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Preygerzon, Moisey Haimovich
Moisey was born in Krasilov. He was a member of a large Preygerzon family from Krasilov

Прейгерзон Моисей  Хаимович
1917 - 1945(СЕИВВ-6;Ф6-42-4) (СБОт)

  MoiseyУрож.: мест.Красилов, Хмельницкая область,Украина. Призван г.Ленинград. Лейтенант, ком.взвода, ППС 37531-Ф. Погиб. Захоронен: мест. Мариенвердер, городское кладбище
(Польша, Эльблонгское воеводство, Бранево,ул.Эльблоньска)./СЕИВВ/ Список советских воинов, похороненных в Польше (данные АПН).
I am not sure of everything it says above in Russian, but from various sources, and help with the translations, a summary of what was found in the various documents in "Russia's Fallen" is as follows.
A Krasilov native, Moisej Haimovich Prejgerzon, (1917-1945), a lieutenant, who was killed in the battle on the territory of West Poland and was buried in the local cemetery of Polish (former German) town of Marienverder.
Moisej Prejgerzon was killed 01/28/1945; the closest relative, to whom the Military staff sent the report of his death, was his aunt Frima Efimovna Edelshtein, in the city of Tashkent
This is some history contributed by Eugenia Sheinman.
This man was a student of Leningrad Electronic Institute before he got enlisted in the Red Army. Usually students had to get Military specialty and proper training during their learning in the Institute, after which they got a minor officer rank. That's why (I suppose) he became a lieutenant and a commander of a platoon. Or it might be that he was sent to the officers' school during or before the war. His aunt (1886-1964) was also a Krasilov native, b. Byk (her brother was Rabbi Chaim-Mechel Byk (or Bik) of Medzibozh (1888-1964), who left for the USA in 1925, their sister emigrated in 1906? became a wife of Meer Tuler / Morris Tuller and lived in New York, where [she] passed away in 1931. I knew both Frima Efimovna and her two children while living in Leningrad. Frima Byk's mother's maiden name was Prejgerzon (Pregersohn).
There are a few ways find the "Russia's Fallen" data. which is in Russian seems to be a memorial site for the Jews from "Russia's Fallen". I have no way of knowing if it contains all the Jews from the complete "Russia's Fallen" site. The picture and text above came from this site. Steven Morse has a front end in English which allows searching the "complete?" "Russia's Fallen" web site, His front end searches the site which is in Russian. One hint, if you try using these sites. Spelling of the name is critical. On Morses site I did a search for Preygerzon (Прейгерзон ) and found two seperate documents for Moisey. Searching on Preigerzon (Преигерзон ) I found a third document. Since all the documentation is in Russian (except for the deceased name) it is hard for me to say what is unique about each document.

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