This Towns Of Galicia Kolomea Administrative District is designed to serve two purposes. The first is to set the boundaries for the Kolomea Research Group (KRG). Under Gesher Galicia policy each Research Group is limited to focus research on only one Galicia Administrative District. This list of towns identifies those towns of interest to the KRG.

The second purpose of this web page is to support the location of pertinent records of relatives or friends that were born in, lived in, worked in, or perhaps perished in any of the towns that comprised the Kolomea Administrative District as it was defined by the Austrian Government around 1872. This is what Leslie Gyi* had to say about the importance of knowing the town of interest,

For nationality determinations, it is important to know for a particular city or region, on a given date, which nation’s jurisdiction it is under. The laws of this nation will govern the collecting, recording, storage, and retrieval of vital records (birth, marriage, death, polls, military), which is what we are interested in for genealogy research.

This web page in addition to listing the town names and spellings under Austrian rule will list all known authentic variations in town names or spellings as they occurred under different government regimes. Differences in town spellings came about for several reasons. The changes in national languages and usage by enthics groups; such as the Jews, produced different spellings. Transliterations from Cyrillic and Yiddish alphabets produced variations in spellings. Then variations may have occurred due to the nicknames or shortcuts introduced by town residents. For example the United States’ national capital is Washington, District of Columbia but has been referred to as simply Washington; or the District; or even just D.C. This web page will list only name variations as recognized by the U.S. Board of Geographic Names or other authoritative sources.

Gyi* also supports the need for listing town name variations.
Our current database (sic. referring to JewishGen) only contains the current legal name. We need to know all for genealogical research in the past.

*Leslie Gyi nee Feig, Merrimack, NH, in an email to, August 24, 2000

Peter Zavon** explained that the Austrian Government organized Galicia into 171 Judicial Districts. These Judicial Districts were combined to form several Administrative Districts. In 1872 the Austrian Government established a structure for Jews of Galicia to report their vital records. In most cases Jewish reporting districts followed the Judicial District organization. In some instances separate Jewish Districts were established within one or more Judicial Districts. The Town of Kolomea was the seat of an Administrative District. The Kolomea Administrative District (KAD) had three Judicial Districts; Kolomea, Gwozdziec, and Peczenizyn. There were four Jewish Districts; Kolomea, Gwozdziec, Peczenizyn, and Jablonow.

**Peter Zavon, Editor, Gesher Galicia Family Finder, Penfiled, NY, in an email to Alan Weiser, August 2000

This web page shows the assignment of towns by Judicial District and Jewish District. Vital records were collected at the Jewish District level and sent to the Judicial District in most cases before sending them to the Town of Kolomea.

To help distinguish those towns which are part of the KAD from those towns with same or similar names in other parts of old Galicia or modern Ukraine, map coordinates are provided for the KAD towns. The distance and direction of the town from the Town of Kolomea is also provided to aid in locating the approximate location of the town on maps which may not list the town. Kolomea (or Kolomyja or Kolomyya) is usually shown on most maps of Western portion of Ukraine or Eastern portion of Galicia. A very rough plot of those towns with direction and distance information is provided.


There were several people who contributed significantly to the accomplishment of this task of listing towns. I want to recognize the special help provided by Shelley Pollero, Gesher Galicia SIG Coordinator, and Melody Katz, Gesher Galicia Research Coordinator, with information, encouragement, and directing me to Suzan Wynne and Peter Zavon.

Suzan Wynne, author of the book, Finding Your Jewish Roots in Galicia: A Resource Guide, provided extensive explanations on KAD organization. She provided extensive effort to extract town data from, Fuhrung der Geburts-, Ehe- und Sterbe-Matrikeln fur die Israeliten in Galizien Austria: Justin Ministerium, 1877. She organized the data into subdistricts. That information formed the basis for the list of towns presented here.

Peter Zavon, Editor, Gesher Galicia Family Finder and recognized authority on shtetls and towns of Galicia conducted a thorough review of the list of towns provided by Suzan Wynne. He modified spellings and place names as needed and reorganized the towns into the Judicial and Jewish Districts listed on this page. He provided an extensive list of Subsidiary Location Names. These Subsidiary Locations were like suburbs, marketplaces, business centers, or other special purpose places outside of larger towns. These Subsidiary Locations Names will be added to this page in the future.

I owe a big thank you to Susanna Bloch who directed me to the use of JewishGen’s ShtetlSeeker web site. From this site I was able to identify numerous towns, their variants in spellings as different governments ruled the region, the map coordinates of the towns, and the direction and distance of each town from the Town of Kolomea.

This List of Towns project is a work-in-progress. There is quite a lot more to be done to fill in missing information. As may be the case other people may step forward to provide significant inputs. Recognition of those people will be given. Please submit any constructive criticism on this page to the KRG Coordinator

Without regard to who provided the information used in the List of Towns, I take sole responsibility for any errors of omission or commission.

KRG Coordinator


The first Town spelling on each line of the TOWNS is the spelling at the time Galicia was under Austrian rule. A town spelling followed by a (C) indicates the current spelling under Ukrainian rule. Other spellings were in use at various times. Numbers like 4832:2512 indicate the coordinates of the town; such as, 48 degrees 32 minutes North and 25 degrees 12 minutes E. The next number, such as, 12.2 is the number of miles from the town to the Town of Kolomyya, which has coordinates of 4832:2502. The last group of letters such as, E or ENE, etc. is the direction of the town from Kolomyya.

1. Balince, Balintsy(C), Balintse; 4833:2518; 12.2; E
2. Buczaczaki, Buchachki(C), 4832:2518; 12.2, E
3. Chomiakowka
4. Chwalibog
5. Cuczaczki
6. Czechowa
7. Dzirkow, Dzhurkov(C), Durkov, Dzhurkiv, Dzurkuv; 4838:2512; 10.3, NE
8. Fatowce, Fativtsy(C), Fatovtse; 4837:2508; 7.3; NE
9. Gwozdziec, Gvozdets(C), Gvozhdziyets; 4835:2517; 11.9; ENE
10. Gwozdziec Stary, Starry Gvozdets(C), Gvozhdziyets Starry;4835:2515; 10.5; ENE
11. Gwozdziec Maly, Malyy Gvozdets(C), Gvozhdziyets Malyy; 4834:2516; 10.9; ENE
12. Kobylec, Kobylets(C); 4832:2514; 9.1; E
13. Kulaczkowce, Kulachkovtsy(C), Kulachkovtse; 4833:2518; 12.2; E
14. Nazurna, Nazirna; 4831:2512; 7.7; E
15. Ostapkowce
16. Ostrowiec, Ostrovets(C); 4838:2518; 14, ENE
17. Podhayczyki, Podgaychiki(C); 4834:2510; 6.9; ENE
18. Pruchniszcze
19. Rochynie
20. Rozsochacz
21. Slobodka poina, Slobodka Pol'na(C), Plevaya Slobodka, Slobudka Pol'na; 4835:2522; 5.6; ENE
22. Soroki, Soroka(C); 4837:2522; 16.3; ENE
23. Tatowce
24. Trofanowka
25. Turki, Turka(C); 4835:2508; 5.7; NE
26. Winogrod, Vinograd(C); 4837:2516; 12.1; ENE
27. Zahajpol

28. Ceniawa
29. Chiebiczyn Lesny, Lesnoy Khlebichhin(C); 4841:2455; 11.6; NNW
30. Czeremchow
31. Debeslawce, Debeslavtsy(C), Debeslavtsi, Debeslavtse; 4828:2510; 7.6; SE
32. Diatkowce, Dyatkovtsy(C), Dyatkovtse; 4833:2500; 1.9, NW
33. Dobrowodka, Gody-Dobrovodka(C), Gody, Hody, Hody-Dobrovida; 4836:2504; 4.8; NNE
34. Ispas, Gorskoye(C); 4827:2502; 5.8; S
35. Iwanowce, Ivanovtse(C), Ivanovtsy; 4835:2451; 9.1; WNW
36. Kamionki Wielkie, Velikaya Kamenka(C), Kamionka Wielkie, Kamyanka, Kamenka, Kamionka Vel’ka,, Bol’shaya Kamenka; 4838:2506; 7.5; NNE
37. Kamionki Mala, Kamionka Mala
38. Kolomea, Kolomyya(C), Kolomyja; 4832:2502; 0; 0
39. Korolowka
40. Kornicz, Kornich(C); 4831:2507; 4; ESE
41. Korszow
42. Kropiwiszcze
43. Kujdance, Kiydantsy;4832:2458; 3; W
44. Liski, Leski(C), Lisky; 4839:2502; 8.1; N
45. Matejowce, Mateyevtsy(C); 4830:2510; 6.5; ESE
46. Michalkow, Mikhalkuv(C), Mikhalkov; 4842:2502; 11.5; N
47. Oskrzesince
48. Pererow, Pererov, Pereruv, Pereovi; 4830:2508; 5.1; ESE
49. Piadyki, Pyadyki(C), Pyadyky, Pyadyki; 4834:2504; 2.8; NNE
50. Pilipy(C); 4828:2507;6;SE
51. Siemakowce, Sema Kovtsy; 4829:2512;8.4;ESE
52. Slobodka Lesna, Lesnaya Slobodka; 4837:2457; 6.9; NNW
53. Sopow, Sopov(C), Sopuv; 4831:2459; 2.6;WSW
54. Szeparowce
55. Tiunaczyk
56. Werbiaze Wyzny
57. Werbiaze Nizny
58. Zalucze am Prut
59. Zamulince, Zamulintse(C), Zamulintsy; 4829:2511; 7.7; ESE
60. Zukow, Zhukov(C); 4842:2506; 11.9; NNE

61. Akreszony
Bania Berezowaka, Banya Berezon(C), Banya Berezuv, Banya 62. Berezwska; 4825:2445; 15.3; WSW
63. Berezow
64. Berezow Nizny
65. Berezow Wyzny
66. Jablonow,Yablonov(C), Yablonuv; 4824:2457; 10; SSW
67. Kowalowka, Kovalevka(C), Kovalivka, Kovalyuvka; 4827:2501; 5.8; S
68. Lucza, Lucha(C), Luzce; 4824:2454; 11; SSW
69. Luczki
70. Myszyn, Myshin(C); 4827:2500; 6; SSW
71. Stopczatow, Stopchatov(C), Stopchativ, Stopcharuv; 4825:2459; 8.4; SSW
72. Tekusza, Tekucze, Tekucha(C); 4823:2448; 14.9; SW

73. Kluczow Wielkie,Klyuchev Vel’kiy, Klyuchuv Vel’ki; 4828:2457; 6; SW
74. Kluczow Maly, Klyuchev Malyy; 4828:2456; 6.5; SW
75. Kniazdwor, Knyazhdor, Knyazhdvor, Knyazhgvor Nizhniy, Knyazhdor Verkhniy, Knyazhdvur; 4833:2456; 4.7; WNW
76. Markowka, Markivka, Markovka, Markuvka; 4830:2452; 8; WSW
77. Molodiatyn
78. Peczenizyn, Pechenezhin,Pechenizhin,Pechenizhyn
79. Rakowczyk, rakivch, Rakovchik(C), Rakovchyk; 4836:2457; 6; NW
80. Rungury; 4829:2451; 9.1;WSW
81. Slobody Rungurska, Sloboda Rungurska, Sloboda-Rungviskaya; 4827:2449; 11.5; WSW

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