The Jews of Krakow and its Surrounding Towns


1929 Krakow Business Directory

Note: This data has been temporarily removed as it is being transferred to the main JewishGen site.

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In 1929, a directory was published which listed businesses in numerous cities of Poland. Almost 10,000 names - essentially Jewish - from the section dealing with Krakow have been extracted from the directory, and are now available in a searchable database.

As with most directories, the data contained in the Krakow Business Directory is sparse and usually abbreviated. Apart from block adverts - which are scattered throughout the Directory - the data has been extracted exactly as it appears in the Directory. In other words, there is no additional data in the original Directory that cannot be accessed in this database.

A search of the database will return the following data fields:

  • Surname: The surname of the business owner. Occasionally, two names are present in this field, indicating a business partnership e.g., Hornstein i Goldschmied.
  • Name: The first name of owner(s) or partner. This is often only an initial, although abbreviated or complete first names are sometimes present. Occasionally, titles such as Dr. or Prof. are included.
  • Occupation: The nature of occupation or business. This is written in Polish, but without Polish diacritics. Translation into English is not provided.
  • Registered: The original directory indicated whether the business was private or registered. The letter 'x' indicates a registered business and the '-' sign indicates a non-registered business.
  • Street: The street name and number.
  • Notes: Additional notes, such as whether a block advert is present. Some notes are in Polish ...again without diacritics. The '-' sign indicates no notes present.

(Directory procurement: Judie Goldstein. Data entry: Julian Schamroth.)