Biala Business Directory

Business Directory:  The 1929 Business Directory. Submitted and translated by Susana Leistner Bloch.




Village and community,
Powiat (county) Rzeszow,
Rzeszow county court,
Rzeszow district court.
1216 inhabitants.
3 km from the railway station,
Post-office, telegraph and telephone in Rzeszow.

Landowner:  Uznanski  Witold
Brewers:  Presser  I. &  Polzner  Z.
Carpenters:  Miasik  J.
Blacksmith:  Plonka  W.
Tailors:  Kuzyk  E.
Mills:  X Balakin  D.
General merchandise retailers:  Kolko Rolnicze -  Legiec  W.
Tobacco:  Kroll  I.
Public-Houses/ Taverns / Liquor Stores:  Hadiak  A.
Produce (Ground Fruit):  Poczesniak  P.

Translatorís note: the X before a name indicates that it was a Registered Business or Firm

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