Kolker Lodge burial plots at
Montefiore Cemetery, Jenkintown, PA

Thanks to Selma Neubauer for compiling the following information:

There are 4 Kolker Lodge sections in Montefiore Cemetery located just outside of Philadelphia, PA USA. Over the years, some plots have been sold by the Lodge members. The list includes names of either plot owners and/or those buried. The contact information for the cemetery is 600 Church Rd., Jenkintown, PA 19046-1272, phone number (215) 663-1250.

Section N Section 21 Section Y-2 Section Y-1
  This is the most difficult list to decipher; many of the plots have names written in and/or the word "reservation".  They are typed exactly as they appear:  
Michael Potash  David & Rochelle Wenick  Solomon Matuck  Joseph Spigel
Jacob Potash  Jill Brooke Wenick daughter of Steven & Barbara Wenick  ? Matuck-reservation  Samuel Epstein
Morris Potash  Jerry & Sondra Leopold  Susie Matuck  Meyer Smoller
Jacob Schwartz  ? & Sherrie Cohen  Barish Matuck  Joseph Smoller
Bella Schwartz  Eddie Press died 8/31/1999, buried 9/1/99, leg buried 6/99  Manuel Schwartz  Abraham Miller
Israel Rubenstein  Ann Press & baby  Morris Schwartz buried 7/2/97  Jacob Weinman
Bella Rubenstein  Beckie Press 6/27/1936  Daniel Danowitz  Herman Perelman
Ethel Chattman  Joseph Press  Esther Danowitz-reservation-buried 4/15/99  Ida Markowitz
Joseph Chattman  Philip Ravitch  Gussie Samson  Anna Sitnick
Morris Graber  Sadie Ravitch  Betty Potash-reservation-died 10/4/89  Abba Sitnick
Bessie Graber  Theodore Yudolowitz  Henry Potash  Israel Sitnick
Esther Kandle  Rose Gerber  Blanche Gordon  Max Sitnick died 6/5/97
Israel Kandle  Reuben Gerber  ? Gordon-reservation  Jacob Kerzner
Louis Schwartz  Isaac Gorback  Leon Gorsky  Mollie Kerzner
Dintza Schwartz  Lena Gorback  Nathan Eisenberg  Gitel Katz
Brindl Deutch  Samuel Stern  Bessie Eisenberg-reservation  Sol Katz
Anna Press  Bertha Stern  Samuel Silverberg-deceased 4/28/91  Harry Wagman
Charles Press  Rose Kaiser died 1996, buried NY  Anne Silverberg-reservation-died 11/15/94  Ray Wagman
Harry Mynick  Lena Richman  Robert Silverberg  Sophia Schnitzer
Nathan Freemer  Sam Richman 1/17/1988  Merle Kurtzman (transferred to Sec. 19)  Max Schnitzer 3/16/87
Wolf Tolchinsky  Shirley Issadore  Sadie Fader  Bertha Gorback
Joseph Kurland  Jean Schoen 11/19/1987  Betty Blackman-reservation  Chayka Schwartz
Samuel Gorback  Meyer Schoenberg buried 4/1/1998  Ted Blackman-reservation  Max Schwartz
Maxwell Gorback  Samuel Segal  Herman Blackman  Anna Mynick
Abraham Sitnick  Taube Segal  Rose Blackman  Charlotte Romisher
Samuel Wenick  Marilyn Lang  Isaac Sitnick  Miriam Chak
Prayer Books  Harvey Lang  Betty Sitnick  Bessie Schnitzer
Charles Chak  Melvin Horowitz died 4/16/1994  Eva Goldberg (Kirson)  Morris Schnitzer
Samuel Gefter  Lea T. Horowitz  Herman Kirson  Moses Minzes
Harry Rosenfeld  Howard Kaiser  Max Guss  Harry Minzes
David Shindelman  Carla Kaiser  Beatrice Guss-reservation  Rose Sitnick
Isaac Schecter  Steve Kaiser  Sarah Segal  Samuel Press
Bella Schecter  Freda Kaiser  Barbara Rosen  Paul Schnitzer
Rose Tolchinsky  Joseph Kaiser died 12/20/1996  Simon Perloff  Sarah Schnitzer
Fannie Freemer  Ann Horowitz  M.J. Sitnick  Fannie Miller
Rose Rubenstein 9/6/87  Yetta Wenick  Betty-Mrs. M.J. Sitnick-reservation  Freda Hecht
Rose Segal  H.J. Wenick  Morris Kurland  Rose Sitnick
Harry Segal  Abe Keyser  Sylvia Kurland  Esther Stern
Max Markowitz  Lillian Wenick  Joseph Press (transferred to Block 21)  Louis Schnitzer
Myer Eisenberg  Oscar Wenick  Harry Richman (transferred to Block 21)  Samuel Sefter
Pincus Cheechic and Baby Sichnick  Gefter (2 plots)  Harry Levitt (transferred to Sec.19)   
Baby Ellen Wenick  Joseph Potash 6/28/1986  Bernard Fader-2/7/86   
Beny Rubenstein  Frances Potash  Frances Fader-reservation   
Edna Burack  Eve Potash  Minnie Stern   
Bessie Chak  Hyman Kurland  Max Stern   
David Schnetzer  Molly Kurland died 6/20/1997  Bernard Stern   
Fannie Schnitzer  Sonya Flora Keyser Halpern Lenora Stern-reservation   
Sarah Wenick    Philip Ravitch (transferred to Block 21)  
Abe Kaiser       
Philip Brodsky       
Ida Brodsky       
Sarah Kurland       
Feiga Egber       
Israel Egber       
Harry Gilden       
Mrs. I. Rubenstein       
Samuel Rubenstein       
Meyer Stern       
Ethel Stern       
Sarah Sitnick       
Esther Herlick       
Zelda Weiner       
Jacob Weiner       
Ida Smoller       
Pincus Richman       
Minnie Richman       
Israel Matuck       
Esther Mattuck       
Sophie Kaiser       
Fannie Gilden       
Joseph Sadel       
Jennie Shanker       
Rose Sadel       
Rose Fisher       
Pearl Tolchinsky       
Rebecca Chak       
Annie Rubenstein       
Anna Brodsky       
Fannie Rubenstein       
Louis Rubenstein       
Max Rubenstein       
Max Hoffman       
Esther Hoffman       
Mollie Kaiser       
Gertrude Mattuck       
Fannie Kaiser       
Toba Fanny Eisenberg       
Ida Gibbs       
Isaac Gibbs       
Baby Burock      


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