These pages are dedicated to those members of the Cywan Family who died before their time
  Yet meet we shall, and part, and meet again, 
Where dead men meet on lips of living men. 
      Poems. Life After Death. 
-- Samuel Butler 
Alternate Names Location Jewish Knyszyn (excerpted with permission of the author from Synagogues and Jewish Communities in the Bialystok Region by Tomasz Wisniewski).

The Jewish settlement near this royal court dates back to the 16th century.  The de non tolerandis judaeis privilege had limited the settlement until the Partition of Poland.  The 1921 census recorded a population of 1235 Jews (35% of the population).  The town had two brick synagogues, a private prayer house and a mikva.  The oldest wooden synagogue was destroyed in the town fire in 1915.  The last rabbi of Knyszyn was Rabbi Miszkinski.

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