This page provides excerpts from the full 1891 Galician Business Directory Database which may be of interest to KRG members. A nominal survey was made of the database searching on KRG surnames of interest.

Originally the primary focus of the research was on surnames in Kolomea. Because of the possibility that our Kolomea ancestors moved about to establish new business enterprises, it was decided to expand the excerpts to include all Galician communities. This expansion was made possible through the generous and extraordinary volunteer efforts of the following KRG members: Paul Auster, Mordy Hahn, Barbara Jacobson, Elias Kupferman, Ron Lahav, and Sylvia Reuben.

The full database provides surname, given name, occupation in German, occupation in English, and town name. The excerpts provided here include all that data except the German language occupation entry. Those persons with German language skills may want to consult the full database to verify the translations given in English.


Unless otherwise indicated, Kolomea is the town for the entry.

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Abraham, Nysa, Guesthouse/innkeeper, Rudnik
Abraham, Solomon, Vinegar factory, Tarnow
Aufrichtig, Hersch, Iron/Metal Dealer, Doliniany
Aufrichtig, Hersch, Grain & Produce Dealer, Doliniany
Auster, Getzel, Butchers, Meat & Smoked meat, Marjampol
Auster, Chaim Wolf, Shoemaker, Marjampol
Auster, Jonas Beer, Shoemaker, Marjampol
Auster, Juda, Shoemaker, Marjampol
Auster, David, Brush Binder, Marjampol
Auster, Hersch Chaim, Cabinet Maker, Carpenter, Marjampol
Auster, Moses, Cabinet Maker, Carpenter, Marjampol
Auster, Salomon, Cabinet Maker, carpenter, Tysmienca
Auster, Benjamin, Cattle Dealer, Marjampol
Auster, Getzel, Cattle Dealer, Marjampol
Axelrad, Hersch, Leather maker
Axelrad, N., Grocery/delicatessen, Stanislau
Axelrad, Abraham, Bel Maker/Foundry, Tysmienica
Axelrad, Dr. Melch, Lawyer, Tarnopol
Axelrad, N., Fashions, Clothes, Stanislau
Axelrad, Abraham, Grain & produce Dealer, Tysmienica
Axelrad, Leib, Fish Dealer, Grymalow

Bartfield, A, Grain & produce dealer
Bartfield, K, Grain & produce dealer
Baron, & Goldwasser, Soap & Candle Dealer, Tarnow
Baron, S., Paint Dye & Printing Ink, Tarnow
Baron, Moses, Vinegar Factory, Dolina
Baron, Mayer, Vinegar Factory, Kalusz
Baron, & Goldwasser, Naptha dealer, Tarnow
Baron, & Goldwasser, Paraffin (kerosene) Dealer, Tarnow
Baron, Aron, Chandlier, Gingerbread Makers, Dolina
Baron, J’s, Coth Dealer, Lemberg
Bartfeld, Ab, Guesthouse/innkeeper, Nadworna
Bartfeld, Leib, Distillery, Bosyry
Bartfeld, Leib, Distillery, Hrynkowce
Bartfeld, Leib, Distillery, Krzywenkie
Bartfeld, Majer, Distillery, Kudrynce
Bartfeld, Leib, Distillery, Probuzna
Bartfeld, Leib, Distillery, Wasylkowce Husiatyn Brantweinbrennereien
Bartfeld, Majer, Landowners with mansion/Farm, Kurdyncew
Bartfeld, M., Alchol/whiskey, Kudrynce
Bartfeld, Majer, Landowners with Mansion/Farm, Paniowce
Berger, M., Grocery/delicatessen, Kwaczaia
Berger, Majer, Grocery/delicatessen, Trembowia
Berger, Engelbert, Guesthouse/inkeeper, Mysienice
Berger, Adolf, Guesthouse/innkeeper, Zablocie
Berger, Adolf, Wine Dealer, Saybusch
Berger, Feiwel, Tailor, Dukla
Berger, Abraham, Breweries,Jaryczow Nowy
Berger, Josel, Shoemaker, Kalusz
Berger, Julie, Ready to wear Garments, Lemberg
Berger, Wolf, Meat & Smoked Meat, Bircza
Berger, Josef, Butchers, Meat & Smoked Meat, Rozniatow
Berger, A., Fashion Accessories/toy dealer, Tranow
Berger, Leiser, Flour Dealer, Grzymalow
Berger, Josef, Butchers, Meat & Smoked Meat, Kenty
Berger, S. Iron/Metalware Dealer, Monasterzyska
Berger, Aron, Notions & Materials(fabrics), Tlumacz
Berger, Berisch, Mining Equipment Dealer, Boryslaw
Berger, Israel, Hides & Skin Dealer, Bolechow
Berger, Josef, Hides & Skin Dealer, Bolechow
Berger, Majer, Wood Dealers Gorlice
Berger, Moriz, Wood Dealers, Zakopane
Berger, D., Hotels, Husiatyn
Berger, Hersch, Hotels, Sambor
Berger, Pepple, Hotels, Sambor
Berger, Engelbert, Cafe, Mysienice
Berger, Z., Textiles, Rymanow
Berger, Moses, Wood Turner/lather, Sieniawa
Berger, Emil, Locksmith/Metalworker, Jaslo
Berger, Zach, Coth Dealer, Rymanow
Berger, A., Matches, Konty
Berger, Isaak, Wine Dealer, Tarnow
Berger, & Pollak, Brick Works, Lipnik
Berger, Julie & Sohn, Cothes Dealer, Lemberg
Berger, Julie & Sohn, Dress Dealer, Lemberg
Bergman, & Eigenfeld, Grocery/delicatessen, Stanislau
Bikel, Jac, Business Agent, Czortkow
Bikel, Chaim Nuchim, Pipe Maker(for smokers), Tysmienica
Birnberg, Michel, Blacksmith, Probuzna
Bittmann, Alter, Wood Dealers, Nadworna
Blecher, F, Butcher, Meat & Smoked Meat
Blecher, Mechel, Grocery/delicatessen, Jablonow
Blecher, Baruch, Plumber, Grzymalow
Blecher, Josel, Grain & Produce Dealer, Jablonow
Blecher, Chaim Hersch, Cattle Dealer, Jablonow
Blecher, Fischel, Cattle Dealer, Jablonow
Bloch, Hersch, Oil factory/mill(edible)
Bloch, Osias, Grocery/delicatessen, Delatyn
Bloch, Osias, Clothes Dealer, Stryl
Bloch, Osias, Dress Dealer, Stryl
Bloch, N. Bell maker/foundry, Stanislau
Bloch, Sigm, Business Agent, Tarnow
Bloch, Moses, Flour Dealer, Sedziszow
Bloch, Hermann, Notions &Materials (fabrics), Rabka
Bloch, Osias, Mining Equipment Dealer, Boryslaw
Bloch, Sendar, Wood dealers, Kamionka
Bloch, Lazar, Grain & Produce dealer, Brody
Bloch, L., Watchmaker, Stanislau
Bloch, R., Breweries, Tarnobrzeg
Blonder, Pincas, Fish Dealer, Crzesko
Blum, David, Grocery/delicatessen, Bobowa
Blum, Josef, Shoemaker, Wieliczka
Blum, Jacob, Coppersmith/cooper, Wisnicz
Blum, Juda, Notions & Materials (fabrics), Jaworow
Blum, Salomon, Notions & Materials (fabrics), Sokal
Blum, Leibisch, Lamp Dealer, Bolechow
Blum, Nusim, Textiles, Turka
Blum, L., grocer, Bolechow
Blum, Ad., Druggist, Brody
Blum, __, Watchmaker, Grodek
Brettler, Henni, Muhlen mill,Szepowce/Kolomea
Brettler, Jacob, Breweries
Brettler, & Beidaff, Flour dealer
Brettler, Samuel, Flour dealer
Brettler, Jacob, Flour dealer
Brettler & Beidaff, Wood dealer
Brettler, Jacob, Muhlen mill
Brettler & Beidaff, Grain & Produce dealer
Brettler, Jonas, Grain & Produce dealer
Brettler, Josef, Grain & Produce dealer
Brettler, Jac, Grain & Produce dealer
Brettler, Jacob, Flour Dealer
Brettschneider, Jacob, Export Egg Dealer & Importer, Kolodrobka
Brettschneider, Marcus, Notions & Materials (fabrics), Probuzna


Dann, Lewi, Leather Dealer, Jaworow
David, H., Clothes Dealer/Dress Dealer, Stanislau
David, Jac, Flax & Hemp Dealer, Bukaczowce
David, Josef, Iron/Metalware Dealer, Uhnow
David, Abraham, Tanners, Tarnow
David, Mayer, Wood Dealers, Alt-bohorodczan
David, Alter, Grocery/delicatessen, Brzezany
Diamand, H. Fashion Accessories/Toy Dealer, Rzeszow
Diamand, Hersch, Iron/metalware Dealer, Przemyslany
Diamand, Salomon, Wood Dealers, Lutcza
Diamand, H., Glazer, Dolina
Diamand, Moises Maier, Flour Dealer, Lemberg
Dunst, Rubin, Baker, Zablotow

Ebenstein, Gittel, Grocery/delicatessen, Buczacz
Edelstein, E., Grocery/delicatessen, Tarnow
Edelstein, Abraham dawid, Notions & Materials (fabrics), Buczacz
Edelstein, E., Iron/metalware Dealer, Tarnow
Edelstein, L., Grain & Produce Dealer, Sedziszow
Edelstein, Samuel, Fish Dealer, Colechow

Feuer, H., Glass & China Dealer, Lancut
Feuer, Herm, Fashion Assessories/Toy Dealer, Lancut
Feuer, Hersch, Flour Dealer, Bolechow
Feuer, Efraim, Furrier, Kamionka Strumi
Feuer, Chaim, Furrier, Zolkiew
Feuer, Hersch, Wood Dealers, Horocholina
Feuer, Josef, Grain & Produce Dealer, Kamionka Strumi
Feuer, Berl, Grain & Produce Dealer, Mielec
Feuer, Leiser, Grain & Produce Dealer, Ptzemysl
Feuer, Hersch, Cattle Dealer, Horocholina
Feuer, Leiser, Cattle Dealer, Wierblany
Feuermann, Moses, Rope, Buczacz
Friedlander, Abraham, Naptha distiller/refinery
Friedlander, Josef, Grocery/delicatessen,Wierczany
Friedlander, Leib, Tailor, Dolina
Friedlander, Leiser, Baker, Dolina
Friedlander, M., Textiles, Dolina
Friedlander, Hersch Menasche, Grain & Produce Dealer, Kalusz
Friedlander, Ab, Cabinet Maker/Carpenter, Dolina
Friedlander, L. Watch-maker, Chrzanow
Friedlander, S. Wollen Dealer, Dolina
Friedman, Leib, Grocery/delicatessen, Gologory
Friedman, Josef, Grocery/delicatessen, Sambor
Friedman, Jos, Guesthouse/inkeeper, Gologry
Friedman, Leib, Soap/Candle Maker, Zablotow
Friedman, H., Fashion Accessories/Toy Dealer, Zmigrod
Friedman, Samuel, Wood Dealers, Starzawa Sanock
Friedman, Jos, Cafe, Gologory
Friedman, Aron D., Leather Dealer, Oleszyce
Friedman, Jos, Guesthouse/Innkeeper, Gologory
Friedmann, J.S.,Grocery/Deli
Friedmann, J.S., Soap/Candle maker
Friedmann & Berfeld, Machinery
Fuchs, J., Guesthouse/Inn Keeper
Fuchs, J., Beer Dearler
Fuchs, J., Fashion Accessories/toy dealer
Fuchs, Rud, Cloth Dealer, Biala
Fuchs, Noe, Paint & Varnish Dealer, Bolechow
Fuchs, Rud, Cart Maker, Krakau
Fuchs, Nusin, Master Carpenter, Zablotow
Fuchs, Rudolf, Wagon, Cart & Coach Builder, Biala
Fuchs, Eduard, Grocery/delicatessen, Krakau
Fuchs, Noe, Grocery/delicatessen, Bolechow
Fuchs, David, Grocery/delicatessen, Przemyslany
Fuchs, M, Noe, S, Glass & China Dealer, Bolechow
Fuchs, David, Breweries, Przemyslany
Fuchs, August, Druggist, Lipnik
Fuchs, Hersch, Butchers, Meat & Smoked Meat, Chorostkow
Fuchs, Andr, Business Agent, Hohenbach
Fuchs, Noe, Paint, Dye and Printing Ink. Bolechow
Fuchs, Ch M, Flour Dealer, Gliniany
Fuchs, & Barnet, Egg Dealers & Importers, Podgorze
Fuchs, Mendel, Coppersmith/cooper, Jezierzany
Fuchs, Noe, Frame Dealer (pictures), Bolechow
Fuchs, Ch. G., Egg Dealers & Importers, Tarnopol
Fuchs, Ch. G., Egg Dealers & Importers, Tarnow
Fuchs, Nusin, Master Builder-Architect, Zablotow
Fuchs, Hersch Meilech, Bitumen Mine.foundary, Boryslaw
Fuchs, David, Hotels, Przemyslany
Fuchs, Berl, Leather Dealer, Rozdol
Fuchs, Ignaz, Furniture maker, Krakau
Fuchs, Noe, Grocer, Bolechow
Fuchs, Schlome, Grocer, Bolechow
Fuchs, Nusin, Thatcher & Slater, Zablotow
Fuchs, Noe, Glazier, Bolechow
Fuchs, David, Stationary Dealer, Przemyslany

Goldreich, Moses, Soap/Candle maker, Zamarstynow
Goldreich, Abraham, Egg Dealers & Importers, Sinkow
Goldreich, Moses, Soap Maker, Lemberg
Goldreich, Moses, Soap/candle maker, Zamarsrynow
Goldreich, Abraham, Egg dealer & importer, Sinkow
Goldreich, Moses, Soap maker, Lemberg
Greif, Osias, Grain & Produce Dealer, Osknzesince
Greif, Herz, Business Agent, Tarnopol
Greif, R., Notions & Materials (fabrics), Korolowka
Greif, Abraham, Mill, Jablonow
Greif, Hersch, Grain & Produce Dealer, Podwoloczyska
Greif, Hersch, Grain & Produce Dealer, Tarnopol
Greif, Dav, Grain & Produce Dealer, Tarnopol
Grunberg, & Adler, Grocery/delecatessen, Stanislau
Grunberg, Isaak, Grocery/delicatessen, Zielenki
Grunberg, Elias, Quarry, Luka Wielka
Grunberg, Schmil, Furrier, Drohobycz
Grunberg, Isaak, Egg Dealers & Importers,Skalat
Grunberg, Is, Fashions, Clothes, Podhajce
Grunberg, Salomon, Wood Turner/Lather, Mielec
Grunberg, Mendel, Grain & Produce Dealer, Podhajce
Grunberg, Moses, Grain & Produce Dealer, Skole
Grunberg, Lazar, Watch-maker, Trembowla
Grunberg, Bruder, Brick Works, Podgorze
Grunberg, Aron, Grocery/delicatessen, Schonanger
Grunberg, Phobus, Bedfeater Dealer, Brody
Grunberg, Solomon, Architect
Grunberg, Josef, Fashion acessories/toys
Grunberg, Solomon, Building contractor
Grunstein, Elias, Iron/metalware Dealer, Rzeszow

Hacker, M, Guesthouse/innkeeper
Hacker, David, Beer dealer/seller
Hacker, M, Grain & produce dealer
Halper, S, Glass & china dealer
Halpern, & Perlmutter, Grocery/delicatessen, Dolina
Halpern, Mechel, Grocery/delicatessen, Ostrow
Halpern, Isaak, Grocery/delicatessen, Radymno
Halpern, J H, Grocery/delicatessen, Skole
Halpern, Ethil, Chaim, Grocery/delicatessen, Stanislau
Halpern, E, Guesthouse/innkeeper, Tluste
Halpern, J., Binder (agriculture), Dolina
Halpern, Abraham, Distillery, Wolczynice
Halpern, Lipa, Landowners with Mansion/Farm, Monatsterzee
Halpern, Alex, Breweries, Brody
Halpern, H & S, Alcohol/whiskey, Wolczynice
Halpern, Alter, Soap & Candle Dealer, Bolechow
Halpern, Isaak, Fashion Accessories/Toy Dealer, Radymno
Halpern, R& Co., Paint, Dye & Printing Ink, Stanislau
Halpern, A., Iron/metalware Dealer, Bolechow
Halpern, Marcus, Iron/metalware Dealer, Staremiasto
Halpern, Osias, Building Materials Dealer, Kalusz
Halpern, Salomon, Building Material Dealer, Sassow
Halpern, Lipa & Co., Leather maker, Stryj
Halpern, Isaak, Leather Dealer, Radymno
Halpern, E., Leather Dealer, Skole
Halpern, G., Textiles, Brody
Halpern, H., Textiles, Dolina
Halpern, & Stener, Textiles, Przemysl
Halpern, M. Furniture Maker, Krakau
Halpern, N., Fashions, Clothes, Stanislau
Halpern, Bruder & Landau, Mill, Stanislau
Halpern, N., Musical Instruments, Stanislau
Halpern, R & Comp., Grocer, Stanislau
Halpern, Selig, Grain & Produce dealer, Kozowa
Halpern, Majlech, Grain & Produce Dealer, Podhorodce
Halpern, Lipa, Grain & Produce Dealer, Stryj
Halpern, Moses, Grain & Produce Dealer, Zbaraz
Halpern, Jacob, Fur Dealer, Skole
Halpern, A.I., Pressed Yeast maker, Stanislau
Halpern, E., Shoes Dealer, Skole
Halpern, Juda, Decorator, Paper hangar, Rozdol
Halpern, H., Coth Dealer, Dolina
Halpern, Osias, Coth Dealer, Staremiasto
Halpern, Jacob, Watch-maker, Tarnopol
Halpern, G., Drapery, Linen & Underwear Dealer, Brody
Halpern, H., Drapery, Linen & Underwear Dealer, Dolina
Halpern, David, Wollen Dealer, Brody
Halpern, H. O., Bank & Exchange, Stanislau
Halpern, Joel, Bank & Exchange, Stanislau
Halpern, L., Bank & Exchange, Stanislau
Halpern, Michael, Bank & Exchange, Stanislau
Halpern, Hersch& Schewa, Landowners with mansion/farm, Wolczyniec
Hahn, Osias, Tailor, Kalusz
Hahn, Wolf, Distillery, Poczapince
Hahn, Johann, Dyers, Drohobycz
Hahn, Dr. Stanisl, Lawyer, Lemberg
Hahn, Wolf, Landowner with mansion/farm, Poczapince
Hahn, Edmund, Liner Weaver & Producer, Biala
Hahn, Wilh, Alcohol/whiskey, Poczapince
Hartenstein, David, Textiles, Nadworna
Hartenstein, David, Coth Dealer, Nadworna
Helfer, Berl, Baker, Oswiecim
Helfer, Hersch, Grocery/delicatessen, Chorostkow
Heller, Berl, Baker, Oswiecim
Heller, Hersch, Grocery/delicatessen, Chorostkow
Heller, Moses N., Grocery/delicatessen, Jezierzany
Heller, Isaak, Grocery/delicatessen, Lupkow
Heller, Josef, Grocery/delicatessen, Nadworna
Heller, Moses, Grocery/delicatessen, Rozniatow
Heller, Moses, Painter/varnisher
Heller, Samson, Fabric finisher/bleacher
Heller, Samson, Sheep/lamb woolen products
Heller, Joseph, Talliths Maker
Heller, Hersch, Grocery/delicatessen, Sabbor
Heller, Esse, Grocery/delicatessen, Tarnow
Heller, Ch, Cothes Dealer, Tarnopol
Heller, Ch, Dress Dealer, Tarnopol
Heller, Zlate, Knitwear & hosiery Maker, Lemberg
Heller, Moses N., Fashion Accessories/Toy Dealer, Jezierzany
Heller, Joel, Notions and Materials (frabics), Nadworna
Heller, Schmul, Egg Dealers Importers, Sinkow
Heller, Chaskel, Building Materials Dealer, Chorostkow
Heller, Eisig, Wood Dealers, Dolina
Heller, M., Leather Dealer, Buczacz
Heller, Saul, Tanners, Slotwina
Heller, Hersch, Grain & Produce Dealer, Chorostkow
Heller, Kiwa, Grain & Produce Dealer, Jazlowiec
Heller, hersch, Grain & Produce Dealer, Jezierzany
Heller, Josef, Stationary Dealer, Nadworna
Heller, Chaije, Talliths, Prayer Shawl Maker, Jaroslau
Heller, Leji, Breweries, Gdow
Heller, H W, Weaver, Stanislau



Kastener, Israel Isser, Grocery/delicatessen, Zimnawoda
Kastner, H.B.; Notions and materials(fabrics), Jaryczow Nowy
Kastner, Kos, Brass Foundry/brazier, Sokal
Keller, Hieronim, Glass & China Dealer, Szczawnica
Keller, U, Flax & Hemp Dealer, Sedziszow
Keller, Ch, Notions & materials (fabrics, Bolszowce
Keller, Ephraim, Grain & Produce Dealer, Kalusz
Keller, Jan, Cabinet Maker, Carpenter, Krukienice
Keller, Jac, Cattle Dealer, Zbaraz
Keller, Sal, Wine Dealer, Tarnow
Keller, Karl, Basket Materials, Lemberg
Keller, Anton, Cabinet Maker, Carpenter, Biala
Keller, Ignaz, Cabinet Maker, Carpenter, Szczawnice Wizna
Kesten, Baruch, Leather Dealer, Przeworsk
Kesten, Abraham, Leather Dealer, Przeworsk
Kleiner, Moses, Grocery/delicatessen, Czortkow
Kleiner, Joel, Tailor, Sieniawa
Kleiner, David Moses, Baker, Tlumacz
Kleiner, Owadie, Furrier, Drohobycz
Kleiner, Wolf, Notions & Materials (fabrics), Dobczyce
Kleiner, Chaim, Wood Dealers, Korszow
Kleiner, Majer, Grain & Produce Dealer, Krosno
Kleiner, Lippe, Egg Dealers & Importers, Radomysl
Kleinmann, Mottel, Wood Turner/lather
Kleinmann, Shifter, Umbrella/shade/screenmaker
Kleinmann, M, Umbrella/shade/screenmaker
Koch, S, Hotels
Koch, S., Guesthouse/Innkeeper
Koch, Wilheim, Grocery/delicatessen, Wieiczka
Koch, Dawid L., Tailor, Laka
Koch, Moses, Baker, Bobowa
Koch, A., Wood Dealers, Demnia Wyzna
Koch, Joseph, Weaver, Horocholina
Koffler, J.e., Grocery/delicatessen, Zaleszczyki
Koffler, Majer, Wine Dealer, Kazlowice
Koffler, Leon, Distillery, Zazulince
Koffler, Nathan, Business Agent, Horodenka
Koffler, Samuel, Business Agent, Zaleszczyki
Koffler, Mendel, Building Material Dealers, Jazlowiec
Koffler, S., Textile Agents, Lemberg
Koffler, Israel, Wood Dealers, Rozniatow
Koffler, Salomon Selig, Wood Dealers, Zaleszczyki
Koffler, Majer, Cafe, Jazlowice
Koffler, J.e., Textiles, Zaleszczyki
Koffler, E., Grain & Produce Dealer, Tarnopol
Koffler, Josef, Grain & Produce Dealer, Zaleszczyki
Koffler, E., Hauler, Carrier, Shipping Agent, Tarnopol
Koffler, Samuel, Hauler, Carrier, Shipping Agent, Zaleszczyki
Koffler, S., Manufacturing Business, Lemberg Kramer & Kupfermann, Grocery/Deli
Kramer, Naptha Dealer
Kramer, Sal, Grocery/delicatessen, Horodenka
Kramer, M., Grocery/delicatessen, Kossow
Kramer, H., Grocery/delicatessen, Tluste
Kramer, Abba, Iron/metalware Dealer, Jazlowiec
Kramer, Chaim, Iron/metalware Dealer, Sanok
Kramer, Berl, Wood Dealers, Drohomysl
Kramer, Berl, Wood Dealers, Sokolow
Kramer, H., Textiles, Turka
Kramer, Aron, Fish Dealer, Lemberg
Kramer, H., Cothes & Dress Dealer, Lemberg
Krauthamer, Nusim, Leather Dealer, Krasnoila
Krauthammer, Saul, Notions & materials
Kupfermann, Ch, Mineral water dealer
Kupfermann, Ch, Grocer
Kupfermann, N, Grocery/deli
Kupfermann, Josef, Liquor Dealer, Stanislau
Kupfermann, S., Butchers, Meat & Smoked Meat, Stanislau
Kupfermann, Josep, Liquer Maker, Knihinin
Kupfermann, M., Brass Foundry/brazier, Dembica
Kuzma, Mich., Master Builder, Architect, Kroscienko

Lachs, M, Grain & Produce Dealer, Sniatyn
Lachs, Gedalie, Cabinet Maker, Carpenter, Chorostkow
Lachs, F, Book, Art & music store
Lachs, M, Grain & produce dealer, Sniatyn
Lachs, Gedalie, Cabinetmaker, Chorostkow
Leitner, Rubin, Shoemaker, Stanislau
Leitner, Mendel, Hatter, Wisnicz
Lichtenstein, Salomon, Bitumen Mine/foundry, Boryslaw
Lichenstein, Jager, Notions and materials
Lindauer, M, watchmaker
Luft, A., Grocery/delicatessen, Szczerzec
Luft,Jacob, Grocery/delicatessen, Tarnow
Luft, Elias, Quary, Piaski
Luft, L., Notions & Materials (fabrics), Szczerzec
Luft, Elias, Plaster Maker, Szczerzec
Luft, _, Wood Dealers, Rawa Ruska
Luft, J.W., Furniture Dealer, Przemysi
Luft, Samuel, Mill, Piaski
Luft, Samuel, Mill, Siemanowka
Luft, Lipe, Millstone Maker, Szczerzec
Luft, Ascher, Tea Maker, Lubycza Krolews
Luft, Jos, Dyers
Luft, Josef, Hatter
Lux, Ignaz, Cafe, Stryj

Mann, Jacob, Breweries, Wolica
Mann, Jonas, Furrier, Tarnow
Mann, Rudolf, Inn Keeper & Distiller, Lemberg
Marcus, Leib, Wood Dealer, Dunajow Maril, Kiwa, Paper hnager, Drohobycz
Marmorosch, Hersch, Business Agent
Marmorosch, Hertz, Sack Dealer
Marmorosch, H, Hauler, Carrier
Marmorosch, Dr. K, Lawyer
Merl, Karl, Baker, Brzezany
Merl, Karolie, Baker, Tarnapol
Merl, Karl, Flour Dealer, Brzezany
Merl, F., Iron/Metalworker, Tarnapol
Meyer, Samuel, Notions, Lemberg
Meyer, Samuel, Textiles, Lemberg
Meyer, E., Druggists, Makaw
Meyer, Samuel, Notions and Fabrics, Stanislau
Meyer, Banish, Building Materials, Kalusz
Meyer, Samuel, Notions & Fabrics, Lemberg
Meyer, Samuel, Textiles, Lemberg
Mohr, Abraham, Plumber, Lemberg
Morel & Weinfeld, Textiles, Fashions, Krakau
Morel & Weinfeld, Draperies, Linen, Krakau
Morell, C., Coral/Beads dealer, Lemberg

Nagler, Ascher, Distillery, Grymalow
Nagler, Uszer, Inn Keeper, Grzymalow
Nagler, Moses, Iron/Metal Dealer, Kopaczynce
Nagler, W., Leather Dealer, Husuatyn
Nagler, Schmelka, Leather Dealer, Nadworma
Nagler, Isaac, Grain & Produce Dealer, Tarnapol
Nagler & Seiden, Bank & Exchange, Zloczow
Neger, Beile, Wine Dealer, Przeworsk
Neuman, Leib, Glass & china dealer, Buczacz
Neuman, Mechel, Sieve maker, Chyrow
Neuman, Ber, Notions, Jazlowice
Neuman, Abe, Iron/metalware dealer, Gliniany
Neuman, Leib, Iron/metalware dealer, Buczacz
Neuman, Ire, textiles, Gliniany
Neuman, Ire, Drapery, linens, underwear dealer, Przemyslany
Neuman, Chaim. Innkeeper, Szydlowce
Neuman, Leib, Glass & China Dealer, Buczacz
Neuman, Mechel, Sieve maker, Chyrow
Neuman, Ber, Notions & Frabrics, Jazlowice
Neuman, Leib, Iron/Metal Works, Buczacz
Neuman, Abe, Iron/Metal Works, Glimiany
Neuman, Ire, Textiles, underwear, Premyslany
Neuman, Ire, Drapery, Linen, Premyslany
Neuman, Chaim, Inn Keeper, Distiller, Szydlowce


Palker, D, Bell maker/foundary
Pfeffer, Abrah, Fashions & Assessories, Toys, Moscioka
Pfeffer, Jechil, Flour Dealer, Jezierzany
Pfeffer, Curla, Notions & textiles, Chorostkow
Pfeffer, Jacob Leib, Book Binder, Buczaez
Pfeffer, Dr. Leon, Bitumen Mine/foundry, Dzwiniacz
Pfeffer, Mendel, Tanner, Neusandec
Pfeffer, Jerimias, Chandler, Baranow
Pfeffer, Jakier, Tea Dealer, Bialykamien
Pfifer, S, Notions & Materials
Pistreich, Chaim, Egg Dealer and Grain & Produce, Tuhuierz
Piwko, Sigmund, Glass maker and Landowner, Maldan Gorni
Piwko, & Klucewski, Landowner, Solodka Leisnia
Plazker, E., Guest House and Drapery/Linen, Tluste


Ramler, G, Clothes dealer
Ramler, G, Dress dealer
Ramler, K, Fashion accessories
Ramler, G, Fashion accessories
Ramler, Hersch, Wooden shingles producer and merchant
Rath, Marcus, Distillery, Przemyslany
Rath, Hersh Leib, Butcher, Jablonow
Rath, Josef, Collection Agency, Solka
Rath, Ephriam, Notions, Materials, Solka
Rath, Alter, wine dealer
Rath, Hersch, leather maker
Rath & Alpern, furniture dealer
Rath, Hersch, guesthouse
Reiner, K, Watch Maker
Ringelheim, B., Grocery/delicatessen, Tarnow
Ringelheim, Dr. Adolf, Lawyer, Tarnow
Romer, Marco, Butcher, Lemberg
Romer, Wanda, Landowner, Ocieka
Romer, Grafin, Landowner, Puskow
Romer, Sta. Graf, Alcohol/Whiskey, Puskow
Romer, Franz, Grocery/delicatessen, Wilamowice
Romer, Dr. Anton, Lawyer, Biala
Romer, Josef, Binder (agriculture), Wilamowice
Romer, Leon, Druggist, Krakau
Romer, Josef, Banking/Exchange, Lemberg
Romer, Mendel, Iron/Metalworks, Grodek
Romer, Leiser, Whiskey Dealer, Senok
Rosner, Abraham, Fish Dealer, Chrzanow
Rosner, Leiser, Textiles, Senok
Rosner, Gedalie, Grain & Produce, Lesienice
Rosner, Johann, Locksmith, Wilamowice
Rosner, Josef, Cabinetmaker, Wilamowice
Rosner, Josef, Cattle Dealer, Halenow
Rosner, & Blumenfield, Grocery/delcatessen, Sanok
Rosner, Moses, Brewery, Rzeszoow
Rosner, L., Brass Foundry, Sanok
Rosner, M.S. & Menkes, Notions & Materials, Lemberg
Rosner, Magit, Carpets & Rugs, Lemberg
Rosner, Johann, Locksmith, Wilamowice
Rosenfeld, M., Grocery/delicatessen, Andrychau
Rosenfeld, Moses, Grocery/delicatessen, Huscatyn
Rosenfeld, B., Grocery/delicatessen, Neusandec
Rosenfeld, Leib, Tailor, Tarnapol
Rosenfeld, Moses, Baker, Tarnapol
Rosenfeld, Abraham, Butcher, Tarnapol
Rosenfeld, H., Fashion Accessories, Brody
Rosenfeld, Ch. Fashion Accessories, Stryj
Rosenfeld, Koppel, Flour Dealer, Grybow
Rosenfeld, Juda, Flour Dealer, Jazlowiec
Rosenfeld, Jerimias, Notions & Materials, Mosciska
Rosenfeld, Moses, Sawmill, Bdowa
Rosenfeld, H., Millinary, Hats, Brody
Rosenfeld, Ch., Iron/Metalworks, Rawa Ruska
Rosenfeld, Selig, Iron/Metalworks, Sedziszow
Rosenfeld, Koppel, Wood Dealer, Grybow
Rosenfeld, Mishler, Miller, Grabow
Rosenfeld, J., Paper Maker, Rajeza
Rosenfeld, M. G., Stationary, Przenysl
Rosenfeld, Ch., Ecclesiastical Vestments, Stryj
Rosenfeld, Moses, Sawmill, Grybow
Rosenfeld, Jonas, Grain & Produce, Lemberg

Sandhaus, Samuel, Textiles, Kozowa
Sandhaus, Samson, Grain & Produce Dealer, Lutowiska
Sandhaus, Sam, Cloth Dealer, Ropoczyce
Sandler, Izaak, Cattle Dealer, Tlumacz
Sawczynski, Hrys, Wine Dealer, Potoczyska
Sawczynski, Wasyl, Wine Dealer, Potoczyska
Schachter, Sigm, Clothes Dealer
Schachter, Sigm, Dress Dealer
Schachter, Sigm, Fashion Accessories/toy dealer
Schauder, Pinkas, Soamp/candle maker
Schauder, A., Soap/candle dealer
Schauder, Leib, Flour Dealer, Jablonow
Schauder, Nuchim, Wood Dealer
Schechter, Jos, Grocery/delicatessen,Touste
Schechter, Sch, Fashion Accessories/Toys, Touste
Schechter, Josef, Leather Dealer, Ryglice
Scher, Moses, Tailor, Kozowa
Scher, Hersch, Plumber, Skalat
Scherz, Sal, Leather Dealer, Brzozow
Scherz, Amschon, Leather Dealer, Brzozow
Scherz, Perl, Forwarding Agent, Kopiczynce
Scherz, Arah, Soap/Candle Maker, Sanok
Scherz, Sal, Leather Dealer, Brzozow
Scherz, Amschon, Leather Dealer, Brzozow
Scherz, Perl, Hauler/Carrier/Shipping Agent, Kopiczynce
Schleider, N., Bookbinder, Grodek
Schleider, A., Watchmaker, Sieniawa
Schlosser, Eidam, Grocery/delicatessen, Stanislau
Schlosser, Simon, Business Agent, Zolkiew
Schlosser, Rifka, Fashion Accessorie/Toys, Stryj
Schlosser, Abr, Notions & Materials, Stanislau
Schlosser, Leiser, Notions & Materials and Textiles, Stanislau
Schlosser, Jacob, Grain & Produce Dealer, Zboroz
Schlosser, Abraham Erben, Stationary Dealer, Stanislau
Schlosser, Heinrich, Watchmaker, Oswiecim
Schneider, Max, Business Agent
Schneider, Rubin, Dyers
Schneider, Aron Leib Mordko, Tailor, Chorostkow
Schneider, Hersch & Salo, Tailor, Gologory
Schneider, Jacob D., Tailor, Jezierzany
Schneider, Josef, Tailor, Kenty
Schneider, Elo, Tailor, Lutowiska
Schneider, Mendel, Tailor, Niemerow
Schneider, Karl, Tailor, Oswiecim
Schneider, Jossel, Tailor, Unterstaneste
Schneider, David, Tailor, Zabno
Schneider, Abraham, Clothes Dealer, Wieliczka
Schneider, Josef, Landowner with Mansion/Farm, Bialykamien
Schneider, Franz, Druggist, Wilamowice
Schneider, Joh, Blacksmith, Korolowka
Schneider, Beer Elo, Furrier, Lutowiska
Schneider, J., Ecclesiastical Vestments Dealer, Stanislau
Schneider, J., Dyer, Korolowka
Schneider, Majer, Mining Equipment Dealer, Boryslaw
Schneider, Mannes, Debt Collector, Chrzanow
Schneider, R., Engineering Works, Biala
Schneider, B., Furniture Dealer, Sambor
Schneider, Kalman, Grain & Produce Dealer, Radlow
Schneider, Jacob, Stationary Dealer, Oswiecim
Schneider, M., Pressed Yeast Dealer, Sambor
Schneider, D., Belt/Strap Makers & Saddlers, Stanislau
Schneider, Andreas, Cabinet Maker/Carpenter, Grebow
Schneider, Alter, Cabinet Maker/Carpenter, Jaslowice
Schneider, F., Knitwear & Hosiery maker, Bursztyn
Schneider, Wilhelm, Tanners, Niemirow
Schneider, Richard, Engraver, Stanislau
Schneider, Hersch, Tailor, Rohatyn
Schneider, Mannes, Bank & Exchange, Chranow
Schneider, J., Dyers, Korolowka
Schneider, David, Dress & Clothing Dealer, Zabno
Schneider, Alios, Notary, Sanok
Schneider, Ferd, Master Carpenter, Solka
Schreier, J., Grocery/delicatessen, Dynow
Schreier, P., Rope, Stanislau
Schreier, M., Fashion Accessories/Toy Dealer, Drohobycz
Schreier, Markus, Fashion Accessories/Toy Dealer, Drohobycz
Schreier, Abrah Hersch, Bitumen Mine/Foundry, Boryslaw
Schreier, David, Bitumen Mine/Foundry, Wolanka
Schreier, Israel Hersch, Leather Dealer, Bohorodczany
Schreier, J., Furniture Dealer, Stanislau
Schreier, Marcus, Tanner, Bohorodczany
Schreier, Osias, Sawmill, Jasienica Solna
Schreier, M., Seltzer, Stanislau
Schreier, B. Mendel, Cabinet maker/carpenter, Jaslowice
Schreier, Ephraim Hersch, Mining Equipment Dealer, Wolonka
Schwartz, J., Glass & Porcelain Dealer, Kalusz
Schwartz, Mechel, Meat & Smoked meat, Tarnopol
Schwartz, Markus, Business Agent and Canned Foods, Podgorze
Schwartz, Israel, Grain & Produce Dealer, Oleszyce
Segenreich, M, Beer Dealer
Segenreich, Leib, Egg dealer & importer
Seidler, David, Clothes Dealer, Tarnopol
Seidler, Florian, Hat Maker, Lemberg
Seidler, Josefa & Karpin, Milliner, Lemberg
Seinfeld, Teiwel, Guesthouse/Innkeeper, Perehinski
Seinfeld, H., Flour Dealer, Stanislau
Seinfeld, M., Iron/Metalware Dealer, Stanislau
Seinfeld, I., Basket Maker, Krakau
Seinfeld, B., Leather Dealer, Stanislau
Senenseib, Marcus, Bristle & Horsehair Dealer
Senesnseib, Majer, Butter dealer
Singer, Jozef, Tailor, Jazilowica
Singer, Isaak, Glass & Porcelain Dealer, Stanislau
Singer, Ch, Glass & Porcelain Dealer, Stryj
Singer, Josel, Shoemaker, Nadowrna
Singer, Wolf, Flour Dealer, Bursztyn
Singer, Osias, Flour Dealer, Rohatyn
Singer, J., Notions & materials (fabrics), Halicz
Singer, Aron, Notions & Materials (fabrics), Milowka
Singer, Leib, Tailor, Jazlowiec
Singer, Markus, Egg Dealer & Importer, Klazno
Singer, Hersch, Egg Dealer & Importer, Tysmienica
Singer, Ite, Iron/Metalware Dealer, Monasterzyska
Singer, Schabse, Iron/Metalware dealer, Niemirow
Singer, David, Book Binder, Lutowiska
Singer, Isaak, Notions & Materials, Stanislau
Singer, Isaak, Master Builder/Architect, Zanblotow
Singer, Ch, Household Appliances & Utensils and Lamp Dealer, Stryj
Singer, Josef, Textiles, Biala
Singer, Osias, Grain & Produce Dealer, Rohatyn
Singer, Baruch, Tailor, Jazlowice
Singer, E., Wine Dealer, Tarnow
Singer, Chaim, Wine Dealer, Zablotow
Singer, A., Drapery, Linen & Underwear Dealer, Milowka
Singer, & Brandstadler, Chocolate Dealer, Candy Maker & Candies & Sweets,
Singer, Chaim, Fish Dealer, Zablotow
Singer, Leib, Tailor, Jazblotow
Singer, Anton, Book Binder, Kenty
Sokel, Issac Moses, Tailor
Spiegel, Meilech, Guesthouse/Innkeeper, Jaroslau
Spiegel, Elias, Shoe Polish, Bolechow
Spiegel, Issak Sohne, Fashion Accessories/Toy Dealer, Rzeszow
Spiegel, Beile, Notions & Materials, Husiatyn
Spiegel, Selig, Notions & Materials, Jaroslau
Spiegel, Getzel, Hides & Skins Dealer, Dolina
Spiegel, Elias, Grocer, Bolechow
Spiegel, Moses, Grain & Produce Dealer, Buczacz
Spiegel, Iesig, Grain & Produce Dealer, Rozniastow
Spiegel, Joel, Cloth Dealer, Tarnow
Spiegel, Elias, Brick Works, Dolina
Spiegel, M., Notions & Materials/ Cloth Dealer, Lemberg
Spiegelmann, Samuel Jacob, Tailor
Spiegelmann, Benjamin, Tailor
Spitzer, Ascher, Grocery/delicatessen, Jezierzany
Spitzer, Solomon, Flour Dealer, Zolkiew
Spitzer, Muncie, Notions & Materials, Probuzna
Spitzer, S., Building Materials Dealer, Korolowka
Spitzer, M., Building Materials Dealer, Tluste
Stein, Jos, Grocery/delicatessen, Mikolajov
Stein, Muchim, Shoemaker, Kalusz
Stein, Friedrich, Business Agent, Kalusz
Stein, A., Painter/Varnisher, Stanislau
Stein, J., Painter/Varnisher, Stanislau
Stein, Samuel, Fashion Accessories/Toy Dealer, Chorostkow
Stein, Baruch, Fashion Accessories/Toy Dealer, Zolkiew
Stein, Hersch, Fashion Accessories/Toy Dealer, Zolkiew
Stein, Hersch, Notions & Materials, Tlumacz
Stein, M., Leather Dealer, Bolechow
Stein, Berl, Naptha Dealer, Tarnopol
Stein, Holzer, Grain & Produce Dealer, Krakau
Stein, Karl, Cardboard Maker, Kamesznicza
Stein, Moses, Watch Maker, Zolynia
Stein, Alter, Cattle Dealer, Chorostkow
Stein, Karl, Paper maker, Milkowka
Stettner, Josef, Carpenter, Gliniany
Stettner, Johann, Tailor, Czortkow
Stromwasser, J., Grocery/delicatessen, Stryj
Stromwasser, M., Guesthouse/Inkeeper, Brody
Stromwasser, Moses Aron, Tailor, Kalusz
Stromwasser, Mendel, Printer, Kalusz

Tabak, A., Butchers, Meta and Smoked Meat, Stanislau
Tabak, Abr, Wood Dealer, Slobodka,br> Tannenbaum, L., Wine Dealer
Tannenbaum, E., Beer Dealer/Seller, Zloczow
Tannenbaum, Ch, Plumber, Przemysl
Tannenbaum, Poreby, Landowners, Kolbuszow
Tannenbaum, Feige, Fashion Accessories/Toy Dealer, Przeworsk
Tannenbaum, Hersch, Notions & Materials, Jaryczow
Tannenbaum, Osias, Egg Dealer & Importer, Brzesko
Tannenbaum, E., Egg Dealer & Importers, Husiatyn
Tannenbaum, _, Egg Dealer & Importers, Zloczow
Tannenbaum, M., Buidling Materials Dealer, Ozydow
Tannenbaum, M., Building Materials Dealer, Toporow
Tannenbaum, O., Wood Dealer, Nawarya
Tannenbaum, Majer, Wood Dealer, Zloczow
Tannenbaum, Osias, Textiles, Gliniany
Tannenbaum, __, Butter Dealer, Rzeszow
Tannenbaum, Hersch, Grain & Produce Dealer, Kalusz
Tannenbaum, J., Watch Maker, Zloczow
Tannenbaum, Leib, Guesthouse/Innkeeper
Teicher & Pimsler, Clothes & Dress Dealer
Teicher & Pimsler, Shoes Dealer
Teicher, Alter, Stationary Dealer
Teicher, Samuel, Grocery/delicatessen, Chyrow
Teicher, Benjam, Guesthouse/Innkeeper, Chyrow
Teicher, Josef, Guesthouse/Innkeeper, Lutowiska
Teicher, Mincia, Wine Dealer, Rudki
Teicher, E., Baker
Teicher, S., Shoemaker
Teicher, Benjamin, Butchers, Meat & Smoked meat, Lutowiska
Teicher, Samuel, Flour Dealer and Iron/Metalware Dealer, Chyrow
Teicher, Benj, Building materials Dealer, Koroscienko
Teicher, Chaim, Grain & Produce Dealer, Rudki
Teicher, Ben, Sawmill, Chyrow
Teicher, Pimaler, Shoe Dealer
Thau, David & Peretz, Agriculture binder
Thau, David, Agriculture Binder
Thau. Mendel, Master Carpenter
Thau, P., Flour Dealer, Stanislau
Thaum, H, Egg Dealer & Importer, Zablotow
Thau, Nathan, Iron/metalware Dealer, Stanislau
Thau, Wihelm, Carrier, Shipping Agent, Zablotow
Thau, Dav, Cheese Dealer, Zablotow
Thau, A., Wollen Dealer, Zablotow
Thau, Mendel, Master Carpenter
Thau, Jos, Busness Agent, Zablotow
Thau, Sami Jos, Bank & Echange, Zablotow
Tiger, Marie, Glass & China Dealer, Przemysl
Tiger, Chaskel, Plumber, Sanok
Tiger, Chune, Fat & Grease Maker, Sanok
Tiger, S., Hotels, Przemysl
Tiger, Mos, Parquet Maker, Zimnawoda
Tiger, Mosciska, Hotels, Przemysl
Tindel, M, Grains & Produce dealer
Trau, H., Fashions, Clothes, Sanok



Wachter, Mendel, Tailor, Rozniatow
Wachter, Pesie, Flour Dealer, Korolowka
Wachs, Selig, Wood Dealer, Biszow
Wachs, __, Grain & Produce Dealer, Tarnopol
Wachs, Osias, Grain & Produce Dealer, Tarnopol
Wachs, O., Bank & Exchange, Tarnopol
Wagmann, __, Bitumin Mine/Foundry, Boryslaw
Wagmann, Josef, Fat & grease Maker, Zloczow
Wagmann, Israel, Bitumin Mine/Foundry, Boryslaw
Wagmann, Israel Beer, Bitumin Mine/Foundry, Solotwina
Wagmann, Israel Beer, Bitumin Mine/Foundry, Boryslaw
Wagmann, Josef B., Cheese Dealer, Zloczow
Wagmann, & Lieberman, Paraffin (kerosine) Mine, Boryslaw
Wagmann, Israel Beer, Mining Equipment Dealer, Boryslaw
Wagmann, Israel Beer, Mining Equipment Dealer, Orow
Wagmann, Israel Bee, Gingerbread Maker, Boryslaw
Waldman, Bahr, Machinery, Engineering Equipment Dealer
Waldman, Mining Equipment Dealer
Waldman, ___, Business Agent, Slobodarungursk
Waldman, Jacob, Fishandler/Fish Dealer, Stryj
Weiser, Baruch, Breweries, Belz
Weiser, Israel, Meat & Smoked meat, Buczacz
Weiser, Aba, Business Agent, Trembowla
Weiser, J., Leather Dealer, Stryj
Weiser, Ch., Textiles, Husiatyn
Weiser, Salomon, Naptha-distillation/refinery, Nizny
Weiser, Sigmund, Paper Maker, Pobocz
Weiser, Chaim, Alcohol/whiskey, Holowczynce
Weiser, Bar, Leather dealer
Weiser, Baruch, Breweries
Weiser, D. jun., Breweries
Weiser, David, Soap & candle maker
Weiser, David, Herring importer
Weiser, Baruch, Oil factory/mill (edible oil)
Weiser, S & Sohn, Naptha refinery
Weiser, Baruch, Naptha refinery
Weiser, Israel, Butcher, Buczacz
Weiser, Solomon,Naptha dealer, Wierzbias Nizny
Weiser, Baruch, Naptha dealer, Wierzbias Nizny
Weiss, Leon, Grocery/delicatessen, Lacko
Weiss, Kalman, Guesthouse/Innkeeper, Maruszyna
Weiss, Joesf, Landowners, Gorna
Weiss, Saul, Breweries, Nowesiolo
Weiss, A., Druggist, Dubiecko
Weiss, Aaron, Shoemaker, Krakau
Weiss, Getzel, Fashion AccessoriesToy Dealer, Zablotow
Weiss, Sam, Flour Dealer, Tarnow
Weiss, Moses, Egg Dealer & Importer, Lacko
Weiss, Dr. Adolf, Lawyer, Lemberg
Weiss, Leo, Business Agent, Lemberg
Weiss, Naftall, Hides & Skins Dealer, Tysmienica
Weiss, K., Textiles, Zablotow
Weiss, Szulim, Grain & Produce Dealer, Brzezany
Weiss, Isaak, Grain & Produce Dealer, Makow
Weiss, Leon, Stationary Dealer, Stanislau
Weiss, D., Wine Dealer, Stryj
Weiss, Kasriel, Drapery, Linen & Underwear Dealer, Zablotow
Weiss, Saul, Breweries, Nowesiolo
Weiss, Samuel, Brick Works, Sandec
Weiss, Usher, Master Carpenter, Lisko
Weiss, Hermann, Dyers, Lamberg
Weiss, Josef, Flax & Hemp Dealer and Watch Maker, Lemberg
Weiss, Hieronymus, Information & Collection Bureau, Karkau
Weissman, Chane, Wine Dealer, Rozniatow
Weissman, Leib, Glass & China Dealer, Krukienice
Weissman, Hersch, Rope, Czortkow
Weissman, Osias, Wood Turner/lather, Brzezany
Weissman, Jossel, Grain & Produce Dealer, Kalusz
Weissman, Karoline, Landopwners, Szklo



Zaba, Stanilauw, Landowners, Tarnow
Zaba, Stanislaus, Mill, Zojnicz
Zahler, Meilech, Tailor, Stanislau
Zahler, Schulim, Cattle Dealer, Tlumacz
Zahler, Wilh., Business Agent, Brzostek
Zahler, Leib, Grocwery/delicatessen, Brzostek
Zahler, Nissen, Cabinet Maker, Carpenter
Zeichner, Salmann, Potter, Kolomea
Zeichner, Moses, Bookbinder, Jablonow
Zeichner, Benjamin, Oil factory (edible oil), Jablonow
Zeichner, Benjamin Selig, Wood turner/lather, Jablonow
Zeichner, Moses, Book Binder, Jablonow
Zeichner, Benjamin, Oil Factory/mill (edible) and Turner/lather, Jablonow
Zeissner, L., Painter/Varnisher, Grodek
Zoller, Israel, Wine Dealer, Brody
Zucker, Elias, Grocery/delicatessen, Baranow
Zucker, Samuel, Breweries, Gorny
Zucker, Sigmund, Alcohol/whiskey, Chorosnila
Zucker, Salomon, Charcoal, Rzeszow
Zucker, Berl, Soap/Candle maker, Rzeszow
Zucker, J.I., Egg Dealer & Importer, Husiatyn
Zucker, Podgorze, Egg Dealer & Importer, Krakau
Zucker, & Silberfeld, Egg Dealer & Importer, Rzeszow
Zucker, Samuel, Wood Dealer, Majdom
Zucker, H., Honey Dealer, brody
Zucker, & B., Naptha distillation/refinery, Rzeszow
Zucker, Sal, Naptha Dealer, Rezeszow
Zucker, Leo, Bitumin Mine/Refinery, Truskawiec
Zweig, Gebruder, Iron /Metal Ware Dealer and Grain & produce Dealer, Krakau
Zwirn, Josef, Tailor, Sokal

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October 7, 2000,   Alan Weiser
Revised: 28 Nov 2011

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