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Julian & Batya Fisher

Subject: Video Maccabi


This is probably the best bit of news about Israel ever and is a great boost for the morale there.

I don’t mean me caught in highjump mode as 1950/1953 flashed across the screen, but the Olympic guys in the video!

Tributes to Jedidiah Blumenthal, Batya’s dad, on his 80th birthday

A special supplement to the Jewish Herald 9 November 1982

Gift to Batya Fisher from Menachem Begin in 1957

Telegram from Begin to Peter Fisher on the occasion of his barmitzvah in 1970

Centenary Medal awarded to Batya Fisher in 2002

Letter from Prime Minister John Howard to Batya Fisher in 2003

Award to grand daughter Talya Faigenbaum in 2015

Click on painting to visit Julian Fisher’s website

The Maccabean, Perth 5 July 2018