Initial Issue: 15 January 2003


The idea and initial submission of German-to-English translations of terms appearing in Kolomea birth records was that of KRG member Paul Auster. KRG member Ron Lahav submitted suggestions on the initial list. From this kernel has grown the concept of providing additional translation aids as they become available for marriage and death records. Translations in Polish will be provided as needed. German accent marks are not provided. Comments, suggestions, and additional inputs are invited. Submit them to the KRG Coordinator .

The terms are numbered and listed in the order they were found on the birth record. The German words are listed first and then the English translations.

1. Vorlaufende Zahl
Successive numbers
2. Der Geburt
Birth Date a. Tag - day b. Monat - month c. Jahr - year d. Ort - place e. Haus Nr. - house number
3. Der Beschneidung
The circumcision a. Tag - day b. Monat - month c. Jahr - year d. Ort - place e. Haus Nr. - house number
4. Des Kindes
The children a. Geschlecht - gender mannlich - male weiblich - female
5. Ehrliche, angeblich eheliche oder uneheliche Geburt
Birth within or without marriage or assumed within marriage.
6. Vor und Zunahme des Vaters, sowie Stand, Beschaftigung und Wohnort
Given and family name of the father, civil status, occupation and place of residence.
7. Vor und Zunahme des Mutters, ihr Stand und Wohnort, dann Vor und Zunahme, Beschaftigung und Wohnort ihrer Eltern
Given and family name of the mother, civil status, occupation, and then given and family name , occupation and place of residence of her parents.
8, 9, 10, 11 Eiggenhandige Unterschrift, Beschaftigung, und Wohnort
Own signature, occupation, and residence
8. den Vater oder Zeugen
The father or winess
9. Beschneidenden
Circumcision executer
10. der Hebamme oder des Geburtshelfers
The midwife or birth assistant
11. Todt geborne Kinder
Stillborn child
12. Anmerkung

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