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Dolgow Family Pictures

1 Dolgow
2 dolgow
Back row: Lou Steinberg, Sam Dolgow, Lil Dolgow Steinberg
Front row: In stroller Shana Hack, Samantha Hack
about 1975
Four Dolgow children (daughters of Sam Dolgow and Ida Fishstein Dolgow)
Back: Lil Dolgow (Steinberg).
Front row: Fran Dolgow (Zelick), Anne Dolgow (Cohen),  Morris Dolgow
Taken about 1922
5 Dolgow
3 Dolgow
Sam Dolgow, Dawn Adrienne (ggd), Sam Dolgow, Dawn Adrienne (ggd),

10 Dolgow

& Dolgow
Sam Dolgow
about 1930
Sam and Ida Fishstein Dolgow
about 1930
11 Dolgow
12 Dolgow
Ben Dolgow, son Harry, and wife Jenny
Ben is Sam Dolgow's older brother.
Morris Dolgow at two or three with his mother's (Ida Fishstein's)
 cousin Joey (also from Krasilov)
Morris is Sam and Ida Dolgow's son
about 1913
13 Dolgow
14 Dolgow
Sam and Ida Dolgow
Sam and Ida Dolgow
15 Dolgow
16 Dolgow
Ida and daughter Anne Dolgow Cohen
Ida and Francis Dolgow Zelick

17 Dolgow
18 Dolgow
Ida and daughter Anne Dolgow Cohen
Anne Dolgow Cohen
19 Dolgow
20 Dolgow
Francis Dolgow Zelick
Lil Dolgow Steinberg

Dolgow 8
Dolgow 9
Ida and daughter Anne Dolgow Cohen
This picture is of something that Ida Fishstein Dolgow made;
 we believe that it came with her from Krasilov. It is a lacy
flower that pins onto a dress and  it has postage stamps
 inside of it. I haven't been brave enough to
open the flower to see where the stamps came from
because I don't want to undo Ida's bow.

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