Photos of Heller / Oppenheim / Schlanger / Zeller Family

Sokolow Oppenheim Belke.jpg (129491 bytes)

Belke Schlanger Heller, daughter of Moses Schlanger and his wife, Kraindla.  (Kraindla was born in 1806 and died in Sokolow on 11/13/1891). 

Sokolow Oppenheim Helen.jpg (123631 bytes)

Esther Heller, daughter of Fishel Heller (from Kamien) and Belke Schlanger Heller.  Esther was born about 1885 in Sokolow Mlp.  The photo, from 1900 or 1901, was taken at the time of Esther's marriage in Sokolow at age 15 to Mekhel Oppenheim, a tanner from Drohobych.

Sokolow Oppenheim Frimma.jpg (129356 bytes)

Frimma Heller, daughter of Belke and Fishel Heller (b. 8/1/1884). 

Sokolow Oppenheim Frimma family.jpg (121874 bytes)

Frimma, nee Heller, and her husband, Mekhel Zeller, with infant, probably their son, Isak (b. ?).  Frimma and Mekhel also had a daughter, Chaye Rojza (b. 2/13/1926).  The family was not heard from after WWII.  The date of the photo is unknown.

Sokolow Oppenheim Joseph.jpg (95546 bytes)

Josef Heller (1/12/1890 - 7/21/1929), son of Belke Schlanger Heller and Fishel Heller.  Josef served as an officer in the Austro-Hungarian army during WWI.  The photo was taken at that time.  Josef was married to Kreindel Neus, whose parents were Abraham Neus and Cyfra (?).  Josef and Kreindel had 3 children in Sokolow:  Sander, Benny or Benjamin, and Lola or Laia.  Josef died during an influenza (?) epidemic.

Sokolow Oppenheim 3 kids.jpg (206092 bytes)

Sander, Lola, also known as Laia (b. 1/28/1922), and Benny Heller, children of Josef and Kreindel Neus Heller, approximately 1932.


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