Krasnoye, Ukraine

"Krasnoya" (Yiddish)

"Krasnoye (Russian)" , "Crasnoie (Romanian)" , "Krasne (Ukrainian, Polish)"

Lat: 48° 54', Long: 28° 24'

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Compiled by Lara Diamond

Updated: November 2016

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      Images from Krasnoye ~1950; thank you to Alexander Katsevman for these pictures!

Memoirs, Family Stories, and Family Pictures

    • The family of Fannie Graffman Berenson's sister, Liba Graffman Sorkis. The old lady is Malka Bela, great-grandmother of the picture's contributor (courtesy Molly Arost Staub).

    • Wedding picture of Samuel and Fannie Graffman Berenson. In addition to the bride and groom, pictured here are Samuel's sister Rachel (Jane Berenson) married to Fannie's brother Reb Dov Berl (David) Groffman, to the right of the bride & groom. To the left of the bride and groom are Fannie's sister Yenta and her husband Morris Needleman. If anyone knows who the others are, the contributor would love to know! (courtesy Molly Arost Staub)

    • Fannie Graffman Berenson (courtesy Molly Arost Staub).

    • Samuel Berenson (courtesy Molly Arost Staub) after his immigration to England.

    • Lechtman Family Picture; couple on right may be Kassil & Molka Lechtman (courtesy Alaine Simpson)

    • Zlata Tzipra Sanshuck Supkoff, born in Krasnoye and married to Yeshaya Supkoff of Shpikov; picture taken after immigration to Pittsburgh, PA

    • Inscription on back: From your brother Duvid Sadkovsky ..." and then something about the town/village of Krasnoye. He had moved there from Murafa. The pic is presumably from around 1905. Duvid's family was likely lost in the Holocaust. Thanks to Jerry Touger for this picture!

    • Please send stories about and pictures of your Krasnoye families!


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