Kremenets People Photos-From The Goldenberg Family

From The Goldenberg Family

The Goldenberg Family- 1933

Asher's 1933 Visit to Kremenets

All of the Goldenberg Family

Riva and Numia Goldenberg-1931
submitted by David Goldenberg

Leon Arrives in Chicago

Kremenets Sedar- April 29, 1936

Manus and Chana Before Leaving
Manus in Uniform

Max W. Visit
Picnic- 1932

Leon in Winter
Riva and Daughter

Shprinza Sisters

Unknown Cigarette Guy

Male Group in Rocks

Mother and Infant
Mother and Child

Unknown Group on Street
Unknown Women

Unknown Family
Unknown Sports Team

Unknown Large Group

Unknown- It's a baby!

Unknown Lecturn Guy

Unknown Three Guys

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In processing these photos, our purpose was to retain their
originality as much as possible. They were restored by
sizing, cropping, focusing, repairing many tears and imperfections,
the use of other enhancements, and finally digital file optimization.
All restorations were done by Jeffrey S. Kaiser