Kremenets People Photos-Kaiser Family

The Kaiser & Serotte Families

The Ostrog, Volynia Shul before 1941.
Ostrog is 50 miles from Kremenets.

Phillip (Shmae) Kaiser was born in Ostrog, Vohlynia in 1880.
He migrated to the USA in the late 1800s.
This photo was taken in 1939 in Buffalo, NY, USA.

Phillip (Shmae) Kaiser at his marriage
to Paulene Elster in Buffalo, NY January 19. 1902.

Abraham Kaiser (1832-1917)
from Ostrog died in Buffalo, NY .

Laika Kaiser from Ostrog.
Daughter of Mutl & Esther Chaya Kaiser.
Laika and her parents were killed
in Ostrog during Shoah.

Documentation of the death of
Mutl & Esther-Chaya Kaiser
and their children in Ostrog in 1941.
The SS troops (Einsatzgruppen) marched
6,000 Jews to the outskirts of town
and shot them all.

Osher (Isador) Serotte
born in Ostrog
son of Yitzak Kaiser

Wolf Kaiser
born in Ostrog
son of Benjamin Kaiser

Rose Kaiser Pitterman
born in Slavuta?
Granddaughter of Barnette Setotte
Ila Kaiser was called "Tanta Ila" and "Tanta Ida"
She was born in Ostrog or Slavuta in 1873.
She married her cousin Isador Serotte.
She only spoke Yiddish, no English, but loved going to the American movies.

Benjamin Kaiser was one of a number of "Benjamins" in our family.
He was born in Ostrog in 1865
and is credited, along with his brother Phillip Kaiser
with getting all the men in the family carpenter jobs
at the Pullman railroad car company in Buffalo.

Bertha Serotte was from Slavuta. All the Serottes we originally "Kaisers"
until many changed their names to "Sirota".
Sirota means "Orphan" in Russian and that saved the men
from the Czar's military draft. Their names became "Serotte" in the USA.

The Serotte family (and the Kaisers) had a cousin's club in Buffalo.
It was a social club but they spent a lot of effort on charitable work
such as sending food packages to American soldiers during WWII.
Dorothy Kaiser, wife of Norman Kaiser (son of Phillip) is in the top row at the far right.

Descendats of the Ostrog Kaisers.
L to R are Deborh Kaiser (great granddaughter of Phillip),
Diane Kaiser wife of Jeffrey Kaiser (grandson of Phillip),
Joshua Kaiser (great grandson of Philip),
Family photo of Norman Kaiser (son of Phillip) with his wife Dorothy and children Paula and Jeffrey Kaiser,
a photo of Norman Kaiser with his daughter-in-law and two of his grandchildren
taken in front of his pharmacy in 1976,
Jeffrey Kaiser and his two children ca 1978.

Nuchem Kaiser, Israeli cousin to the American Kaisers.
Nuchem grew up in Ostrog. He survived Shoah in the Russian army
and migrated to Israel from a DP camp in Germany after the war.

Norman Kaiser at age 4 or 5, born in Buffalo.
Photo taken ca 1917.

Benjamin Kaiser, Norman Kaiser, and Sam Kaiser.
The three were brothers, born in Buffalo,
They were the sons of Phillip Kaiser from Ostrog.

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