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David Solly Sandler

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100 Years of Arc Memories published 2006

The Arcadia Centenary book contains the memories of over 120 children of The South African Jewish Orphanage.


More Arc Memories published 2008

A follow-up of the Centenary book with the memories of more than 100 children.

This book includes a section of 17 chapters on the Ochberg Orphans.


The Ochberg Orphans and the Horrors From Whence They Came published 2011

The rescue in 1921 of 181 Ukrainian War and Pogrom Orphans by Isaac Ochberg, the representative of the South African Jewish Community, from the horrors of the Pale of Settlement.

Half these children were placed in the care of Arcadia (The South African Jewish Orphanage) and half in the care of Oranjia (The Cape Jewish Orphanage).

The book tells of these horrors and the help given by the Jewish Communities around the world and contains the life stories of 120 of the 181 Ochberg Orphans.


The Pinsker Orphans published 2013

The Pinsker Orphans book - in part a follow up of  The Ochberg Orphans book - tells of the life and times of the children from the three Pinsk Jewish Orphanages in the 1920s and like The Ochberg Orphans book is but a small part of a much larger and forgotten part of Jewish History, the horrors suffered by the Jews in The Pale of Settlement between the two world wars. These horrors have been overshadowed by the Holocaust. The book also tells of the help given by the Jewish communities around the world, including the JDC, to their brethren in need.


The book contains details of the 44 Pinsker Orphans who went to South Africa with the Ochberg Orphans and 53 Pinsker Orphans that were taken to London, courtesy of The Pinsker Orphan Relief Fund of London.


It also contains the English translations of over 100 letters written in 1921 in Hebrew and Yiddish (translated by Bella Golubchik), by the Pinsker Orphans who remained behind, to Alter Bobrow their teacher and rescuer who accompanied the Ochberg Orphans to South Africa.


This Was a Man Reprinted 2014

This book is the life story of Isaac Ochberg as written by his daughter Bertha Epstein and first published in 1974.

Reprinted with the permission of the family of Isaac Ochberg z"l with an addendum added.


Memories of Oranjia, The Cape Jewish Orphanage (1911-2011) published 2014

The book is a collection of the memories of many generations of children (over 120) who were in the care of THE CAPE JEWISH ORPHANAGE which was established in 1911 in Cape Town South Africa.


The institution later adopted the name Oranjia and today is known as Oranjia Jewish Child and Youth Centre and still takes care of Jewish children in need in Cape Town.



This book was originally published in 1952 in Yiddish by the Rakishok Landmanschaft in Johannesburg. The book has been translated into English by Bella Golubchik and is for sale with all proceeds going to Arcadia Oranjia and the JDC.


Volume One of Our Litvak and South African Jewish Inheritance

Compiled by David Solly Sandler

The book is of the history, life and times of the Jews in Lithuania.

Section one commences with a timeline of Jewish History, leading on to a detailed history of the Jewish settlement of Keidan and of Lithuania. It reports on the migration of the Jews from the east to the west and discusses origins, philosophies and values of South African Litvak Jews.

Section two tells of the horrors of WWI and its aftermath through reports in the foreign press and from the American Joint Distribution Committee. It also tells of the displacement of Jews from Lithuania and Latvia in 1915.

The third section tells of life in the shtetl through family histories and photographs and also articles and photographs from the Yizkor book of Rakishok and Environs and The Keidan Yizkor book.

The forth section tells of the massacre of the Jews in the second half of 1941. It includes the Jäger Report detailing Jews murdered and documents the murder of the Jews in 21 Lithuanian towns

The fifth section consists of reports of visits back to Lithuania after Lithuanian independence in 1990.

Also included is a history of Latvia, Riga and Libau and visits after independence.

The sixth section discusses the reasons for immigration, problems encountered along the way and why Lithuanian Jews chose South Africa.

Also included are memories of early immigration to South Africa

PG Volume two of this book - South African Jewish History - will be published by year end.

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The full proceeds go to Arcadia, Oranjia or the JDC


Besides the history books above there are several Art Books compiled.

PG compilation still to come

- Our Litvak and South Africa Inheritance

This book will tell of life in, and the history of Lithuania and South Africa from 1850 to 1950.

- The Ochberg Orphans - Volume 2


Charities benefiting from book sales


All the proceeds of the sale of these compilations go to Arcadia and Oranjia the two Jewish Orphanages in South Africa still looking after Jewish Children in need and on-line sales to the JDC (The American Jewish Joint Distribution Company)


So far we have raised over R1,100,000 for Arcadia and approximately R60,000 for Oranjia and US$1,000 for the JDC


Please contact David to order your books locally and have them delivered to friends and family around the world


Best wishes good health and Shalom



David Solly Sandler

Perth Western Australia







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