Leizer - turner--1Ulica Walowa
  230. Schindel, Herman - barber (tenant)--5Rynek, PirzejaPolnocna
  231. Schips, Mozes --18Ulica Nowa
  232. Schips, Mozes - shoemaker--3Ulica Widok, right side
  233. Schlaff, Chaim - trader--10Ulica Nowa, right side
  234. Schlaff, Chaskiel--11Ulica Nowa, right side
  235. Schlaff, Mozes - Jewish School--4Ulica Widok, left side
  236. Schmer, Jakub--17Ulica Staszica, left side
  237. Schochet, Anna--35Ulica 3-go Maja, right side
  238. Schor, Jakub--6Ulica 3-go Maja,left side
  239. Schwinger, N--3Ulica Szajnochy, left side
  240. Schwinger, N - Altmann--2Ulica Szajnochy, left side
  241. Seinwel, Dawid - photo shop--28Rynek, Pirzeja zachodnia
  242. Seinwel, Dawid - textiles shop "Gitka"--15Ulica Igielna, right side
  243. Silberstein, Salamon--18Ulica targowica
  244. Spett, Roza - restaurant--55Ulica 3-go Maja, right side
  245. Spirer, Alfred - chemist "Under Star"--12Ulica Kosciuszki,left side
  246. Spirer, Samuel - butcher (tenant)--13Rynek, Pirzejapoludniowa
  247. Spirer, Samuel (previous tenant)--41Uliczka Basztowa boczna I(side street)
  248. Springer, Herz? - textiles shop--15Rynek, Pirzeja poludniowa
  249. Springer, N - haberdasher (tenant)--16Rynek, Pirzeja poludniowa
  250. Springer, N - Leather (formerly of Gasiorowscy)--47Ulica Florianska, right side
  251. Springer, N - spices shop--4Ulica Nowa , left side
  252. Stein, Mozes - cattle trader--26Ulica Na Mlynek, right side
  253. Steiner, N - sweets shop--7Ulica Szajnochy, left side
  254. Steinhaus, Boguslaw--1Ulica staszica, right side
  255. Steinhaus, Boguslaw--19Ulica Ujejskiego, right side
  256. Stiefel,N (from Krosno) --2Ulica Asnyka, left side
  257. Stillmann, Chaim - assorted goods--11Ulica Kosciuszki,left side
  258. Stoeger, N - textiles (tenant)--17Rynek, Pirzejapoludniowa
  259. Strassberg, Pinkas - upholstery--15Ulica Kilinskiego,left side
  260. Sturm, Chaim-3 Ulica Kochanowskiego,left side
  261. Sturm, Chaim - scrap metal--13Ulica Wyspianskiego, right side
  262. Summer N (tenant)--4Ulica Asnyka, left side
  263. Susskind, Jakub - iron goods shop--1Ulica Stroma, left side
  264. Susskind, Jakub - iron, metal goods--30Ulica Kazimierza Wielkiego, right side
  265. Szafran, N-32 Ulica Florianska, left side
  266. Thaler, Jakub - bakery--17Ulica Igielna, right side
  267. Thaler, Jakub? - grain merchant--7Ulica Kosciuszki, right side
  268. Thaler, Jakub? - tavern (tenant)--11Ulica Sokola, right side
  269. Thaler, Mendel - printing house--14Ulica Targowica
  270. Topstein, N--26Ulica Basztowa, left side
  271. Unger, Golda - glass shop--40Ulica Florianska, right side
  272. Unger, Golda - glass shop--8Ulica Sokola, left side
  273. Wagschal, Pinkas - assorted goods-38 Ulica Kazimierza Wielkiego , right side, bridge over Jasiokka
  274. Waldhorn, Estera - hat shop (tenant)-11 Ulica Kosciuszki, left side
  275. Walker, Natan & Taube - tavern--18Ulica Florianska, left side
  276. Weber, Samuel?--12 Ulica Koralewskiego, left side
  277. Weigel, Fryderyk--45Ulica Kosciuszki, right side
  278. Weinberger, Izaak - tavern--4Ulica Koralewskiego,left side
  279. Weinberger, Leib (tenant)--12Ulica Basztowa, left side
  280. Weinberger, Pinkas--5Ulica Wysoka, left side
  281. Weinstein, N--15Ulica Targowica
  282. Weiss, Margitta (tenant)--26Ulica Kosciuszki,left side
  283. Weitz, Mendel - glass shop--Ulica Kazimierza Wielkiego, right side, bridge over Jasiokka
  284. Weller, N--7Ulica Basztowa, left side
  285. Weller, N (previous tenant)--35Uliczka Basztowaboczna I(side street)
  286. Werner, Leib - tavern (vodkas, wines, beer)--45Ulica Jagielly, right side
  287. Wilchfort, Dawid - colonial goods--9Ulica Kosciuszki,left side
  288. Wildstein, Dawid - butcher--4Ulica Ks. Piotra Skargi, left side
  289. Windla - bakery--36Ulica Szajnochy, right side
  290. Wistreich, Jakub & Goldfluss, Michal - house--22Ulica 3-go Maja,left side
  291. Wistreich, Jakub & Goldfluss, Michal - Steam Mill and Sawmill--21Ulica 3-go Maja,left side
  292. Zahler, Izaak--17Ulica 3-go Maja, Left side
  293. Zimek, Wiktor--8Ulica Igielna, right side
  294. Zimek, Wiktor--13Rynek, Pirzejapoludniowa
  295. Zimet, Abraham - iron storehouse--20Ulica Koralewskiego,right side
  296. Zimet, Abraham - timber storage--3Ulica Basztowa, left side
  297. Zimet, Leja - iron goods-24 Rynek, Pirzeja poludniowa
  298. Zimet, Leja - iron, metal goods--1Ulica Karmelicka,left side
  299. Zimet, Leja? - furniture and carpentry--21Rynek, Pirzeja poludniowa
  300. Zimet, Leja? - sewing accessories (tenant)--28Rynek, Pirzejazachodnia
  301. Zimet, Mozes--2Ulica Igielna, right side
  302. Zins, N & Ehrlich, N--10Ulica Nadbrzezna
  303. Zisser, Szmul - milk purchasing--3Ulica Nowa,left side
  304. Zossel, Ignacy -"Zgoda"--6Ulica Czackiego, left side
  305. Zucker, Emanuel - before Jarema--2Ulica Czackiego, left side
  306. Zucker, Zlata - assorted goods--10Ulica Wysoka, right side
  307. Zucker, Zlata - foods store (formerly Mietus)--24Ulica Koralewskiego,right side
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Jaslo, The Cemetery

The Cemetery in Jaslo

Before Monika Hendry gave us a first hand impression (see below), the only source material we had was the Jaslo Cemetery Survey, completed in 1992 by the US Commission (#POCE000724). The following is adapted from their report:
The cemetery is on Florjanska Street. The cemetery was used by Orthodox, and Progressive-Reform. It is located in a urban area, on flat land, isolated from the rest of town. Access off a public road is entirely closed. It is marked by a plaque in Polish referring to Jews and by Jewish symbols on gate or wall. There is a continuous masonry wall and a locked gate.
One third of a hectacre in size, there are between 20 to 100 gravestones, not in their original locations; 50%-75% are toppled or broken. The location of stones removed from the cemetery is not known. Tombstones are datable from both the 19th and 20th centuries. The stones, inscribed in Hebrew and Polish, are made of marble, granite, sandstone and concrete of all shapes, some smooth and inscribed, some flat with carved relief decorations, some sculpted. There are marked and unmarked mass graves and special memorial monuments to Holocaust victims but no other structures.
The present owner is the municipality but the property is used only as a Jewish cemetery. Properties adjacent to the cemetery are residential. The cemetery is visited occasionally by both Jewish and non-Jewish private visitors.
The cemetery is known to have been vandalized during World War II. The gate was repaired and cleaning the stones and removing vegetation was carried out by local/municipal authorities. Vegetation disturbing the graves is a constant problem, weather erosion a moderate threat, security and pollution a slight threat.

Next received was the following comment was made by a visitor in 1997: "The cemetery is located on Ulica Florjanska, opposite house Nr.85. It is well-groomed. A new memorial reminds of holocaust. We could not find a sign of the former WWI military graves."

Monika's Photographs and Impressions

Then Monika Hendry sent us wonderful photographs and her impressions:
Until very recently there was a broken little water pump at the corner (turning off the main road to the cemetery) for visitors to wash their hands. I remember my g-mother saying that Jews would always wash their hands before entering the cemetery.
Monika's first task was to locate the key. She found out that the key is held by the director of the Dom Kulturi.
Monika wrote: "The cemetery, viewed from the padlocked gate, is overgrown and unkempt: reminded me of the lawn surrounding a haunted house. I used to climb over the wall. There's a new pavement leading to the gate but it is already overgrown.

Monika sent these photographs.......so let's begin with the first view of the cemetery................ cem gate- Jaslo and go to the wonderful gate..... cem gate jaslo

Monika: It is a jungle inside. It is actually quite dangerous to walk around because of all the toppled tombstones and ditches covered by the undergrowth.The irony is that the tombstones of the rich made of marble and basalt were removed very early on, right after the war by a Polish stone mason....so the very gravestone Jaslo

few graves that remain are presumably of poor people and as such were not attractive. There are a few very new ones which all name people killed by Germans. They look like they were put very recently.
These are original stones that I saw:

  1. Naftali Welfeld, schied 12 Oktober 1905
  2. Marya ze Steinhausow Welfeldowa, zmarla 7-go czerwcz 1904 (possibly wife of Naftali, Marya from the Steinhaus gravestones Jaslo
    family, Welfeld, died 4 June 1904)
  3. Alter i Debora Zuckerowie 4.XI.1924, 21.II.1938
  4. Leibish Schinagel, gest am 29 April 1915 im 62 lebens jahre, tief betrauert son seinen kindern
  5. Herman Herzig 1884-1924
  6. Anna z Zuckerow Menassowa 2.X. 1921
  7. Mojzesz Polaner 1861-1911
I took many pictures, all standing or readable stones - hope they come out.

(Editor) Bill Leibner has done some explanation and translation for us, as follows:
The tombstone above which is broken is an interesting one.The name is not mentioned directly since this was not the custom in those days. They therefore took each letter and found a line in the holy writtings that started with the letter. You have the following letters; tz, d, vav, and kof which stands for Tzadok (righteous), a typical Hebrew first name. The last name is represented by the last line Weber. Thus the stone is for Tzadok Weber.
The stone immediately above on the right is a stone for a woman. You can see the candelabra, symbol of lighting candles, usually done by women on Friday and the evening before holidays. You also see the letters P.T.that stand for "here is buried"... Unfortunately the foliage covers the important details.

The following current photographs of the Jaslo Cemetery were taken off the Polish Cemetery Web site http://www.kirkuty.xip.pl/jaslo.htm Monika also found this article in the "Jaslo News" dated 3 August 1894; it said "we can see that the Jewish commune holds the ashes of their dead in higher respect than Catholic people, whose cemetery lies on the river (Jasiolka), and is flooded whenever the water rises even a little. We don't have a swimming pool when we are alive so we can enjoy it when we are dead free of charge".
These sarcastic comments from a journalist were prompted by the fact that Jaslo's Catholic cemetery, set up in 1790, was right next to the river and frequently flooded, while the Jewish kehilla purchased a nice elevated site on the border of Jaslo and the village of Sobniow (now Jaslo suburb).

. . . .

At Last, Plans for the Cemetery Cleanup!! Sept 2018

The AntiSchematy Foundation in co-operation the City Hall and a local teacher, Magdalena Bialek, plan to clean the cemetery area at least twice a year. Magdalena writes: "Cleaning is the beginning of work. The next stage is the inventory of stones and inscriptions.Then we plan to prepare a guide in the form of a book also in an electronic format. Some of the stones are in very poor condition. If they cease to exist, we will not do it. There is no time to wait. We want the cemetery to be a place open to residents, that is, to serve education so that it is not forgotten"

About Jaslo and Magda Bialec

by Georges Feniger sept2018

"In Jaslo we stayed two days and met Magda Bialec, a teacher of Polish literature in one of the Jaslo high schools. Magda is special ! With Maciek her husband, also a teacher, Magda has decided that the young generation of Jaslo, her students aged 14/18 must know about their past history as they are citizen of Jaslo, and the main thing that these students should know about their past, is about Jaslo Jews.
Magda explains: “I lead young people to the Jewish cemetery, to teach them about their memory - They often do not know that such a place exists, but they come “Voluntarily and out of curiosity”.
Upon my arrival, Magda took me to the Jewish cemetery, with my friends; the place was in shambles full of weeds; she apologized, explaining that there used to be a benevolent gardener, but that he had died. In the same sentence she told me that she had decided to clean up the place with her students; she did so in June 9, 2017; a few days after this this first "hand" cleaning, she was able to receive two new mowers from us, she bought via a donation that I made with a few friends and family members to the Antyschematy2 foundation, which is based in Tarnow.

Objectives of the Antyschematy2 Foundation

Editors note: see the Facebook sites for this Foundation at https://www.facebook.com/antyschematy2/ and https://www.facebook.com/pg/antyschematy2/photos/?ref=page_internal . The photos are from these Facebook pages.

Magdalena Bialek is glad that she is doing what she does and supporting the youth. She argues that the present generation is less stereotyped - they are eager to build their image of the world in the face of authentic experience. This is the attitude of the young generation who says: I myself want to see how it works - she emphasizes. And why the cemetery? - I ask. - Because this is a material proof of the existence of the Jewish community in Jaslo, she explains. - And for the youth, the place where their work changes something. The adjoining area around the foot of the monument, the candlelight, are small things, but great at the same time. And besides, it triggers questions for them to ask to themselves and to others - she explains.

Where are we today: I have a list of 20+ friends and family members who want to support Magda She has decided that there will be a commemoration of the deportation of the Jaslo Jews every year on August 17th. This day marks the deportation of the jews to Belzec. She would like to make the Jewish cemetery a place of visit and commemoration. She wants to digitalize the list of people, she can identify buried in the cemetery. She has made an agreement with the Antyschematy2 foundation in order to be able to collect funding secured through Visa/Paypal via the foundation's web site.

George Feniger

Letter from Magdalena Bialek
On June 9, 2017, in the afternoon, the first social action of cleaning the Jewish cemetery in Jaslo took place in the afternoon. The action was organized spontaneously by the City of Jaslo in cooperation with the AntySchematy2 Foundation from Tarnów, with the participation of dozens of volunteers from various institutions and organizations.

Why Jewish Cemetery? Nowadays, we increasingly feel the need to discover and understand our past, the cultural heritage left by our ancestors. Due to the huge amount of damage that Jaslo suffered as a result of World War II, there were not many material memories of the past. What has been saved, the historical and cultural heritage of the former inhabitants, we try to protect and surround with care.

Jasielski Jewish Cemetery is the only material trace of the presence of the Jewish community in Jaslo. Like every other cemetery, this is also a monument to the history of our city. Thieves, ordinary people, inhabitants of thriving social, economic and political life, which ended the Second World War, are buried there. It is the cultural heritage of Jaslo, which we want to take care of and give to the next generations.

The cleaning of the cemetery was the next action taken in the year (after Memorial Day) The Holocaust Victims exhibition, called the "Jewish Community in Jaslo" and held in the Regional Museum in Jaslo" the action called " Daffodils ", a social and educational campaign, which includes the Public Library in Jaslo, are aimed at restoring the image of the Jewish community and its role In the life of our city. Due to unregulated legal status and ongoing court proceedings, the cemetery has no formal guardian. Tombstones are covered with lush grass and hidden beneath a layer of branches and leaves, often accumulated over many years. At present the cemetery is taken care of by a private initiative from the school environment with a group of young people. Their actions are minimal, they mainly involve keeping the monument clean or harvesting leaves from the path. The amount of cleaning work needed to do in the cemetery, due to its surface, remains huge.

We will soon get information on how to donate to this wonderful project. Stay tuned!

. . . .

Jaslo Remembrance day scheduled for August 2019

This is being planned. There is a polish video with an account of the rememberance in Jaslo here: http://www.tvobiektyw.pl/wiadomosci/899,serwis-informacyjny-23082018. Stay tuned for more details.

. . . .

Just in case you get to Yaslo, you may want to find the cemetery....you'll gravestone in cemetery of Jaslo find it on the bottom right hand corner of the map at the top of this cemetery of Jaslo page.....but if you cannot get to Yaslo, you may want to visit one of the Landsmanshaften cemeteries in New Jersey.........

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