Kapčiamiestis, Lithuania


Jewish Community of Kopcheve

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Jewish Population before the Holocaust: 187

Location: 107 kilometers (67 miles) South of Kaunas (Kovna)

Background Information
Jews once lived in the shtetl and gmina (rural district) of Kopciowo, Suwalki gubernia now known as Kapciamiestis, Lithuania. This was a small community and many of its residents were related by marriage. They lived here from the late 18th century until 1941. The Jewish population numbered 187 before the Holocaust.,/p>
No Jews live in Kapciamiestis today. A few lucky ones emigrated before the start of WWII, a handful survived and most were murdered in the Katkiske Ghetto, Lazidai. Today, their descendents can be found throughout the world. We are 3 genealogy fanatics who met because of our interest in this small place. We dedicate this page to the memory of a community our ancestors loved and called home. Please join us in our effort to collect and make available as much information as we can.
For many years, this site has been maintained by Joseph Rosin and Joel Alpert.

We are grateful to them for their terrific efforts and for the inspiration they provided us with when we began our search.

Connie Buchanan, Carol Hoffman, Dorothy Leivers

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English Edited by Sarah and Mordechai Kopfstein (Haifa, Israel)

Here is marvellous website dedicated to the shtetl of Kopcheve. 
On the Yizkor Book Project there are:
- Translation of an article about Kopcheve from the Lita Yizkor Book:
-Translation of the Pikhas Hakehilot entry for Kopcheve

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Kapčiamiestis, Lithuania

Kapčiamiestis [Lith], Kopcheve [Yid], Kopciowo [Pol], Koptsiovo [Rus], Kapčiamiesčio, Kapchyamiyestis, Kapchyamestis, Kapchamestis, Koptchevo, Koptsheve, Koptsiva

Russian: Копциово. Yiddish:

In SW Lithuania, 14 miles ESE of Sejny (Seinai), 17 miles SSE of Lazdijai (Łoździeje), 30 miles ESE of Suwałki (Suvalk).

Jewish Population: 528 (in 1897), 187 (in 1923)


Kopciowo, Sejny uyezd, Suwałki gubernia, Russian Empire


Kapčiamiestis, Seinai apskritis, Lithuania

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