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Arthur Aronoff's Family Pictures

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"In Kraslava around 1920.  Left to right: an uncle, my grandmother Chaika Neihauzen Aranovich, my father." Left to right:
                      an uncle, my grandmother, my father
"Here's a Kraslava photo from around 1923-1926.  My father is on the left, born Shmuel Aranovich in Kraslava in 1910. He left in 1926. I don't know the identities of any of the others--maybe a visitor to the site will recognize someone." Father on left of group
"Best guess: a family member proudly sent this to his relatives in
Kraslava during World War I.  There is some Yiddish on the back of the photo."
Seated soldier

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Photos copyright © 2012 Arthur Aronoff

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