Photos of the Saleshütz Families. 

Saleshütz Family.  Submitted by Norman Salsitz  (Naftali Saleschütz)

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The Isaak Saleshütz family, Kolbuszowa 1934.
In brackets the relationship to Norman.
Front row left:  Naftali Saleshütz (Norman Salsitz)  - Shulim (Leibush's son), Rachel,( sister) Sheindel (Gella's daughter)
Middle row left: Avrum ( brother) -   Esther and Isaak ( parents) Gella ( sister) and her husband Ruben Weinstein
Top row left: Matel (sister) - Szaja David ( Malcia's husband)  Malcia ( sister) - David ( brother) - Chancia ( Leibush's wife) Leibush  (brother)
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Naftali Saleshütz  - 1923
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Naftali Saleshütz and Rozia

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