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Tsanes/Zenes/Weinstein Family History/Tree
The furthest back I have been able to trace is Jacob Tsanes from Krasilov. The last name has had many spellings – Zines, Zenes, Zerres and finally Weinstein when coming to America. I have been able to obtain genealogical information from many of my cousins – descendents from Yetta Sheinberg (Fink) and descendents of Michael Weinstein.
Jacob Zenes (Weinstein) family
Jacob was married to “Goldie”.  They had four children,
1.    Isaac Weinstein (1 Apr 1872 - 16 Mar 1948)
  o    bd. 1 Apr 1872, Krasilov, Ukraine
  o    dd. 16 Mar 1948
  o    brd. Beth Israel Cemetery, Cedar Knolls, NJ
  o    imd. 23 Mar 1907
  o    Ellis Island immigration has his name backwards - Zenes Itzko. Listed as being from Krasilow. The ship was "Pennsylvania", from port Hamburg, Germany. Name changed to Weinstein at some time.

2.    Chiam Meyer Weinstein (1861 - 15 Apr 1931)
  o    bd. 1861
  o    dd. 15 Apr 1931, Governer Hospital, NYC
  o    imd. 9 Dec 1921
  o    First wife died in Russia. Remarried in Russia, came to US with children: Pacy, Molly, Srul. Got sick and died in US before returning to Russia   Remembered as being called: Shepsil Zines. Have death certificate. Chiam's death certificate stated his mother’s maiden (“Goldie”) name was Zines.

3.    Meyer Tsanes

4.    Duffsey Tsanes

Itzko Zenes (Weinstein) family
Isaac Weinstein (Itzko Zenes) married Rifke Katz in 1888. They had eight children.
Rifke Katz (20 Jan 1873 - 27 Apr 1952)
  o    bd. 20 Jan 1873, Krasilov, Ukraine
  o    dd. 27 Apr 1952
  o    m. 1888
  o    Family name upon immigration was Zenes, but listed as Zerres on Ellis Island manifest. Arrived at Ellis Island, NY on May 16, 1909 on the M.V. Cleveland from Hamburg, Germany. Traveled with Moishe (Morris), Golda (Gussie), Mordechai (Max) and Herschel (Harry) Tsanes.

1.    Lena Weinstein (1890 - 1965)
  o    bd. 1890, Krasilov, Ukraine, USSR
  o    dd. 1965
  o    brd. Beth Israel Cemetery, Cedar Knolls, NJ

2.    Gussie Weinstein (1895 - 5 Dec 1970)
  o    bd. 1895, Krasilov, Ukraine
  o    dd. 5 Dec 1970, St. Vincents Hospital Montclair, NJ
  o    m. 1912

3.    Morris Weinstein (1898 - 1977)
  o    bd. 1898, Krasilov, Ukraine, USSR
  o    dd. 1977
  o    brd. Beth Israel Cemetery, Cedar Knolls, NJ

4.    Max Weinstein (5 Aug 1901 - 24 Nov 1964)
  o    bd. 5 Aug 1901
  o    dd. 24 Nov 1964, Morris Plains, New Jersey
  o    brd. Beth Israel Cemetery, Cedar Knolls, NJ

5.    Harry Weinstein (1902 - 1948)
  o    bd. 1902, Krasilov, Ukraine, USSR
  o    dd. 1948
  o    brd. Beth Israel Cemetery, Cedar Knolls, NJ

6.    Herman Weinstein (21 Mar 1905 - 1973)
  o    bd. 21 Mar 1905, Krasiliv, Ukraine, USSR
  o    dd. 1973

7.    Bessie Weinstein (1906 - 1909)
  o    bd. 1906, Krasilov, Ukraine, USSR
  o    dd. 1909 or 1912
  o    I don’t have any evidence of this, but I assumed the death date was in 1909 and she was buried in Krasilov before the family left. My uncle thought she might have lived to age of 6 instead of 3.

8.    Michael Weinstein (15 Mar 1908 - 31 Dec 1971)
  o    bd. 15 Mar 1908, Krasilov, Ukraine, USSR
  o    dd. 31 Dec 1971, Morristown, New Jersey
  o    brd. Beth Israel Cemetery, Cedar Knolls, NJ
  o    Certificate of Citizenship dated May 28, 1932, at U.S. District Court, Newark, NJ. (Typed note on back of this certificate indicates "Name changed by order of Court from Meilach Zenes to Michael Weinstein").
  o    US Army Certificate of Service: Dated Nov. 6, 1941: "This is to certify that Michael Weinstein, 32060144, Pvt. Spcl. 5cl, Co. B, 52nd Signal Battalion, honorably served in active Federal Service in the Army of the United States from Feb. 18, 1941 to Nov. 06, 1941. Prior Service: None. Army Specialty: Telephone Operator. Character: Excellent. Transferred to Enlisted Reserve: Sig-Enl-Res. Given at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, Nov. 6, 1941. Signed by John L. Autrey, Lt.-Col. 52nd Sig. Bat. Commanding Officer.

Chiam Meyer Zenes (Weinstein) family
Chiam was married twice. He has five children with his first wife. No information on her. He remarried Sara Leiderman. No information on her. My grandmother (Tessie Weinstein (Fink) remembered calling him Shepsil Zines). He is listed as “Widow” on Ellis Island manifest.

  o    Chiam immigrated on December 9, 1921 with two children: Pejsack and Malka.
  o    Ellis Island information on manifest: Ship of travel: Aquitania, Port of departure: Cherbourg, Manche, France, Place of Residence:  Warsaw, Poland. Place of birth listed as “Kvaslow”. Listed daughter as Szeindla Rosenthal at I45 Norfolk Street, NY, NY as point of contact in USA. This was Shaindle.

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