Introduction to Jekabpils Jewish Cemetery List

This is an incomplete list of some of the names on stones in the Jewish cemetery. A project is now underway to document all the names in the cemetery and I hope to have the complete list of names added to the cemetery project database.It is of value however to have this preliminary list of names. I am putting it up as it was given to me ,with the dates in Hebrew as they were written out by the person entering the data. Eli Goldfrid and other members of the Jewish community in Jekabpils are to be thanked for submitting this data.


No 1st Name Father's Name Other Names SURNAME DATE OF BIRTH - DATE OF DEATH
1 Koin     Katzulasher  
2 Meyer     Shteinman  
3 Ester   Shlomo/Meyer Nerfinken  
4 Mordehai     Berlgir  
5 Iguda   Leib Shineftra  
6 Tobia bar Tzwi   Grinfeld  
7 Aron     Arinshtein month Nisan-April; year  tet resh sameh zayin
8 Moishe     Meikel month 10 Tewet-January; year tet resh sameh zayin
9 Awraam     Blyahman month 6 Yair-May; year tet resh lamed zayin
10 Dinah  Mordehai   Yaas  
11 David   Abraham Joelson born 26 Tewet-January; year 5598 or 1833 died Elul - August 5672 or 1912
12 Liebe     Joelson born Luntz, died 19 Siwan - June 1910
13 Meyer Isaac Koin Leib Teletman 12 Shwat - February; year tet resh ayin kuf
14 Bronya Eli Eizer   Zaal  
15 Leya bar Isaac   Zaal  
16 Anna Tzwi   Zaal 23 Kislew-December; year shin nun tet tet
17 Tata Awraam   Halewi  
18 Faina Shlomo/Isaac   Yatelwitz day yod aleph, month Shwat-February; year tet resh sameh nun
19 Missing entry        
20 Noah     Kerlin born 1831 died 1913
21 Lina     Kerlin (Joelson) born 5584 - died 5673
22 Israel Sholem     day yod zayin; year tet resh nun zayin
23 Tzwi Zalman Israel Kaytzmar month Heshwan-October
24 Eli  Moishe   ???  
25 Moishe bar Isaac Yok   Meihel month Shwat-February; year tet resh sameh alef
26 Josef  Hanan   Peretz month Kislew-December; year tet resh sameh dalet
27 Basya Mendel Lewi   Meyerson day gimel yod; month Nisan-April; year tet resh sameh bet
28 Mara Iguda Leib   Zaal day zayin yod; month Tishrei-October; year tet resh sameh gimel
29 Leya  Isaac   Sherman day 2 month Adar-March; year tet resh ayin gimel
30 Mordehai  Naum   Dow month Shwat-February; year tet resh kuf lamed
31 Benyamin     Leipertif  
32 Efraim  Haim   Leibowich 20 Tewet-January; year tet resh sameh mem
33 Hirsh     Shraiberk 30 Nisan-4 April 5625  died 28 July 5675
34 Ilya  Hirsh   Toparowski  
35 Naptall     Furman month Yair May; year 1938


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