Jekabpils Ancestor Photos

Photos have been sent to me by Arnold Marovitz Schwartz. ( Photos were taken by the Jacobstadt photographer Stankovitch.

The Meyerovitch family photo album was presumed lost!  Many of the old family photos date back to 1907.  In 1922 my great grandmother Minnie Meyerowitch gave the whole album to Cherna Marovitch to take with her when she left Jacobstadt, Russia for Montreal, Canada. Cherna kept the album until her death in 1984 and that is when the family lost track of the whereabouts of the photo album.  About one year ago I found out the whereabouts of the family photo album.  Apparently, when Cherna passed away in 1984, her eldest child, Sophie Kizner Jaschik took the album and kept it until her death in 1998. Sophie had two daughters, Felicia and Deborah.  Deborah took two photos and the rest of the album went to Felicia.  Deborah gave me her two photos five years ago and for the past five years I have tried to obtain the rest of the photo album.  Last month I was surprised to receive, in the mail, all the remaining photos from the family photo album.  I phoned Felicia to thank her for the family treasure she sent me!                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Full family photo 

from left to right are: Lipa Marovitch, Great Great Grandfather Shruel Meyerowitz, Jenny Meyerovitch Schacter, Great Grandmother Minnie Openheim Mayrowitch, Tillie Marovitch Brook and Cherna Marovitch Kizner

Louis 1912                       Pesach and Minucha

                                  Grandfather Louis Marovitz                                                                         

                                                                                                                          Great Great Grandmother Minucha Brilowitz Meyerovitz
                                                                                                                                      and Great Grandfather Pesach Abbe Meyerovitz.


Tillie and Max                                         Max and Ralph

1911 Tillie Meyerowitz Brook and Max Marovitz.

                                                                                                                             1912 when my Great Uncle Max arrived in Montreal, Canada
                                                                                                                              and was reunited with his older brother Ralph Marovitch.

Meyerovitch shtetl home

The family photo was taken on the back porch of the Meyerovitch Family Shtetl Home at 350ab Pesochnaya street, Jacobstadt, Russia (Jekabpils, Latvia) in 1914.  From L to R are unknown gentile youth, unknown gentile male,  unknown gentile female and my Great Uncle Lipa Marovitch.  In 1906 the gentile family moved in on my Great Great Grandfather Shruel's side of the split dwelling when Shruel moved out and then moved in on the other half of the split dwelling with my Great Grandmother Minnie and her 8 children, to help support the family.  All are presumed deceased


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Compiled by Arlene Beare
May 2011