TOTAL AMOUNT COLLECTED: Over $11,000 USD. Thanks to all Key Contributors we have reached our funding goal for all index records currently available; 1865-1905. We continue to collect donations for later year index files.

The Kolomea Research Group acknowledges with great appreciation and thanks the KEY-CONTRIBUTORS listed here. These KEY-CONTRIBUTORS have provided the keys to unlock 19th Century Kolomyya (Kolomea) Vital Records. Through the generosity of these KEY-CONTRIBUTORS the JRI-Poland AGAD Project will be able to fund the indexing of Kolomyya (Kolomea) vital records located in the old archives in Warsaw. After these records are indexed and indices are placed online, interested persons will be able to search for births, marriages, and deaths of surnames of interest. Once a record is found in the index, a copy of the full record can be ordered from the archives.

In Memory of my parents, Leo and Elka Grunberg, by Harry Gruenberg
In loving Memory of Malvine Peller Hoenig by John Hoenig
Anonymous (Multiple-Donors)
In memory of my grandparents, Toni & Joseph Lederfeind and their children
.....Gershon, Rosa, & Shulamit, who perished in the Shoah, by Elisha Amidan
In Memory of Jetti, Leo, Max & Anna Edelstein by Charlie Roberts
Michael Weissman/Multiple Donor
In Memoriam: The Martyrs of the Peller family by Adam & Jodie Peller
In Honor of the Salzhauer and Teicher families from Judi Birnberg
In Memory of the Balken Family by Yvette Gluck
In Honor of Benjamin Salzhauer from his family
In Memory of my father, Abe Weiss born in Kolomea, and in memory of his
.....family who perished there, by Barbara Jacobson./Multiple Donor
Aliya Middleton (nee Senensieb)
In Honor of the Lederfeind, Hofling, Kleinman, and Compert families by
.....Cindy Munns
In memory of my father, Abraham Zahler, and my grandfather, Wolf Zahler,
.....our progenitor and an immigrant from Kolomea in 1913 by Jerry .....Zahler
IBM Corp. Matching Grants
Ellyn Stern Epcar
Lisa Sokol
Richard J. Goldman
Claire Shefftz
Daniel Weiser
Karol Schlosser
William Fern Philanthropic Fund, Jewish Community Foundation of Metro West
Gerald F. Rath
In Memory of Dr. Heinrich Nikolaus Landau and Norman St. Landau
Gerald F. Rath
Richard J. Goldman
David K. Weiser
Sylvia Finzi
Brahna R. Derr
Stephanie J. Weiner
William Sher
Mark R. Schub
In Honor of the Segenreich and Zworn families, from their great-great
.....granddaughter, Brooke Schreier
Edward Gelles
In memory of my grandfather, Simon Kreindler, by Simon Kreindler
.....K. Koelemijer
In memory of my mother, Freida Sarah Berger Waranch from Kolomea
.....by Sylvia Reuben
In memory of my father Abe Weiss from Kolomea by Barbara Jacobson
Herbert Huebscher in memory of Hubsher, Kupferschmiedt, Reischer,
......NadelBerg and Goldschlag families
In Memory of the Kesselhauts and Sandeks by Martin Kesselhaut
In Memory of Samuel Leon Kaphan by Norman Kaphan
In Honor of the Kalkstein family by Douglas Ulene
In Honor of g-grandmother, Ethel Segenreich (Siegel/Seigel) Schreier (1894-1987)
........and her parents, Gershon Halevi Segenreich and Sara Ryfka Zworn Segenreich
........by Brooke Schreier Ganz
In Memory of the extended Kahane family members that are no longer with us,
........and in Honor of the living Kahane members that are studying the family roots.
........by Professor Yehuda Kahane, Herzlia, Israel
In Memory of the Kesselhaut and Sandek Families by Martin Kesselhaut
In loving Memory of my parents Siegmund and Rhea (Ebenstein) Rath by Jerry Rath
Brenda Wymore
Dave Silber
Barbara Jacobson
Jerry Zahler

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