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Moishe Scheinman (seated facing front) and Issachar Maizlish.
Scheinman and
From Eugenia Sheinman
I have a funny story I would like to share. My Sheinman’s, my father's elder brother, that were born and raised in Krasilov, emigrated from the other places. The first one, Hershel, joined our Proskurov relatives in the USA in 1913 while he was a young boy, and two others [Wolf and Moisey] left Krasilov about 1920 and moved to Lvov, from where Wolf Sheinman left for Philadelphia, USA, to join Hershel, but Moishe (Moisey) Sheinman had to move to Argentine, and only after spending two years there he was able to join his brothers in the USA. Before he left Buenos-Aires for the USA in fall of 1923, he dropped in to the photo studio and later sent his picture to his Krasilov relatives. Now it is in my family album [see photo above]. For many years we had no idea who was the second young man in the picture. Once a Krasilov native, Lena Maizlish found me here in Indianapolis. We had never met before, and Lena invited me to her birthday party. As soon as I entered her apartment I saw several family albums on a small table. I opened one which looked the oldest, and immediately noticed the same picture which I also had. "It's my uncle," I announced. "No, it's MY Uncle", Lena corrected me nervously, "he was my father's elder brother, Issachar Maizlish; he immigrated to Argentine in the beginning of 1920’s and later moved to the USA." So, those two young Krasilov natives almost at the same time (it might be, together) left for Argentine, then spent about 2 years there and entered the USA on the same ship in 1923 [Vasari, September 9, 1923]. Before I met Lena I didn't know who the second young man in my photo was, and she also had no information on the friend of her uncle.

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