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Salsitz, Norman
A Jewish Boyhood in Poland
Remembering Kolbuszowa, as told to Richard Skolnik
Syracuse University Press
ISBN 0-8156-0262-6

Norman Salsitz ( Naftali Saleschütz ) was born in Kolbuszowa and spent the first twenty-two years of his life there. He escaped the Holocaust, unlike so many of his friends and family. He has one of the most comprehensive collections of photographs of that area. He has vast knowledge of the area and families ( mainly Kolbuszowa), which he is most willing to share. Beside the books described below he is in the process of completing another one about the people of Kolbuszowa.

" Norman Salsitz speaks to us both as an exceptional witness to everyday events in the town and as a shrewd observer of the broader landscape. Colorful details bring the people, the customs and habits, both religious and secular, back to life. He conveys how painful it often was to be Jewish in Poland even before the war. Despite the persecution he evokes the dignity and strength of the Jewish way of life among the peasants and professional classes alike. "

(Quoted portion reprinted with permission)

Mr. Salsitz is co-author, with his wife Amalie Petranker Salsitz, of the following books:

  "Against All Odds : A Tale of Two Survivors"
Holocaust Library - New York
ISBN 0-89604 -148 - 4

" In A World Gone Mad" :A Heroic Tale of Love, Faith and Survival"
( With Amy Hill Hearth)
Abingdon Press - Nashville
ISBN  0-687-09610-3

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