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List of Microfilms available as of Decemer 2008.

(The subjects of microfilms were "freely" translated from the card catalogue, from Russian to Hebrew to English. I hope the translation and the codes of the films are correct.)

Year Subject Microfilm Code language filed under Possesion of the document
1846-7 Box Tax - amounts HM2/9155.1   Kalinovka  
1856-7 Documents accusing a Jew in Kalinovka of illegal trade in tobacco HM2/9563.1   Kalinovka  
1859-61 Accusation of Jews in Kalinovka of not obeying the police. HM2/9208.2   Kalinovka  
1864-5 Information on Jewish schools in various towns in the province of Podolia. HM2/8878.3   Kalinovka  
1880  1908-11 Election of the Rabbi in Yanov and reports on the choice of candidates in the Jewish communities - Kalinovka, Yanov, Pikov, and a document about the selling of grease. HM2/9589.2   Kalinovka  
1880-1912 List of electors from Kalinovka, Pikov and Yanov. HM2/9214.2   Kalinovka  
1881  1902-4 Election of the Rabbi in Yavov and electors from the community of Yanov, Kalinakov, & Pikov and documents about the buying and selling of land in the province of Vinnitsa HM2/9589.3   Kalinovka  
1883 Candle tax with lists of Jews in various towns that paid the tax including Kalinovka HM2/9589.4   Kalinovka  
1883 List of Jewish community committees and the payment of Candle Tax. HM2/9215.1 Russian Kalinovka Translated & posted on website 
1885 Candle tax with lists of Jews in various towns that paid the tax including Kalinovka and the building of the railroad tracks between Kalinovka and Odessa HM2/9591.1   Kalinovka  
1893 Candle Tax with list of the Jews that paid in the cities and towns including Kalinovka. HM2/9591.2   Kalinovka  
1897-1908 Assortment of documents on the election of the Rabbi and Box Tax (salt). HM2/9215.2   Kalinovka  
1905  Election of "Government" Rabbi (list of electors)  HM2/9214.2 Russian Kalinovka Translated & posted on website
1906 Candle Tax HM2/9217.1   Kalinovka  
1906 List of Jews entering the army including vital records registration including Kalinovka HM2/9595 (A-b)   Kalinovka  
1907-1910 Correspondence of the town Vinnitsa and other towns on the drafting to the army of merchants and residents included the Vital Records Register. HM2/9218 (a,b)   Kalinovka  
1913-14 Candle & Box Tax of the province of Vinnitsa. HM2/9597.2   Kalinovka  
1914 Information on the heads of synagogues and houses of prayer in Podolia. HM2/9039.2   Kalinovka  
1919-21 Description of pogroms in various towns and lists of dead including Litin and Kalinovka HM2/9957.1   Kalinovka Yes, needs translation
1919-21 Information on the pogroms and list of the dead, information on illegal migration to Romania HM2/9862.22 Russian & Yiddish Kalinovka  
1921 Correspondence with the representative of the Jewish committee in Vinnitsa for help for those injured in the pogrom CD34/R-4954, op.1., D.23   Kalinovka  
1922 Documents dealing with the schools in various towns CD37/R-4954, op.1,d.64   Kalinovka  
1923 Assortment of documents about the economic situation CD21/P-29, op.1, d.355   Kalinovka  
1923 Assortment of documents on the building of Jewish schools, libraries, dormitories, Jewish educational institutions HM2/9671.1   Kalinovka  
1923 Reports of meetings of Jews and other information including the examination  of the farming communities in the province of Vinnitsa CD22/P-29, op.1, d.59   Kalinovka  
1928 Report of the Communist Party of the situation of the education among the Jewish population. Includes a list of Jews arrested in Kalinovka CD18/P-29, op.1, d.448   Kalinovka  
1928-29 Documents on the establishment of Jewish companies that deal with the buying and production of food for various towns. Report on the company that aided the Jewish farmers in Litin and the transfer of unemployed Jews to Azerbijan - there is a list of Jews from Kalinovka. HM2/9671.3   Kalinovka  


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