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Congregation Anshei Krasilow - Mt. Hebron Cemetery, New York City
Pictures supplied by Dawn Adrienne
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Comments supplied by people who have family members buried in Mt Hebron Cemetery


Comments from Krasilov descendents

Jillian Beroza- Samuel Dolgow is my family. The Fishsteins (not listed) are also buried there.

Shirona LurieMy great grandparents (from my mother's side) are also buried there - and they all came from Krasilov: Benzion Lemberger (who later changed his name to Benjamin Berger) and his wife Leja Rachman Berger, and Moishe Eager who was married to Tzirel Tanzer Eager.

Pamela Fishberg -Sonya & Joseph Fishberg are my parents buried at Mt. Hebron. they both were born in KRASILOV. also grandparents Samuel & Esther Gerber.( mothers parents) the Moskowitz's are my mothers aunt & uncle. Lindenbaum's were cousins.

H Lee Lepolstat Wasserman - Hi Pamela, my grandfather was Samuel Wasserman, the First President and organizer of the burial society in Mr. Hebron and the head of his congregation by the same name. Obviously, your family knew mine in Brooklyn from their Schul. Everybody, I understand, in that Schul and buried in their burial society in Mr. Hebron were like extended family. My grandfather also sold the entire congregation Life insurance policies, so that if anybody died, the survivors would not be left with a crushing debt due to the loss of their loved one.

When my Grandfather, Samuel, died (1950), my Uncle Sid Wasserman and my father (Jack) took over their father's insurance brokerage (Samuel Wasserman & Sons) and serviced all the members in the society/schul. When I was a child, I am sure I met some of your relatives, maybe, including your parents, when they were sitting shiva for my grandfather and later for my grandmother (Tillie Wasserman. 1954) on W. 63 St (I don't remember the exact street numbers, since I was about 4 yrs old when my grandfather died and 8 when my grandmother died.

Mary Jo C. Martin- My great-grandmother, Gitel Beitchman Cosover, was also buried at Mt. Hebron by the Krasilov Burial Society. See here for her story:

Jean Bennett Giorgetti- My great grandparents Sam and Jennie Steigman are buried here!

Dawn Adrienne - Samuel Dolgow, the President of  Chevra Tifereth Israel Krasilow, was our dear Great / Grandfather. He, along with Ida Fishstein Dolgow (our Great / Grandmother); brother Benjamin Fishstein & wife Pauline; Ben & Pauline's children Morris, Dorothy, Henry & wife Thelma; and his Krasilov comrades are buried at Mount Hebron Cemetery in Flushing, NYC. I personally remember Sam as a sweet, gentle elderly man who was quite beloved by his entire family.

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